Monday, June 18, 2007

Sunday junk

So ... since I decided to go off of wheat, I haven't been nearly as nauseated -- in fact, I only had two little waves of it yesterday -- one while eating breakfast (eggs the first time -- going to avoid them for a while too). I am, however, extremely emotional in the face of this ... whatever it is. Is it fribromyalgia? Is it gluten intolerance? Is it just me being extremely unlucky? I have so many other food intolerances, why not wheat, too, right?

So I didn't take the sacrament yesterday because I didn't want to get sick at church. So last night, I thought, "Hm, cookies, I'll try this little experiment." Ate a piece of one (it had oats and stuff so it wasn't pure sugar) about the size of the sacrament bread.


Second wave. I was okay after a while.

I thought hubby and I had made up (see the below post), but when I went to bed, he brought junk up again from assumptions made and I was just ... flabbergasted. It made me tired and he kept me up until 10:30 because HE was upset, which is why I just rolled out of bed around 6. Body. Hurts. Must. Sleep.

I love him, but sheesh ... yesterday sucked.

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