Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moving moving moving

My laptop and all the work stuff is packed up. Just jumping on the husband's computer for a minute to say "cya." I don't know when we'll have internet again, though I'm sure it will be sometime soon. I have to call and get that scheduled for next week sometime. Yay.

Though maybe it would be better if I left it off for a while. I might get the house unpacked faster without it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tandem Nursing

is defined as having two or more nurslings at once, whether they are twins or triplets or a toddler and infant. Little Mister nursed through my pregnancy and is still nursing, and I'm okay with it or I wouldn't still be nursing. He just wasn't ready, especially with all the food sensitivities he seems to have, and if he gets into something with milk or whole grain corn (doritos, popcorn ... ) he gets sick and loses weight.

For the record, I do have my own limits here and will have Little Mister weaned by Christmas, hopefully sooner, now that he's finally showing some signs of being ready to wean and will eat other food. I'm not going to nurse anyone until they are 4 or 5.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy People

We went to a barbeque last weekend. Now, I realize that not everyone is into attachment parenting or exclusive and extended breastfeeding, let alone tandem nursing (two nurslings at once), cloth diapering, co-sleeping, or any of my other crunchy tendencies.

But IMHO, offering a 6-week-old baby a bite of an otter pop, over her mother's protestations, is completely and totally inappropriate. I love the person who offered, just was annoyed by the offer, and the fact that the person said if it was their niece, they would have given it to the baby anyway.

And then there was this gal there whom I've never seen before. She's pregnant and due in October. As soon as she saw our infant carrier, she said, "I get an infant for the evening!" I said, "I'm not sure how well she'll cooperate with that plan. She's sleeping now and will be hungry soon." And left it at that. We got to chatting and I felt okay with her holding the baby eventually, but then she said, "You won't be getting her back!" And I smiled ever so sweetly and said, "That's okay. I'll just call the police." She looked at me like I had two heads or something, but really, I don't think any mother would find that funny or okay for someone to say to them if they'd never met before! My stars.

Bitty only let the person hold her for a few minutes before she started asking for more food, and she did give her right back, so everything was fine. I'm just wondering what planet these people are from and if I'm completely off for thinking that both of them were behaving inappropriately.

From bad to worse

I used the new detergent twice last night. It's a bottle that does 96 loads.

Sometime after using that minute amount of the new bottle, it fell off the shelf, landed on the washer, and the lid blew off. Most of the bottle is now inside the washer, soaked into my clothes and bras.


I have a 6-week checkup this morning and have no BRAS because they are soaked with 6 weeks' worth of laundry detergent!

It really could be worse. If it had been on the floor, I would have fallen this morning. And it would have been harder to clean up.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh my stars

We ran out of detergent over the weekend while Kiddo was getting her laundry done. (Yes, she's 10, and she washes and dries her own laundry, as well as ours when I was too pregnant to lean over and get it out of either machine.) I went to the store with the kids and got detergent (and M&Ms) and have started two loads of laundry. Our hamper is overflowing and the husband had no socks for work tonight, so I need to get it caught up and packed into suitcases or something. Maybe laundry baskets... lol I've packed 3 boxes tonight and still have a LOT to do. I keep thinking I'm nearing the end, but nooooooooooooo. There is no end! And I missed a couple of cupboards in the kitchen! How did I do that? My kitchen is TINY! Why the heck do I have all this junk?

We have thrown out so much stuff, the garbage can is overflowing and we have 4 bags that don't even fit. I'm going to try and get them in neighbors cans (shhhhh, no one tell my neighbors) on Wednesday, but I'll probably have even more by then. lol

It was a busy weekend

what I've done since Thursday: Thursday morning, I took a load to the storage unit, had to go in person (with all 3 kids in tow) to the city to get the utilities changed to our name, went to sis's and the store with her and all 6 kids. we came home and everyone crashed. Friday, I called the bank about our house, got everyone packed for the weekend, found a real estate agent and signed contracts with him for a short sale, came home so i could sell the pack 'n' play but the gal didn't show up, drove halfway to my sister's (who lives 30 minutes from me) but had forgotten the key to her house so i had to go back home.

