Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Fave Five!!!

Hola! Thought I'd give this a whirl again, remind myself to be thankful for something ....

1. Puffs Plus tissues. Lurve the lotion.

2. NyQuil. hahahahaha.

3. Popsicles and ice.

4. Aleve.

5. Aloe vera.

So, the deal is, the sicker I get, the clumsier I am. Today, I'm pretty sick (#1, #2, and #3). I nearly broke a toe (#3, ice) and then later burned the pad of my right 4th finger (#3 ice, #4, and #5). It is quite awkward to type, but I have to work, so I am. And of course I'm blogging. Perish the thought that I'd skip this. lol.

Other than that ... Small Fry is also still sick. I txtd her mom this morning to see if she was better (selfish reasons, I want to know when I'll be back to normal) but she's "marinating in bed" so the weekend isn't looking that great.

Small Fry lost a tooth yesterday. Munchkin, of course, assured her yesterday the tooth fairy would find her even though she wasn't in Cali, because the tooth fairy always comes here. She has never had a tooth fairy visit before (thanks to her mother -- there is also no Santa or Easter Bunny at their house), so she was excited to find $2 under her pillow this morning.

I hope hubby gets home soon. I've been working an hour and then sleeping an hour all day. yeah, I haven't gotten much done. Bother.


steph said...

hmm... I need a popsicle.

stewbert said...

we have otter pops.

Cupcake said...

$2 is a lot from the tooth fairy! I think the most we got was $1. Hope you feel better soon!

stewbert said...

I know kids who get $10 and $20. So ... $2 was a good amount for us. lol. hubby and i discussed how much our tooth fairy should give way before we got married when Munchkin lost her first tooth last summer. She was the only kid in her first grade class who hadn't lost any. Now, she has lost 6. I think Small Fry is nearly done ...