Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

I'm feeling a bit down today, a bit socially inept these days and need some friends to do stuff with, but my schedule is screwy so it's hard to find people who can do things when I can. Dunno, I've been feeling somewhat disconnected, friendless, and lonely of late, and like I bug people or am really weird or odd or something. So yeah, sometimes it seems like too much effort. bah.

SO, I thought I'd try and come up with some happy things tonight and try and cure my doldrums.

1. My snoogle. I still love that pillow and whomever sent it to me.

2. We had a lot of fun when we went out to dinner tonight as a family because:

3. Someone gave us a Chili's gift card at Christmas attached to a mini tree. There were other gift cards, but this one ... helped us grow closer as a family. And I had shrimp, which made baby girl happy happy happy.

4. Spring is coming. Really. Someday soon.

5. The gal from whom I bought the baby jumpers included a 5th one for free, so 5 cute dresses for under $10? Thank you!

6. I had to get a new mouse because my old one committed suicide. The husband convinced me that an ergonomic one would be better because I've been having a lot of problems with carpal tunnel (yay for pregnancy!), and I love it.

7. I've been able to catch up on some chores and mostly keep up on what I've caught up on (if that makes any sense). Still have a lot to do to prepare for Thumper's arrival in a few months, but I'm making progress!

8. The husband, Small Fry, Kiddo, Little Mister, and Thumper. I am truly blessed. Small Fry has emailed me a couple of times lately, telling me she's a smarty pants because of how well she did on a math test!! and other funny things. Kiddo has been so helpful of late and is a wonderful, beautiful girl. Little Mister is such a joy to be around and makes me smile every single day, more than once even! Thumper is healthy and wiggly and I'm excited to meet her in a few months. And the husband. He's not perfect, but he's mine and he loves me.

9. My mom and sisters. Lurve them. I often wish we all lived closer together so I could see Mom and MamaBear more frequently. As it is, I'm crossing my fingers that DisGrace and I will be able to make the trip to Oregon happen next month.

10. My YSIL got some very, very good news this week and her son is back at home with her. We are thrilled to bits!

The end. I feel better. Don't you??

Friday, February 26, 2010

Well, good.

Those of you who know me in real life know that I'm pretty short. Okay, 5 feet 5 inches isn't THAT short, but our countertops in our house were made for taller people. There are only two times this is a real problem: When I need something from a top shelf and the husband isn't home, or when I'm pregnant.

I've officially reached that point in pregnancy where I have to turn sideways to reach the kitchen faucet without squishing the baby.

Yes. Really.

I don't have a fave five today. It's been a week and my brain is fried. I'll try again another time.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just life.

I ordered a bunch of diaper-making fabric and supplies last week and it's all slowly trickling in. I think I'm waiting on two more packages ... I need more sewing time, but I'm also trying to de-clutter and clean our house because A) it's making me crazy and B) we need to get ready for the new baby. I am making slow but steady progress with that as well, but it cuts into the sewing time. le sigh.

The kitchen table is a table again, not a sewing storage unit. I've managed to organize it all fairly well, though it still needs some work. I got almost everything cleared off the bar part of the kitchen counter, and it now has a nice "centerpiece" of fruit. The husband was thrilled it was room temperature and started eating it again. lol. Silly man!

Two nights ago, the husband missed TWO doses of his bipolar meds. Going off of them suddenly can cause a seizure. He didn't have one, but he did get all paranoid and think he was in trouble with me. He wasn't, but I did start worrying about him when he wasn't home on time to take kiddo to school (an hour after he's usually home) and had to miss my training session. And I worried more as it approached TWO hours late. When he came in, I could tell something was wrong, but he didn't want to tell me what. Just the meds. He didn't wreck the car, but didn't want to get in trouble OR get drugged up.

I handed him his pills and made him take them. *sigh*

He's still suffering withdrawal symptoms and hasn't been able to go to work since. BUT he's fairly stable emotionally -- just really lethargic and a bit shaky. Not safe in his work environment. Hoping he's able to get back to work tomorrow.

After a rotten custody battle, my SIL got full custody of her son. We're all quite thrilled and can't wait until he's over the bronchiolitis and ear infections he came home with so we can have them over for dinner.

Turkey and tomato sandwiches with mayo, salt, and pepper are the most wonderful thing I think I've eaten for a while.

Well. Those and cookies and cream ice cream. But that makes my stomach hurt if I eat too much of it.

Little Mister learned how to feed himself oatmeal with a spoon this morning. It involved quite a mess and me still being hungry afterward (okay, when am I NOT hungry lately?) because it was MY oatmeal and he was in my lap rather than the high chair, but the giggles and "i'm so cool" look on his face were worth it.