after we got the key, we went to sis's and let her poopy out, then went to see Evitafjord, who was at another friend's for the night so we spent a few hours there. Then we went back to my sister's and I spent the night with 3 babiesand a dog in the bed. Saturday morning, my aunt called to see if I had time to visit with her this weekend. I haven't seen her since my grandfather died 7 years ago, so we put the poopy back in the house and drove home to start some chicken in the crockpot (it had to get cooked today), then drove back 15 minutes south and visited for a few hours at my other aunt's house. The local one didn't even know I was pregnant. She's obviously not on facebook. lol. We left the aunts and came home and sold the pack 'n' play to someone else. Little Mister fell asleep at the aunt's house, and stayed asleep for FOUR hours. So I napped with the baby. When he woke up, I finally got showered and we all went to Hubby's friends' house for a BBQ. Hubby left from there for work, and when they started fireworks, we left because Little Mister freaked out.

I did not clean a single thing, do a single dish, or pack a single box.

Got up Sunday morning, ready to make a pancake breakfast and finish the kids' rooms and living room. After breakfast, Little Mister turned into an evil child and hit the baby over the head with a hanger. I asked him to give it to me and caught my finger in it somehow, and he pulled the opposite direction. Pain. Cursing. Pain. Swelling. The husband got woken up. *sigh* LM finally went down for his nap, so I tried to get one too, but it wasn't very long. After we all got up, I went into Kiddo's room. She and Little Mister had destroyed it. Again. Couldn't see the carpet. Again. After I freaked out, we cleaned more, and she cleaned/packed/purged the rest of the day. Finally, there was enough room we could move the bed and she could finish cleaning under it.

So last night, I finished the kitchen. Still have LM's room, our room, the bathrooms, my desk area, and the garage. Feels like this move will never be finished, but whatever.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why My Mom is Awesome!

She may not agree with your choices, but you always know she loves you and would do anything for you.

And she's moving here next spring. I am so so SO excited!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random Walmart Happenings

We ran out of packing tape. And the car needed an oil change. I haven't ever used Walmart's vehicle services, but conveniently there is a Jiffy Lube in the Walmart parking lot, so I sometimes take the car to Jiffy Lube and walk to Wally's to shop. We decided to do so yesterday.

So, after meeting with the real estate agent and getting our condo listed and short sale stuff started, we headed to Walmart.

The packing tape shelves were almost completely empty, except for a few very expensive rolls. I think they must have been made of platinum.

I finally spied 3 other rolls sitting on the shelf. They had been part of a package of four; someone obviously needed just one roll and decided to take it instead of paying for all four rolls. They were all unopened themselves and I figured I could get 25% off if I talked to the cashier, so off we went to pay. After getting suckered into picking up a stuffed "Toy Tory" Buzz Lightyear doll. Which hit the floor about 15 times before we got to the checkout, so I didn't end up paying for him. I think Little Mister was trying to make Buzz fly.

I digress.

The cashier had to get permission from her supervisor. He offered me 10%. I said, "It's missing one of the four rolls. Can't I get 25%?" He had to think about it. Maybe it was the screaming toddler. Or maybe it was the fact that I was breastfeeding my 6-week-old infant so she would quit crying. (I was covered up, thank you; I even asked Kiddo to check and make sure nothing inappropriate was visible. You couldn't see my tummy or bra or anything else.) But he did eventually come to my point of view, that 1/4 is indeed 25%, and it was fair and just for me to get 25% off.

If only I'd still been feeding her when I got back to Jiffy Lube. Maybe I could have gotten the coolant for free, since they had to go back and put it in the car even though they'd called and asked permission while I was at Walmart and I said yes but they didn't do it. Wooo.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. I talked with the bank this morning. They said we need to list the house for 90 days as a short sale and if it doesn't sell, they'll go ahead with the deed paperwork and see if we qualify to just turn it over to them. I have contacted two agents about a short sale and am just waiting to hear back. One specializes in short sales and the other one is a wonderful person our family loves to see if she has ever dealt with short sales, and will be listing the house with one or the other ASAP. Why is this on my list? Because the end, though not tomorrow, is in sight. And I feel at peace -- we have a great place to move to that is affordable, and we have to move before we can even try and show this place, so that conversation with the folks at the bank reinforced the feeling that moving next week is the right thing to do. We have loved living here and will miss the neighbors, but are ready to move on. I wish it was under better circumstances, but really feel like we've done everything we could do to stay and make it better and am at peace and excited for our new place and new opportunities.

