Saturday, June 30, 2007

weird. creepy. unusual.

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On another note ... this is the first day this week hubby has been home in the morning. Small Fry has been eating whatever I've made for breakfast until today (she usually makes her own bacon and eggs), arguing with me over lunch, and then eating dinner. I understand she's sick but she is turning into more of a punk, pushing my limits to see how far she can. The new rule being instituted as of tomorrow is she's on her own for lunch, but if she chooses not to eat what I make the other two meals, she chooses not to eat. Yesterday, she had asked me to make egg mcmuffins for breakfast today -- I'd made them a different day and she liked them just fine. So I did because they don't take long and hey, both kids and I and hubby like them.

Guess who chose not to eat hers? GRRRR.

Later on, hubby came out and ate her sandwich, then started getting eggs ready to scramble. She asked for some. So he asked her "do you know how to scramble eggs" and she said "yes." he turned on the pan and walked away. So did she. Neither of them noticed until the smoke alarms started going off. He yelled at her and she was like "I didn't know you wanted me to DO it!"

He was mad about the $1 worth of ruined eggs. I was mad about my $100 pan. I still don't know if it's okay.


Dawn said...

At least your dead body is worth more than mine - I'm only worth $4925. Wonder what I can do in the interim to make myself more interesting to science?

stewbert said...

I dunno -- I'd've thought having major surgery would have docked me, but apparently not.

Kipluck said...

You gotta have something fun for the med students to look at! being a medical anomaly could make me a killing... if, you know, I was DEAD.