Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guess what?

I have done some embarrassing stuff, but telling a trainer exactly how much I weigh and letting him plug that and my body fat percentage into a computer program to show a 3D rotating picture to me, to show me exactly what I look like from the backside, in a room full of "pretty" people has to be near the top of the list. The "pretty" people were exercising, truth be told, not paying any attention to what we were doing, but still. Hi, I know you can all see me, but you didn't need to see THAT! hahaha.

On the other hand, he did tell me my goals are reasonable and realistic for me and my frame, and showed me a picture of what I could look like at that weight and body fat percentage.

That part was cool.

Now, just to continue going to the gym and working on it all ... yeehaw.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The cutest little boy

Because he doesn't look like a baby in this picture. But man, is he handsome!!

Today, I love Walgreens

I didn't take a picture of all of this. So sorry. But between their register rewards and coupons from the sunday paper ... I was able to purchase:

4 big bottles Johnson and Johnson body wash (normally $5.99 each = 23.96)
5 packages of Soleil razors (normally $5.99 each = 29.95)
4 bottles Aussie hair care products (normally $2.99 each = 11.96)
5 trial size Thermacare heat wraps (normally $2.99 each = 14.95)
4 tubes Crest with Scope toothpaste (normally $4.59 each, I think = 18.36)
3 water bottles full of trial sizes
10 halloween pencils
4 halloween pens
2 breath freshener drops
(and I know I'm forgetting something ...)

For $37.49. Saved $78.14, or 68%. $23 of that savings was just from my Sunday coupons, which more than paid for my month's subscription.

I actually went for the razors because they were a steal, then saw the thermacares were essentially free ($2.49, get a $2.50 RR back) ... and went from there. It was a learning experience and I probably actually could have saved more, but I'm fairly pleased with what I did do. I bought enough razors to last a year and basically got just about everything else for FREE.

I would not spend money on stuff we do not like or will not use. I do use the razors, and I use the heat wraps for "that time of the month" when I can't be stuck to an electric outlet on the bed hugging my heating pad. The body washes and hair stuff are for kiddo. We do like Crest toothpaste and Scope, so that was a no-brainer (buy 2 for $8 and get $5 back in RR? well hello there ... it would've been even better if I'd started getting the sunday paper sooner because last month there were coupons for those, too, but um, I didn't.)

Things to note: If using manufacturer's coupons and RR, you have to have one product for every coupon (hence the water bottles and pens and pencils) in order to use them all. And you also do have to pay all sales tax; it cannot come out of RR. So, the water bottles were 49 cents, but I was able to use a $5 off RR for throwing it on there. So make a plan before you go. Most Walgreens get shipments in on Tuesdays here, but by Friday most of the products will be gone. I went Tuesday and learned some things, and then finished up today. By today, one style of the razors was GONE, but they had another style, so I got those. So shop early.

Also, I had to do this in a bunch of different transactions. First, I bought one package of the razors and got $1 back in RR. Next, I bought one thermacare wrap, paid $1.66 and got $2.50 back in RR. Then I was able to use that RR on something else. The cashiers are entirely accustomed to this and don't even bat an eye when you say, "I'm going to do 10 different purchases." ALSO, you can't use a RR for the same product you're purchasing and still get a new RR (like, if I'd accidentally put that $1 back on razors, a new RR wouldn't have printed out).

Next time any of these things go on a great sale, I won't have to buy quite so many of everything, just replace what we've used. Once my husband saw that, he was happy I'd saved so much money and don't have to pay full price for all this stuff.

So it took a little time to plan and do, but I definitely think it was worth it. The money is going where we need it to instead of when Kiddo is in the shower and yells, "MOM! I'm out of body wash AND shampoo AND conditioner!" and having to run out and spent $15 on new products.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am Woman, hear me roar!

I always feel a bit more empowered when I do something like unplug the bathtub drain. We have two bathtubs, both draining slowly, and I've managed to take care of both of them in the last two weeks.

Kiddo squealed when she saw hers this morning (I also scrubbed it 'cuz that thing was *nasty*).