Kiddo sang in her class's talent show today. I didn't go, but she told me the kids liked the song. It was a lullaby my mom sang to me and I've sung to kiddo since she was tiny tiny tiny. She also had a mild collision with another student upon leaving school on Monday -- they were both running and didn't see the other and WHAM! Down she went. Little Mister and I happened to be across the street, watching, and when she didn't bounce back up immediately, I grabbed him out of his seat and ran to her. A teacher was trying to help her get up, but she was hurting pretty bad. when I said, "I guess we need to go home and ice you up instead of getting your hair cut," she said, "No, I'm okay! Let's go!" she was fine until we got home and then the pain hit. She had a hard time getting up the stairs. Her knees are pretty banged up, but that seems to be all the damage. Thankfully.

I did meet with my trainer this morning, in probably my last session until after my baby gets here. She's going on maternity leave (she's due on the 9th) and, though they have other trainers I could work with, I am getting too big to do much workout-wise. I still intend to go and walk on the treadmills, but anything else is just too much anymore. Sad.

And ... I think I'd better get to work.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy busy boy

So, he swiped a phone off the counter this morning. Then stuck it down my bra. he had a fit when I wouldn't let him play in there. *sigh*

Then I distracted him by making peanut butter cookies, and had some in the oven. He was playing happily in the living room when the timer went off, so I went into the kitchen to get them. He followed me and nearly touched the oven door before I got it closed again. I started moving cookies to the cooling rack, and he opened a drawer behind me. He pulled out a sharp knife (sheathed, thankfully) and started waving it around. I got it from him and it now has a new home. I went back to the cookies and he decided to try and get one off the hot pan. Aaaaaaaaaaaa.

Three crises averted in about 15 seconds. Oy.

I remember Kiddo being somewhat busy, but not like this!!! He's sure keeping me on my toes.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!

1. I scored 4 jumpers for baby girl for 9.40 including shipping on the sewing website I'm on. They have a place where you can sell stuff you don't need/want, and, well ... they were cute. Can't wait to get them. We have almost nothing for her as far as clothes go (so if you're trying to think of something to get us, cute baby girl clothing is what is needed, hint hint. hahaha).

2. I also managed to pick up 12 brand new girly cloth diaper covers for about $35. Unheard of -- typically they are about that much for two, maybe three. I can't even make them for that cheap. I have purchased some cute fabrics to make some more anyway, as 12 smalls are not.enough. and they don't include the absorbent part.

3. Tax returns are nice. Having children gives you a bigger tax return. We would have owed if we didn't have two tax deductions this year.

4. We put baby boy back in his cloth diapers full time (except nights) and I love seeing his little fluffy butt. (cloth diapers are not as trim as disposables.) He's been fighting me on every diaper change, but started cooperating this week when I handed him the baby wipe and let him wipe himself when he's just wet. As long as he gets to wipe his own self, he lets me get a clean diaper back on him. If not, he screams and arches his back and hits me. Wonderful; he's stubborn and independent. Must have gotten that from his father. (um, not the hitting part - his dad doesn't hit any of us. just thought i'd clarify before someone calls the cops.) I also figured out that he doesn't want to nap in his room, so we sleep in the recliner and sleep longer in it, which means he isn't ready for bed when he usually is. AND he wants a specific blanket on him (which he'd puked on earlier in the week and I just finally got to wash it today!) as well as his football to cuddle when I do put him in his crib. Maybe if I can remember that for longer than 30 seconds, we can have a decent night tomorrow when I put him down.

5. Work has picked up a bit for me and seems to be doing so for the husband. His work hasn't announced any Saturday closures for the coming month, and they gave him an extra day last week. My work actually called me tonight to see if I could work extra -- first time in MONTHS they've done that. Soooooooo ... yeah. Things might work out after all.


I still get so paranoid about my little boy not breathing [because he had problems with that as a newborn and because of the recent choking episode], I crank up the volume all the way on the baby monitor just so I can hear him breathe.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

*applause* for payroll

She emailed the management company first thing this morning and told them to refund me the fees. When I thanked her, she said no problem, we'll get it handled, and apologized for the inconvenience.


That put me in a much better mood immediately.

So did the husband coming home in a decent mood for the first time in a while...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

and some not so wonderful stuff.

I dropped my purse today, and broke the exterior screen of my cell phone. It still works, but have to be careful because the glass is sharp, and we have to keep it out of little mister's reach! grrrr. I don't get another upgrade until May, so I'll be looking around for an inexpensive cell phone. Maybe.

