Saturday, June 16, 2007


type the first reaction you have to each word

1. Cigarettes: Blech

2. Sex: Hubby ... rowr.

3. Relationships: Work

4. Your Last Ex: Wife beater

5. Football: Meh

6. Crack: Plumber

7. Food: Hungry

8. President: Of what?

9. War: Troops

10. Cars: Love the one that's paid for ... even if it is an SUV

11. Gas Prices? *sniff* see above

12. Bon Jovi: who?

13. Religion: LDS

14. MySpace: What?

15. Fear: Spiders. Kids dying.

16. Beyonce: damn! can I borrow her body for just a day?

17. Blonde: Was one

18. Brunettes: Am one

19. Politics: Middle of the road

20. One Night Stands: Stoopid

21. Cell phone: Required

22. Vanilla Ice Cream: Melted PB and chocolate sauce

23. Porta potties: Stinketh

24. High School: Drama

25. Pajamas: Nekkid

26. Wet Socks: ewwwwwwwwwww

27. Alcohol: Also stoopid

28. The word HATE: Not the opposite of love. Indifference is.

29. My best friend(s): Would have a really hard time without them. They've saved my marriage a time or two.

30. Heartache: Not being able to protect my children from tragedy or pain.

31. Love: Hubby, kiddos, family

32. Divorce: Saved my life 8 years ago ... not an option now.

33. Parents: Love mom, have a hard time with dad ... even though if pressed i'd probably admit I love him.

34. Trees: Woods

35. Coffee: One of the few things I miss ...

36. Music: Blaring to help me clean house

37. Soccer: Cleats

38. Pot: Kettle!

39. Strippers: Planning on being one at some point for an audience of one.

40. Work: Frustrating

41. Kids: Babies, want more

42. Fun: Chillin

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