I've put baby locks on a couple of kitchen cabinets (mostly to keep the baby out of the cleansers!) and I will get a picture or two hung later today -- prints of my own photographs. yay. still need a frame for my favorite picture by steph -- maybe i'll start looking for deals on those instead of, oh, razors (nice sale at walgreens this week on bic soleil razors, people! especially if you have a coupon for $3 off!).


I'd better feed the man child. He's starving apparently.

okay, seriously?

Who rings the dang doorbell at 1 a.m., let alone FOUR TIMES in about thirty seconds?

My mother-in-law. That's who. And you know if she's showing up in the middle of the night, something good didn't happen.


She stayed for an hour, then I gave her cookies and advice and she went home. After she woke up my baby, who then proceeded to stay up until 3.

Nobody's dead, although my SIL's ahole of a husband is lucky on that score. Lucky the boys are all medicated, that is. Anyway.

With some legal help for SIL and a long nap for me with my baby later today, everything is going to be fine. Eventually.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

REclaiming the house

So, when mom is depressed (intermittently) and dad is crashed and the kids don't/won't clean up after themselves, things can get pretty ugly in the house.

I decided this week enough was enough, and that I needed to get some semblance of sanity back.

I started with the kitchen. We have 4 small countertops and a bar, and it's taken me all freaking week, but I made a plan and stuck to it. The first day, I took care of clearing off one countertop and the stove. The second day, I kept that one cleared off and scrubbed the stove some more, and cleared a second countertop. That night, I made sure all the dishes were done, including the pots and pans. The next day, I cleared the third countertop, did all the dishes again, and kept the rest of the kitchen tidy, too. Yesterday, I made cinnamon rolls and kept the kitchen cleared up. Today, I cleaned up the last countertop and most of the bar, and the kitchen needs about 30 seconds of attention before I go to bed tonight.

I also cleared off the kitchen table, tidied the living room, threw stuff away, and vacuumed! the floor for the first time in a while.

Last night, I put away laundry which was covering my 9-foot couch plus an overflowing basket on the floor.

Yesterday, while I was out running an errand, my husband said he was going to have a nap while I was gone. I got home to the trash taken out, the toilet scrubbed, the dishwasher changed, and his mess in his corner in our bedroom cleaned up! He's noticed how much effort I'm putting into the house and decided he needed to help, too. Thankfully. We really want to sell this place in the spring and don't want to be scrambling to clean a lot up every time someone comes over.

I have a plan and a list for the rest of the house. It's not going to happen overnight, but if I can keep maintaining what we've already done, it won't be such a chore.

Friday, September 11, 2009

help, i'm being attacked!

I fell asleep in the recliner while nursing the toddler. he must have gotten down because a little while later I feel teeny, tiny TEETH nipping at my TOES. ew.

p.s. the couches are gone, hurrah hurrah. I can now park the car in the garage again. Too bad it took the brunt of the birds' stay in our eaves and is covered in poop, and now that they're gone it's a bit ironic that it's protected from them. lol

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More saved $

First, the couches are still here. Two no-shows mean the guy doesn't get them. lol I'm fairly annoyed but I'm sure someone needs them who will actually come and get them.


Charmin toilet paper
1 gallon milk
2 dozen eggs
8 boxes Betty Crocker potatoes
8 Yoplait yogurt
10 Beechnut baby food jars
2 jugs apple juice
2 Grands biscuits
2 frozen OJ
2 bags frozen french fries
1 package bacon
4 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breast
4 packages chicken legs
one 7-1/2 pound pork roast

Now, the husband told me not to be bragging about saving money. So I share this purely for those interested in trying to save some of their own grocery bill.

Guess how much I spent out of pocket????

Less than $34. I saved 63% of my bill (approximately - Macey's doesn't break things down the same as other stores). For those keeping track, in two weeks, I've saved about $140, $60 of which was solely in coupons, and spent about $110.

I went to two stores today: Albertsons and Macey's. My plan last week was to just shop at Albies, but they didn't have the best sales. They did have a few things we needed, however, so I used my catalinas (money saved on your next shopping trip) and got yogurt and baby food jars for free, and some apple juice for the baby. I may be going back to use my last $5 catalina for dishwasher detergent. (If I'd remembered while I was there, I would've just done it then -- free dishwasher detergent? I'm cool with that). Then I went to Macey's, where I picked up chicken legs for 99 cents each package and took a coupon with me for $1.00 off any size package of that brand's chicken. The husband loves chicken legs, so hey, 4 free packages? awesome. That's two dinners and leftovers for two lunches for him at work.

