Saturday, June 30, 2007

weird. creepy. unusual.

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On another note ... this is the first day this week hubby has been home in the morning. Small Fry has been eating whatever I've made for breakfast until today (she usually makes her own bacon and eggs), arguing with me over lunch, and then eating dinner. I understand she's sick but she is turning into more of a punk, pushing my limits to see how far she can. The new rule being instituted as of tomorrow is she's on her own for lunch, but if she chooses not to eat what I make the other two meals, she chooses not to eat. Yesterday, she had asked me to make egg mcmuffins for breakfast today -- I'd made them a different day and she liked them just fine. So I did because they don't take long and hey, both kids and I and hubby like them.

Guess who chose not to eat hers? GRRRR.

Later on, hubby came out and ate her sandwich, then started getting eggs ready to scramble. She asked for some. So he asked her "do you know how to scramble eggs" and she said "yes." he turned on the pan and walked away. So did she. Neither of them noticed until the smoke alarms started going off. He yelled at her and she was like "I didn't know you wanted me to DO it!"

He was mad about the $1 worth of ruined eggs. I was mad about my $100 pan. I still don't know if it's okay.

I are Smartt.

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oooooo. maybe that's why i rock at my job. hahahahaha.

8 things. I am supposed to post 8 facts about myself or habits I have, then tag 8 of you. I don't tag though, so it's up to you if you wanna or not.

1. I hear voices. Sometimes they are kids' voices calling "MOM!" and sometimes it is my husband, but usually it is these dang doctors just chattering at me all darn day.

2. I don't hate my husband's ex anymore. But she dang well better not try and lie to me again to make herself look like she's mother of the year.

3. Lortab used to make me hallucinate. Now it gives me migraines.

4. I am a slob. I will do laundry, but it rarely gets put away. The "public" areas of my house are usually in fairly decent shape, but the master bed/bath and the office are just toxic. According to my co-workers, I am a model wife and mother except for the slob thing. I make my kids food they like (we are currently taking turns with who gets to pick what for breakfast -- fortunately, they like each other's favorites, too). I cook food my husband likes. I make dinners for sick neighbors. I do the dishes and the laundry and clean the bathrooms and vacuum and I work full time, and at the end of the day, I still have time and energy to be with my husband. But on the inside, the fact that my office and bedroom and laundry are still not done, that I haven't read my scriptures for an hour a day, that I am not perfect, I feel like a failure.

5. Scary movies still give me nightmares. Scream masks kids wear at Halloween still give me the heebie jeebies.

6. I got a really bad sunburn in high school at band camp wearing a backless tank top. That night, I got stuck to my air mattress. Pain. Since then, I've usually worn sunscreen, but last weekend, even with SPF 50 sunscren, still got fried at the pool. I am currently peeling like mad.

7. I toured Germany and Austria at age 20 with my piano teacher and a handful of his students. We played various concerts and just had a ball. I would LOVE to go back with my husband, but he is currently a resident alien and can't leave the States.

8. I don't dig drama. But it keeps finding me.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm an addict

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Friday Fave Five!!!

Hola! Thought I'd give this a whirl again, remind myself to be thankful for something ....

1. Puffs Plus tissues. Lurve the lotion.

2. NyQuil. hahahahaha.

3. Popsicles and ice.

4. Aleve.

5. Aloe vera.

So, the deal is, the sicker I get, the clumsier I am. Today, I'm pretty sick (#1, #2, and #3). I nearly broke a toe (#3, ice) and then later burned the pad of my right 4th finger (#3 ice, #4, and #5). It is quite awkward to type, but I have to work, so I am. And of course I'm blogging. Perish the thought that I'd skip this. lol.

Other than that ... Small Fry is also still sick. I txtd her mom this morning to see if she was better (selfish reasons, I want to know when I'll be back to normal) but she's "marinating in bed" so the weekend isn't looking that great.

Small Fry lost a tooth yesterday. Munchkin, of course, assured her yesterday the tooth fairy would find her even though she wasn't in Cali, because the tooth fairy always comes here. She has never had a tooth fairy visit before (thanks to her mother -- there is also no Santa or Easter Bunny at their house), so she was excited to find $2 under her pillow this morning.

I hope hubby gets home soon. I've been working an hour and then sleeping an hour all day. yeah, I haven't gotten much done. Bother.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wow, I'm a fun drunk

So, I'm sick. I have this cold. I drank half a bottle of NyQuil last night (slight exaggeration). I remember crying at hubby last night because I am a PMS monster, an emotional mess, and then we went to bed.