My paycheck was short by half last week. The management company wired the rest of the money to my bank account ... and my bank deducted just over 10% in fees. I'm beyond angry right now. Should not have happened that way. PERIOD.

I'll spare you the rest of my frustration/anger/grumpiness. Some of it is petty, stupid stuff, and some is not, but none of it is uplifting or happy.

Well, hm. Not so bad stuff.

My computer came back from the shop on Monday. It still had a virus, but I managed to get rid of it myself.

The husband had some medical testing done on Monday, which all came back normal.

Little Mister doesn't want to sleep without me, but once he manages to fall asleep in his crib, he sleeps for about 10 hours. He also cut a molar today, so that partially explains his grumpy sourpuss mood of late. I gave him Tylenol tonight and stuck him in bed -- he's still not asleep, though is trying.

Kiddo is singing and playing on her recorder duets and solos at school for a traveling show coming up. she's so excited.

Mommy sent us a box with music books and some boots in it. We're very excited -- the books will help me teach kiddo piano, too.

Made it to costco today and got toilet paper. Y'know. The only kind the husband can stand.

Gotta get ready for work. Yay. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A paradox

As I walked through the kitchen earlier, I saw mounds of trash from other people's snacks sitting on the counters amongst the dirty dishes.

I am not a clean freak by any means, let me just state that right now. But I do throw away things as I empty them.

This trash pile mystery happens a few times a week, where it seems like everyone else in the family has forgotten where the trash can is, or how to throw things away, or even when to take the trash out.

The latter was evidenced by my attempt to throw the mounds of trash away: The trash can was already overflowing. And I *know* I didn't put the stuff on top or on the floor next to the can in there. So they obviously know where the can is, but don't know when to stop stuffing it full and change it. *sigh*

There is one slight change in our household lately, though. I am no longer the only one capable of replacing a toilet paper roll. Apparently, the toilet paper fairy has taught my daughter how to change it. Awesome.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tonight's pregnancy craving

Ruffles ridged potato chips, french onion dip, and strawberry twizzlers.

thank heaven for the $ from the in-laws and a husband willing to run to the store late at night (even on a Sunday).

My Valentine's present(s)

A Valentine which Little Mister "made" in nursery. With my help.

Half of the treat his teacher gave him.

The husband coming home after working a double and giving me a kiss. And $100. From my in-laws. Because we decided to use MIL's name as one of Thumper's middle names. (note: that is how you kiss up to in-laws! hahahaha. and I am so going to Bajio for lunch this week on them.)

Came home early from church with Little Mister because he didn't want to be in nursery and fell asleep with him. The primary president walked Kiddo home an hour later and she didn't wake me up. Which means I got a lovely 2+ hour nap, but woke up in a panic because I didn't know she was home yet. haha.

And the opportunity to make dinner for my loving family.

Can you tell Valentine's Day isn't that big of a deal around here? lol. I usually do get roses and dinner or something, but am fine with not getting them this year.

My computer has a nasty virus so I may not be around too much until it comes back from the compooper hospickle since I am only on the husband's computer when he's gone or asleep. I'm planning on sewing as much as possible this week though, so I can get a lot of diapers and things made for the new baby. oooo, and finish the wedding quilt!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I thought to myself

Man, this has been a [censored] week.

And then I hear of truly tragic and sad things going on with other people, and I feel grateful again for the blessings I do have.

Even if my computer and I are both broked. *sigh*

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!

1. The ultrasound. There are things I really like about modern medicine. Ultrasound technology is one of them. (Depakote is another, but that's another post.) Anyway, being able to see our baby and see that she's healthy and developing well brought a lot of peace of mind to all of us. It's been hard for me to believe that I'm pregnant and everything is fine until now, but I'm getting *very* excited about our baby's arrival!

2. DisGrace and I are planning a road trip to see my folks and Japan Boy et. al. the first week of April, as Japan Boy and his family are moving back to the States from Japan! The OB gave the go ahead, so DisGrace started looking at prices for the hotel where we'll plan to stay, taking two days to make the trip (5 kids + pregnant me = a LONG time in the car!). The trip seems more real and I'm rather looking forward to it.

3. Little Mister let the cute little dental assistants take his x-rays and brush his teeth at the dentist on Tuesday. He wasn't too happy about the dentist looking in his mouth, but blew kisses at the dentist when we left. Such a funny kid. And Kiddo and Little Mister are both cavity free!

4. Sewing up pink stuff -- diapers, covers, blankets, sleepers ... Love my little boy, but baby girl stuff is so much fun! hehe

5. Being able to spend a little time with DisGrace on Wednesday. Without any kids. except the one in my belly. LOVE. hahaha

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby cooperated!