I wouldn't normally buy the potatoes since the husband can't eat them (dairy intolerant and all that), but for around 38 cents a box, I'll happily make them for the kids' lunches on the weekends while he's sleeping (thus not joining us for meals).

Now, we have frozen veggies and some from the neighbor's garden still, plus some watermelon from last week and frozen and canned fruits, so never you fear. We are eating more of a balanced diet than just what you see here.

On kiddo's lunch today, I had to share. She loves lunchables, but they are $3-$4 each and I'm just not going there. So I opened a can of biscuits and split some in half (so they were flat like a pizza crust) then baked them and then flattened them some more. I put spaghetti sauce and cheese in two separate containers, then put all of it into one container into her lunchbox (which is insulated) and stuck it all in the fridge with a capri sun to drink. So, for about 75 cents (including the drink!) she got a yummy lunch which she was excited about and will eat.

For tips, see and

p.s. For those out of Utahns (and Utahns, too, I guess), try -- they have stuff for just about every state in a separate forum.

Monday, September 7, 2009

the garage has been overrun by furniture!

The 27-inch TV I bought 5 years ago and the entertainment center in which it resided got moved to the garage in January, in preparation for the baby's blessing. We had to make room for people to be able to sit and eat and visit in our tiny house. And we haven't missed the TV since. We do watch movies and some TV on the one that lives in my bedroom (which the husband had before we got married and is slightly smaller than the one in the garage), but not often as the husband is sleeping during the day when the kids want to be watching it, and at night, we're both working and the kids are sleeping.

So I listed the TV and entertainment center on KSL Saturday night. The TV got sold today! When the guy came to get it, I asked if he wanted the couches DisGrace gave us (long story, they were free to them from someone else, etc.), and he said his son just got married and probably needed them, but he'd call and let me know later. He took a picture and left with the TV (after giving me cash for the TV, of course). He just called. They're coming back later to get the couches! Going to someone who needs them, awesome. (hope that's okay, DisGrace -- I know I told you on the phone, but you said you needed to ask D, and then I didn't hear ... and ... well, I felt like I should ask him if he needed them).

The car will be able to be parked in the garage again, hallelujah.

As part of the garage reclamation project, I went through a box of old toys while waiting for this gentleman to pick up the TV. I found some of Kiddo's old toys that she couldn't bear to part with 4 years ago, because, "I want to save them for my baby bruver or sister." Four years ago, I was so single I could've been a nun. But I humored her and put them in a box and I haven't really thought of them since. Not even when I met the husband 3-1/2 years ago or when I found out I was pregnant with the toddler! lol. I found them today, gave them to the kids, and they are both playing quite happily with them. Old toys become new again, and the children are thrilled.

The husband will be too once he realizes I didn't go out and spend more money. haha.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm a sucker

She came out 20 minutes later and ate the bologna without another word.

I let her have the cookies.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Preteens, oy

Yesterday --
Me: Do you like bologna?
Her: Yes!
Me: Okay, I'll get some [with our limited grocery budget this month because it's on sale and cheap!]

Today --
Her: [gets two slices of bologna out of the fridge and proceeds to maim them, not actually eat them]
Me: [after my lunch, I got out the Oreos and put a few on a plate for her and a few on a plate for me]
Her: I can't finish my bologna. Can I put my bologna away to eat AFTER I eat my cookies?
Me: What cookies? You don't get any cookies unless you eat the bologna you got out for yourself.
Her: WHY are you so MEAN to me? *sob* *wailing* *whining* *gnashing of teeth* I told you I CAN'T eat the bologna!
Me: You know the rule. Now I don't want to hear another word about bologna or cookies.
Her: *moan* *sob* *whine*
Me: That counts as words.
Her: I'm a bad girl!
Me: No, you're just being wasteful.
Her: Can I have put the cookies away to have after dinner?
Me: No. That was also another word. Go to your room.
Her: I'm so stupid! Bad girl!
Me: *sigh* You're not bad, but you will be in trouble if you keep it up and wake up your brother or your dad.
Her: *moan* *whine* *carrying on* all the way to her room, where she throws herself on her bed and continues.
Me: I'm not going to listen to this. [calmly shuts door]


Good thing the husband and I will both eat it, even if it's not our favorite. And good thing I only got two packages. BAH.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fave Five!!