At 2 a.m., when his alarm went off, I asked him, "Why are you naked??" He just looked at me. "Same reason you are, honey." That made sense, but I didn't realize I was naked, so I said, "Okay." and fell back asleep.

Around 8 this morning when I got up, I realized I was really naked. And then I remembered WHY I was naked. And blushed furiously. And then forgot about it until JUST NOW, as I started dozing off for my second nap this afternoon. And now I'm laughing hysterically at my drunk self and can't go to sleep. Dang.


"I'm bored. I need entertainment."

This is a familiar refrain this week.

Per her father's counsel, I asked, "If you were in Cali, what would you be doing?"

"I'd be outside playing with my friends."

Oh my gosh, I'd been trying to get her to go outside for at least 10 minutes.

"Well then ... why don't you go outside and play with your sister?"

They did. In fact, they grabbed Munchkin's butterfly catcher which her first-grade teacher gave her, and they proceeded to catch a pretty yellow butterfly (dang it, should've snapped a picture). They brought it in to show me, took it outside, released it, and then caught a monarch and brought it in to show me. On their way out with that one, Small Fry said, "I almost caught a bee, too." aaaaaa. "Well, if you catch one, don't bring it in to show me." "How about a wasp?" accompanied by a smirk.

Man she's a tease.

I'm allergic. Which Munchkin knows, but Small Fry might not.

It's times like this where i just want to say, "Just don't kill your stepmother, please."

Today is going better. They weren't at each other nearly as much yesterday, but I'm sick with a cold (Small Fry's mom txtd me Monday to tell me she had one -- Small Fry and I both started with it on Tuesday) and hubby dropped some news on me Tuesday night, so yesterday was just NOT a good day and it was not the kids' fault. Just how it goes. But I had my brother, Lace, give me a priesthood blessing last night. After I finished having my breakdown last night and slept 8 hours, I woke up feeling a million times better today, hopeful, and like things are really going to be okay.

I love the gospel.

And ... Small Fry told me about a scary dream she had this morning about Satan trying to get her to follow him. She kept saying no and finally beat him up. It was an amazing teaching moment -- I just hope she got something out of our discussion and the scriptures we talked about.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I hate Satan

That is all.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I ate cookies today.

and they weren't wheat free.

I'm a stress eater. Dear step daughter is stressful to me. Having her home all day with me while I'm trying to work is stressful. My daughter is used to it, but SD is not. So. I ate chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

It could've been worse.

I could've eaten two dozen instead of two.

OR I could've had a Pepsi. But I'm still Pepsi free. Yay me!

Day FIVE of the visit

I need drugs. lotsa drugs.

and chocolate ... ooo, Dove bar in the freezer ... SWEET!!!

and a bubble bath with champagne (i'll even take sparkling juice since, being a good Mormon girl, I don't drink)

and alone time with hubby ... ha.


We've had this routine down pretty well for several months which ensures I get the physical affection and emotional/mental attention I need from hubby. And on Munchkin's really bad days, he knows I need more of a break. With two kids, one of whom is a preteen and doesn't want to mind me or follow certain rules (no eating anything on the white couch, go over to the table!) or complains about much of what I cook (you made that yesterday and it has no flavor), I need more hubby time. But it's not happening because our routines are all adjusting to accommodate said pre-teen and hubby's new body building competition routine.

I miss my husband. And he's HERE.

I miss my kid minding me and being nice to me. She's not used to having to share her space or her stuff.

I miss Small Fry being afraid of me. Or intimidated. Or annoyed. Right now, she's pushing her limits. I guess I used to bug her because she thought I was practically perfect. I yelled at them both yesterday -- KNOCK IT OFF -- because they just kept picking at each other.

Today, I'm worn out from trying to pick back up on Munchkin's 30-minute required reading every day. Small Fry's response was, "I don't read." Tough cookies, she gets to do it too. So she picked up my comic books (man, I love Calvin and Hobbes). No, those don't count. "Your books are all old and dusty and boring." Pick something and read it or I'll pick something for you. *sigh*

Munchkin didn't want to read either, but did, and got into the book. Small Fry kept rolling her eyes and saying, "It's supposed to be summer VACATION. I'm bored."

Tomorrow comes the "if you're bored, you're cleaning" rule. If you don't mind me the first time, you're cleaning.

But at least now I know how hubby felt at the first part of our marriage, where Munchkin was pushing HIS limits and testing to see how much she had to mind him. At least Small Fry goes to bed when I tell her to.

