Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy 100th post!

How sad.

Anyway. It's day three of Small Fry's visit. She seems glad to be here but is still overwhelmed and not used to minding me at all, so there's back talk and sassing going on. BUT hubby and i are doing better than we had been before the trip and even though Munchkin is driving Small Fry bananas, they are still pretty happy to be together.

I think.

They're at least acting like siblings. hahahahahahahaha

Munchkin is a very affectionate child. Small Fry is NOT and gets bugged by too much physical contact. That's one of the things her dad and I struggled with at first, too -- I thrive on touch, and he gets to a point where he has just had enough. We both try and be more respectful of the other's needs now, but the kids aren't willing/able to do so at this point. And because they were both only children for so long and Small Fry is the oldest of 4 kids (her mom's three and our two), she thinks she should be able to be the boss of Munchkin. So they are driving each other up a wall and around a corner and back again. *sigh* I'm hopeful that we're able to make the most of the trip and they'll get along by the end.

And maybe, just maybe, Small Fry will quit sassing me. Her dad is going to lose it if she doesn't -- he's getting angrier every time she does it.

Now, if only Munchkin goes to sleep on time tonight and Small Fry does, too ... he and I will function better with sleep. Gah.


steph said...

oh dear. lol. it sounds like quite the adventure.

she probably sasses her mom and gramma in cali too....

stewbert said...

heheheh ... adventure is a good word.

she said if she yells at her mom, her mom hits her on the butt. i saw red. i'll have to find out if that's an occasional thing or if it happens more often before i tell hubby.

Kipluck said...

that's a lot of adjustment...