Monday, July 2, 2007

I may not be the wicked witch after all

At least, according to Small Fry.

She's eaten the food I've made the last couple of days. Dinner Saturday night was ham-fried rice and shrimp and sweet/sour chicken (not deep fried and made from scratch by me TYVM) and stir fried veggies. She said, "this reminds me of Chinese food, which is my favorite food."


Breakfast yesterday was pancakes (my own recipe, TYVM). She ate one, said "that was very filling and good." And then didn't ask for anything else until lunchtime, when the girls ate the leftover rice and chicken.

Dinner last night? Pan-seared chicken breasts, then roasted in the cast iron skillet, boiled new potatoes (with parsley, salt, butter), and a lovely salad. She ate it ALL, declaring it quite delicious.

Okay, so I know her eating my food shouldn't make me feel soooooooo much better, but that's not all. I am PMSing in a major way and ended up getting mad at hubby yesterday for something he didn't even do yet. Then about 10 minutes later, I just started crying and apologized for being a witch (only said a different word) and he just got up and hugged me for a while. Small Fry noticed and came over and hugged me, too, and then Munchkin. It was sweet.

And even though she's been calling me Mom since I picked her up, she now sounds like she means it. Or maybe I'm more used to it. lol.

The girls are getting along somewhat better, but I'm still sick and so is Small Fry. Think I'm calling the doctor in 45 minutes when they're open -- might have strep. BAD sore throats. And if we do, we need to get on antibiotics ASAP and prophylactic drugs for hubby and Munchkin so they don't get it, too.

On another note ... after watching this movie (thanks kip!), I remembered a conversation I had with Munchkin yesterday.

Usually, I'm grateful for our open and honest relationship. But lately, she's been asking me some uncomfortable questions. Lately, We've had discussions about underarm odor (she is now wearing deodorant to combat this -- she's 7 for Pete's sake), periods, hair growing in funny spots (armpits and down below), and ... her clitoris. Oy. Mostly she just wanted to know what it was called, not what it was FOR.

So yesterday, in my semi-delirious state of being sick, she asked me what the mark on my neck was from.

"Daddy bit me." WHAT??? Why did I SAY that???

She was horrified. "Why did daddy bite you?"

"Y'know how we like to kiss?" WHY did I say THAT????


End of discussion.

Some day, probably in the near future, she is going to ask me about sex in a not-so-roundabout way. Her body is changing and she's probably going to start developing and get her period in a couple years. Small Fry *just* started wearing bras. It'll be interesting, to say the least, to see what happens from here on out with both girls and their puberty and all that ... at least right now, the conversations are open and honest and not that embarrassing, just a tad uncomfortable at times. *sigh*

Hubby still wants four more kids. Probably because he's not the one dealing with these discussions. Right now, we're not even trying to get pregnant, but we have been "practicing" a whole heckuvalot. I know sex burns calories, but I don't usually like to count that as "exercise," not even when I'm sick. (and too bad for hubby, he's been kissing me so much since I got home from Cali (he missed me ... and vice versa), he's going to get the bug eventually).

annnnnnnnnnnnnd ... This post bumped my rating from G to PG. At least I'm not NC17 like someone I know ...

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stewbert said...

Cracker Barrel at lunch today: "Mom, this is good, but not as good as how you cook." -- Small Fry.


Kipluck said...

THAT is hilarious! And congrats on your master chef skills. But mostly just cracking up and trying to think about how to talk to a SEVEN year old about a CLITORIS. Plus, now all I can think of is Superstar. "Girls have a button and boys have a pole and sinful touching takes it's toll."

stewbert said...

Thanks kip. I didn't explain what it was FOR. Just told her what it was CALLED. hehehheehe