We will be having a little girl! She'll be named for her grandmas and great-great grandma, but I won't be sharing her name here. You should all be used to that -- most of you don't know my kids' names! hahahaha.

We called Kiddo at school and told her -- she's very excited. The husband is quite proud of himself, and held up two fingers because that's both of our babies he's been right about.

Little Mister stayed home with DisGrace and when we got home (an hour later) he cried and cried and cried ... and acted like I'd been gone for weeks and basically let me know she was mean. lol. This doesn't bode well for the delivery, but whaddya do? Baby has to come sometime!

Little Mister is now awake from his nap. Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thoughts flitting around my head.

A) I could have made almost as much take home pay if I'd quit my job last year and received earned income credit for my children on my taxes.

B) I like sewing. I want to make money doing something I like. And typing about gaping wounds in people is not something I enjoy anymore. How to make money sewing?? And am I really good enough at that to really sell stuff I make and have it be worth my time? I need more time/money/space to sew as much as I want because if I'm not good enough, I need more practice. And if I am good enough, I need a space where the kids can't reach up and push buttons or grab fabric off my table while I'm sewing. Bother.

C) A gal I know (slightly) designed a fabric I like a lot. She's even doing more. And I thought, "ooooooo, I could do that." yeah, except remember, Stewbert, you don't draw very well. Something I could *learn* but not sure I have the talent for.

4) My ultrasound is tomorrow. Hopefully Thumper cooperates and lets us know the gender so I can make cutesy girlie stuff if it's a girl, and some boyish stuff if it's a boy.

Q) There is no Q. Kiddo and I just yell Q while we're driving because it's one of the hardest letters to find in the alphabet game which she loves to play, so every time we see one, it gets noticed. Loudly.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ignore the mess ...

Here's a 20-week belly shot.

For comparison, this was 22 weeks with Little Mister. I know. I'm bigger.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. As you may know, I had to have 3 fillings on Monday. My dental insurance covered quite a bit of it and we have more than enough in our flex spend to cover the rest. I know, this doesn't seem like a happy thing to have to have fillings (and I hurled when they applied the local anesthesia ... thank you so much baby!), BUT I'm thankful that the out of pocket expense is minimal.

2. Little Mister has figured out that if he wants me while I'm cooking or doing dishes or sewing or on the computer, he can bring me the mei tai (pictured a few posts ago) and I will wear him and he can play with my hair (and grab the fridge and poke his sister if she comes in) while I'm doing stuff. I wore him for a while today while folding laundry because he dragged it over to me and said, "Up?" So stinking cute.

3. A gal I haven't seen since high school (um, 16 years? how is that possible?) posted on her facebook page that she's trying to do some walking videos at home but only has one. She has lymphedema in her legs and some other stuff going on and wants to get healthier, so I sent her a note saying I had a few DVDs by Leslie Sansone and since the kids won't let me work out at home and I have been going to the gym again, she was welcome to them. She stopped by yesterday and picked them up, asking if I wanted them back or if I wanted money for them. Nope. Three things I haven't used in over a year: Gone. Now, I realize they're small things, but every little thing I've gotten rid of or project I've finished and shipped or delivered has helped my mental state. Hopefully I can get enough accomplished before this baby shows up that I don't go absolutely bonkers.

4. While folding a mountain of laundry, I found some cloth diapers that still fit Little Mister today. He was in cloth the rest of the day and they fit better than they had the last time he wore them (because he's gotten taller and slimmed down a bit since he started walking), which made me happier. No leaks, no messes escaped. Happy happy joy joy. Unfortunately, his little diaper rash came back (he's been sick and teething again this week), so I'm stripping them again and hopefully they'll work better tomorrow. And when I make more, I at least know where to make some fit adjustments so they work a little better for him.

5. We're getting a federal tax return big enough to take care of a few things and put some money aside for emergencies. It's not HUGE (we don't qualify for EIC, for starters), but decent. And as an added bonus, we don't owe state taxes this year (unlike last year when more than half of our federal return went to state). Awesome.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

20 weeks. EEK!

Halfway through this pregnancy. Some days are very very good. Other days are very very bad.

My feet started swelling last week, so I've been trying to keep them up. it's helped. I've also walked at the gym twice this week, which the husband says is probably helping, too. I'm not going to argue -- he's been more supportive of me going again because of it.

Between a migraine yesterday and super nausea today (seriously? STILL????), this week hasn't been the best. looking forward to feeling better today hopefully.