Most of the time, we want her to stay and not go back, but there are times August is really far away ...

And just an FYI, I am a good cook. Small Fry is used to eating bacon and sausage every day -- which isn't okay at my house and I don't buy it. So when I make anything lean, she whines there's no flavor. Because there is no GREASE. Hubby had this problem too. He got over it. She will too.

We're really okay -- I mean, yeah, it's hard. But we're adjusting.
But man. It's a LOT of adjusting.

So there's the update.

Monday, June 25, 2007


I typed a report on a guy today who is a state trooper. He was there for 9/11 and volunteered to go to Louisiana and deal with Katrina. He's now suffering from some major health problems and is having surgery to investigate his airway.

Makes you grateful people like him are willing to put their lives on the line ... but at the same time, made me incredibly sad for him and his family.

On another note, while I was out of town, my credit card company disabled my card and then called my HOME phone number from the fraud prevention department. I've been trying to call them back (idiots, call my cell phone, they have both numbers!), but no luck. *sigh*

And ... I have gotten very little sleep and am GRUMPY. *sigh* Poor kids.
Traveling. Ugh.

It's always an adventure to travel somewhere you aren't familiar, rent a car, and drive around all over the place. what makes it even more of an adventure is doing so with your husband's ex, your husband's kid, and your husband's ex's other kid.

And my weight went back up to 242.5, but hey, I'm not complaining. I'm due for my period next week AND I ate airport food/takeout for two solid days while I was traveling. Not too shabby.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy 100th post!

How sad.

Anyway. It's day three of Small Fry's visit. She seems glad to be here but is still overwhelmed and not used to minding me at all, so there's back talk and sassing going on. BUT hubby and i are doing better than we had been before the trip and even though Munchkin is driving Small Fry bananas, they are still pretty happy to be together.

I think.

They're at least acting like siblings. hahahahahahahaha

Munchkin is a very affectionate child. Small Fry is NOT and gets bugged by too much physical contact. That's one of the things her dad and I struggled with at first, too -- I thrive on touch, and he gets to a point where he has just had enough. We both try and be more respectful of the other's needs now, but the kids aren't willing/able to do so at this point. And because they were both only children for so long and Small Fry is the oldest of 4 kids (her mom's three and our two), she thinks she should be able to be the boss of Munchkin. So they are driving each other up a wall and around a corner and back again. *sigh* I'm hopeful that we're able to make the most of the trip and they'll get along by the end.

And maybe, just maybe, Small Fry will quit sassing me. Her dad is going to lose it if she doesn't -- he's getting angrier every time she does it.

Now, if only Munchkin goes to sleep on time tonight and Small Fry does, too ... he and I will function better with sleep. Gah.

Friday, June 22, 2007


I'm Home! And I came home WITH DD!!!!

I felt very calm and comforted the entire trip, like everything was going to be just fine, and I know it's because of all the prayers offered up for our family. And I know there were lots.

Here's the rundown.

I was traveling standby (buddy passes from a friend at Delta) and Thursday my flight got bumped twice, but it turned out okay. Took quite a while to get the rental car, and the gal who helped me was Polynesian. She asked me if my last name was Samoan or Tongan (Samoan name, Tongan husband), and said, "Do you have much luggage?" I gestured toward my backpack, asked which Island she was from (from Fiji, but her dad is Samoan), and she handed me keys and said, "You don't mind that I just gave you a Mustang, do you?" Man, that car was fun to drive.

The ex (we'll call her Renee) wanted me to meet her at her mother's house (Val -- she's the one who came and got them last summer and she creeps me out). I guess Val lives with her mother, Ola, and Renee and Small Fry live in a house with a bunch of other people. I decided that if I felt weird about it, I'd go somewhere public and ask her to meet me there, but when I got there, I felt like it was fine. Called the house and Ola was so sweet -- like NORMAL -- and said Val was gone to Sacramento and wouldn't be home for a few hours. Score. She would've been there if I'd made the first flight.

Renee showed up shortly thereafter and we took off -- picked up J (DD's little half-sister, she's almost two), and got the papers signed and had dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant. Took Renee back to Ola's and Val had shown up, so we made it brief and I kept my distance from her. We went to the hotel and eventually fell asleep in a very uncomfortable bed (it was a 2-bed room, but the other bed stunk ... so ... we squished in the double bed). Got up at 3:30 PST, dropped off the rental car, caught the shuttle to the airport, checked in, and waited. We *barely* made the flight -- like, we sat down and it started moving. Flying standby for this trip was fine because it was extremely inexpensive and I didn't want to spend a lot money for something that might not happen, but I probably wouldn't do it again unless I had to. (the rental car and hotel cost more than all of our tickets).

