Monday, June 25, 2007


I typed a report on a guy today who is a state trooper. He was there for 9/11 and volunteered to go to Louisiana and deal with Katrina. He's now suffering from some major health problems and is having surgery to investigate his airway.

Makes you grateful people like him are willing to put their lives on the line ... but at the same time, made me incredibly sad for him and his family.

On another note, while I was out of town, my credit card company disabled my card and then called my HOME phone number from the fraud prevention department. I've been trying to call them back (idiots, call my cell phone, they have both numbers!), but no luck. *sigh*

And ... I have gotten very little sleep and am GRUMPY. *sigh* Poor kids.


steph said...


about the card, not the trooper... that's SAD!

I'm tired too... not grumpy yet though.

stewbert said...

Yeah, the trooper made me sad.

I called the credit card company. On hold for 25 minutes, they just wanted to clear two purchases made at SAC airport to make sure they were really mine. They were both less than $20. Idiots.