2. The husband's paycheck today was the best one he's had in a year or more. It gives me hope.

3. The kids' rooms are almost done being packed, and we're taking down the bunk bed and crib this weekend. I am trying to sell both frames; we'll see what happens.

4. The dental hygiene school I contacted said my credits from 15 years ago will transfer. YAY, I don't have to take anatomy again! hahahaha I still haven't figured out how to get to school full time with babies and whatnot, but we will get it figured out.

5. Little Mister's birthday presents. We got him a basketball hoop and a riding toy (thanks Gamma), and oh my stars ... he throws the ball over his head and is making baskets about 6/10 times. He's had it for two days. And when he gets bored with that, he plays on the riding toy. And then goes back to the basketball hoop. "Game! Game!" Best.Presents.Ever. lol

In other news, Small Fry's mom is apparently having a baby. Mom and her boyfriend broke up and she is trying to move to Mississippi in a couple of months. We will probably either A) never see Small Fry again, or B) get her dropped off at our doorstep. We're all having a hard time with either option. [she needs a new internet nickname. she's almost 14 and has her first boyfriend; i don't think i can keep calling her small fry!]

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Man, I'm a Jerk

We just got notice from the husband's insurance that his (quite elderly) psychiatrist is no longer a participating provider for our insurance. It said they wish her well in the future.

Even with that last sentence, my immediate first thought was, "I wonder if she died."

I even looked for an obituary but didn't find anything.

Wow. I'm a jerk.

Monday, July 19, 2010

*freaking out*

I started college 15 years ago.

I never finished.

I got married and had a baby instead.

But the husband's green card application won't go through until late this fall (well after school has started), so we decided one of us should go ahead and get going because our financial life is just going to suck until one or both of us gets established in a new career. I guess that's me.

My hope is to become a dental hygienist eventually, and if I'd started last fall like I thought, I'd be ready to start the dental hygiene school next year. But no. I didn't.

I'll start with a couple of internet classes this term and next, going half time while I'm still a mom and hopefully can still work (because if I can't, this isn't going to happen), and take the tough classes next school year. And hopefully get into the program I want.


Two marriages and 3 babies later ... I just sent in my re-application to UVU.

we didn't ruin his life after all

Little Mister is quite attached to Tahlulah, or Bitty as he calls her. He was calling her pretty or baby, and they just sort of morphed to Bitty.

Anyway, when I put him to bed last night, he started crying for Bitty, so I went and got her so we could all cuddle in his bed. He fell asleep peacefully and quickly, and even though he woke up and came to my bed later, he snuggled down in his designated spot and went right back to sleep. He loves to hold and kiss her, too, and laughs when she puts her feet on him while we're all cuddling in the recliner.

Went to the gym this morning and felt fabulous after 20 minutes on the elliptical, and Bitty did just fine while I was gone, but now (2 hours later) I'm ready for a nap! Guess I'd better go snag one since she is sleeping.

Happy Monday all!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Mister!

I can't believe you're two! Happy birthday sweetheart!

holy guacamole

The husband came home from work super late today (per usual on Sunday mornings). I'd already had a meltdown after being woken up from a nap again by screaming children and Kiddo arguing with me and screaming at me (I screamed too, don't worry!). She came out of her room saying, "I think I'm having PMS."

No kidding.

So when the husband came in and we were all dressed for church but I was still making breakfast (and church had started 15 minutes earlier), he said, "What do you need?" I wasn't crying or anything, he just knew. I didn't even have to say a word for him to know I wasn't okay.

Because we were so late to church, I would have missed the sacrament and then had to chase the kids through the foyer and halls because I can't sit on the hard chairs in the chapel and all the padded chairs and benches would be taken, and Little Mister takes his nap right after sacrament meeting anyway, so we didn't go.

So when he asked what I needed so I could be okay, I said, "I need to clean the kitchen." That was the first thing I thought of. He said okay, he'd help with the kids while I did it. I handed him some breakfast, which he ate, and then he asked if there was anything else. "A Pepsi."

He went to the garage and got the Pepsi, made sure I'd taken my antidepressant herbs this morning, took Little Mister into our room and watched a movie with him, and I started cleaning.