1. The husband and I had an actual date last weekend. Without children. *gasp* It was the first time since before I got pregnant with our 13-month-old! We had a gift card to Cinemark, so we watched a movie, and it wasn't even a guy movie! Hubbers asked me to watch a chick flick with him! We saw The Time Traveler's Wife. If you don't mind seeing naked butts of both guys and girls, then you'll probably enjoy it. The story was beautiful, but I could've done without the buns.

2. Saving money. See previous post.

3. Kiddo got back from her overnight field trip safe, sound, and exhausted. She slept in this morning after jabbering about her trip from the second she saw me when she got off the bus until the second her head hit the pillow. hehe.

4. The service contract, which means I now get fancy schmancy treatment at the dealership since they figured out I have chrysler has to offer. They got the car yesterday, got us a rental car (the service contract pays for that), got most of it fixed, then found something else wrong and FIXED IT TOO -- all covered by the service contract. Now, I know some people say not to buy the extended warranty, but I bought the car brand new (it had 43 miles or something on it) and I planned to just keep it until it died, and I knew I didn't want to be paying for repairs while I was still paying for it. Turned out to be a good thing because there is that we could be paying for these repairs right now. And you sort of need oil to stay in the engine, and the radiator is required, too. And if you want to not get headaches or wet your pants from bad suspension, that has to be intact as well. So that's all covered, the things are all fixed, and the car is functioning correctly again.

5. DisGrace babysat for us last weekend and again today. Hey, I can leave the baby with them and everyone survives! The husband isn't quite as freaked out about leaving the baby (who is really a toddler) with someone now. Thank heaven.


Frugal Friday

Okay, okay. I'm switching things around this week. A cousin invited me to a class on shopping smarterer (even without CVS, Katie). I'm now getting coupons and shopping sales. Here's what I bought today, and not all of it was on the best sale or I didn't have coupons for it. BUT ...

We were at Smith's to get Chinese for lunch after a therapy appointment. So I bought produce and some other things on sale there. And I did go to the sara lee thrift store and spent $10 for 8 loaves of granny smith bread and got a 9th loaf free

1 box hefty storage bags
sweet baby ray's bbq sauce (18 oz)
2 doz eggs
2.5 pounds red grapes
One 16-pound watermelon
10 pounds potatoes

9 cans progressive soup (which I think got messed up so I didn't save as much as I could have)
1 noodle bowl (for hubby)
2 tubs frosting
3 boxes nature valley peanut butter granola bars
3 warm delights
3 brownie mixes
2 packages oreos
2 kraft mayo
1 M&Ms
2 boxes capri sun
1 land o lakes spreadable butter
6 cans grands biscuits
4 boxes green giant frozen veggies
16 gerber baby foods (in packs of 2)
2 hot dogs
2 bologna
1 cole slaw

Total spent (except for the bread): $64.26
Total saved: $93.73 (between coupons and sales)

Also generated $13.25 in catalina coupons from albertsons ($13.25 off my next shopping trip)

I'm sure in the coming months I'll do better, but I'm pretty proud of myself.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"If you blog about this, we're getting a divorce."

Husband said that today after I had to rush him to the doctor. I jokingly said "I know what I'm blogging about later!"

He didn't think that was funny.

I'm not allowed to say what side effects he's having from a medication he recently restarted.

Suffice it to say, voices in your head are infinitely better than what he's been going through.

Poor husband.

Hopefully this doesn't count as blogging about it because I really don't want a divorce.

There hasn't been much else going on of late. Junior and Senior Drama Queen are at it again though, so I could gossip about that ... or talk about how cute my baby is ... or how I'm nearly done with a quilt top for the friend's baby who turns one in 3 weeks so it has to be completely finished in 2-1/2 ... or how kiddo is doing in 5th grade ... or how much work has been obnoxious lately because little mister isn't sleeping well ... or how tired I am from everything. How about I just leave it at that for the day.