Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Updates on the trip

The ex txtd me this morning after my message to her, which was, "I'm confused, I thought I needed to come to you to get the papers signed, so I rented a car ... but you said something about dropping her off at the airport ..." She was actually wanting deets on Small Fry's return visit 'cuz she needs to take the day off to pick her up. Gah.

Some days I think everyone is stoopid.

I asked her to call me later today so we can get tomorrow worked out. I'll probably edit with updates later.


She just called me on her lunch break. Everything is set; she asked me to drive to her mother's because it's easier to find than her place or the school, and to call her when I get to her mom's. So ... I shall. Hopefully her mother doesn't try to hurt me, but I don't intend to go IN unless I stop somewhere and buy mace ... Ahem.

Anyway. She asked what time my return flight is and I said I got a much later flight so we would have time to get everything done and in case I got lost -- I didn't tell her it's at 6 the next morning.

But so far, it's a go ... hopefully it really goes as planned.

Small Fry was so excited yesterday -- she wanted to know what she needed to bring (do I need long-sleeve shirts?) and stuff. Yeah. Funny kid.


steph said...

Aww! How exciting!!! I'm excited for your whole family!!!

stewbert said...

hehehe ... me too. i forgot to mention ... she asked lark last night if she still remembers what she looks like.

some days i really dislike her mother.

Kipluck said...

long-sleeve shirts... hee hee hee! CUTE!