I didn't make it spotless, but did get a lot done over the next 30-45 minutes. Changed the dishwasher, scrubbed down some countertops, packed a box of stoneware and pans, started a load of towels in the washer, and hosed down the front of the dishwasher and part of the stove.

I felt a lot better at that point. But the thing that made me the happiest? When he said I could start going back to the gym this week because the baby is so good every morning when he gets home after she's eaten. YES!!! Elliptical, here I come!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The one where I win parent of the year!

After being woken up by both the older children screaming my name outside the bedroom, I am short on patience and kind words. I could tell neither of them was in pain. They were just being loud and noisy.

"Why are you SCREAMING at me?"

"We're kids!" She yells back.

Point taken.


I'm grouchy, my back hurts, and she has been picking fights with me off and on all day. The next five minutes, she argued with me about a few different things. Over her brother's hysteria after he stepped on one of her toys and hurt his foot, I finally shout.


"Quit swearing at me or I'm not going to talk anymore!"


Then I hear this little voice say, "Damn damn."

Blast it. Little Mister has a new favorite word.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. I started reading my scriptures again this week. It's been a while. Though I didn't get a ton read or studied, I did read some every day. I think. I told the husband after the first day and he said I was much more calm and less grouchy with the kids. Bonus. I'm noticing the same tonight, though I did lose it for a few seconds earlier. BUT I calmed right down and didn't scream (much), and this has been the worst night this week, so that's progress.

2. Baby girl had the biggest poop last night, then gave a baby giggle/coo and smiled. It was so funny. OH, and we came up with a better internet name for her: Tahlulah. Because Kiddo has this little red tomato toy my mom gave her a few years ago, and every time baby K gets mad, she turns just about as red as the toy. Tahlulah it is.

3. A friend in England sent me some butter tablet (also called Scottish tablet). It's basically butter, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and milk. And it is delicious, if you like really sweet stuff. I sure do. lol

4. We're nowhere near packed enough, but we are progressing. Two weeks to moving day!

5. Kiddo is the best mini mommy. Little Mister is NOT sleeping tonight and being very naughty (stepped on Tahlulah on PURPOSE type of naughty!), but she's in the bedroom snuggling him while they watch a movie, and she got his "piddow" before I even asked her to. And she's changed a bunch of poopy diapers this week.

We had ice cream for dessert -- I needed chocolate. She had vanilla. lol

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I hate moving.

I actually said, "We need to move more often," to the husband today. No, I wasn't serious. He thought I was. But I was going through piles of stuff and wondered to myself why we have so much of it.

There are only two good parts to moving:
1. You end up getting rid of so much crap. Seriously. We've been to DI and filled our trash can repeatedly, and I'm barely into the process. Five years in one place apparently is a bad thing for me because I accumulate more junk.

2. You find stuff that's been missing for a while. Like Kiddo's gameboy. Found that a week or so ago. Today? We found the charger.

I'm hoping we find a million dollars behind the fridge or in the recesses one of our walk-in closets. That would fix everything!

Monday, July 12, 2010


I haven't posted in a bit. Awesome.

Basically, I'm just enjoying my baby girl, who is getting more beautiful every day. Don't believe me? just check out her 1-month birthday photo. ;)

And I'm packing whenever I can and whatever I can. Moving sucks, but hopefully we'll get enough junk purged we can really fit in the new place. lol

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Come again?

I accidentally ordered "potato wedgies" at KFC the other day. The drive thru dude didn't laugh. But Kiddo and I sure did.

All 3 kids and the husband are sleeping. I think I'm going to throw together a cake for a BBQ tomorrow and hopefully get a bit of sewing done so I can finish packing my sewing stuff. I have a small project I'd love to finish up so I can get everything off the table, but haven't been able to get it done yet. I'll post pics when I do!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dear Jackie Chan:

I'm seriously annoyed by "The Shinjuku Incident."


Because it depressed my husband.

We've come to expect certain things from you as an actor. Like kung fu. Lots of good action. And some comedic elements in almost every movie we've seen of yours. No cheating. No nudity. So, your movies have always been safe for us to watch.

This one sure changed our opinion of you and we'll have to be more careful if we decide to rent another of your movies ever again.