On a side note: The guy who sold us our older used car moved to Cali right after we bought it. We didn't have a form we needed to get it registered, so I called him a few weeks ago and asked him if I could mail it to him and he said, "sure, but I'm moving to DC tomorrow, so I'll give you a call and get you the address then." Well, I never heard from him but while I was sitting in front of Ola/Val's house, I found his phone number (which I'd been looking for for days) and gave him a call. Turns out, they decided not to go to DC and are moving to Bakersfield next week instead, so they've been staying with his sister in Sacramento -- about 5 minutes away from our hotel. So he came to the hotel last night and the staff was really great -- the asst. manager took us to her office so we could get the paperwork printed off the DMV website and got it all signed and stuff, so I can go get it registered next week. Woohoo!

Anyway. I'm safe, kidlet is home, hubby and other kidlet are happy, and I had a nap, and then we went to a movie (Surf's Up) and dinner (Chinese) so I feel even better. Yay!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Updates on the trip

The ex txtd me this morning after my message to her, which was, "I'm confused, I thought I needed to come to you to get the papers signed, so I rented a car ... but you said something about dropping her off at the airport ..." She was actually wanting deets on Small Fry's return visit 'cuz she needs to take the day off to pick her up. Gah.

Some days I think everyone is stoopid.

I asked her to call me later today so we can get tomorrow worked out. I'll probably edit with updates later.


She just called me on her lunch break. Everything is set; she asked me to drive to her mother's because it's easier to find than her place or the school, and to call her when I get to her mom's. So ... I shall. Hopefully her mother doesn't try to hurt me, but I don't intend to go IN unless I stop somewhere and buy mace ... Ahem.

Anyway. She asked what time my return flight is and I said I got a much later flight so we would have time to get everything done and in case I got lost -- I didn't tell her it's at 6 the next morning.

But so far, it's a go ... hopefully it really goes as planned.

Small Fry was so excited yesterday -- she wanted to know what she needed to bring (do I need long-sleeve shirts?) and stuff. Yeah. Funny kid.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some days, you just need a hug

And if you don't get it, you need MORE hugs and MORE touching and MORE affection than a simple hug. RIGHT?

yeah, I know I'm right. :P

The thing is, I bet not everyone is like that ... and I bet not everyone needs as much affection and reassurance as I do right now.

Oddly, the more settled in my husband gets into our relationship, the less settled I feel. Not like I think he's going to pack up and leave anymore, more like ... I'm being taken for granted. Because the more settled he gets, the more he feels okay in telling me no, and I never knew he wanted to say no to a lot of things before, because he never DID. He also is more and more okay with not spending much time with me since he knows I'm not going anywhere.

That doesn't work for me. I still need his time and attention, even if I'm not going anywhere.

The important thing is that I do make sure my needs are heard. Maybe not in the healthiest ways sometimes, but I listen to his needs and try and make sure they are taken care of, so I try to make sure he hears me and takes care of mine, too. Even if it's in the middle of the night and I'm crying.

Marriage is an adventure I don't think I was entirely prepared for, and we have had an extremely rocky year. Last year this week, his daughter disappeared and we drove to Cali to try and get her back for a family reunion. His ex's mom disappeared, again, with her 30 minutes before we arrived.

Is history repeating itself this year? I don't know. I do know I'm leaving in about 36 hours to try and get her for a visit this year, another family reunion, and instead of a wedding (which was last year), a baptism.

I think it has us both freaked out. But we handle that differently: He withdraws into a shell and I need more and more of his time and attention.

We finally had it out last night and this morning things were better. He gave me a blessing (which was very special), we ran an errand as a family, and he held me when I needed it. AND he just came in to ask when I'd be done with work so he could get off his computer, too, and spend time with me tonight.


Now, if only we both remember these lessons ...

Like tonight. Small Fry and her mom have been trying to call all day, but my phone has been in the car. Got messages and ... well ... her mom somehow thinks she's just dropping her off at the airport. What happened to signing the custody papers? I'm staying up now to wait for her to return my call so I can remind her the papers have to be signed before I'll take Small Fry on any sort of trip. Hopefully she calls back soon. I'm exhausted and don't have the emotional energy to be terribly nice too much longer.

Monday, June 18, 2007

blogthings boredom

Your Mood Ring is Blue

At ease

eerie, this.

Your Hidden Talent

You have the power to persuade and influence others.
You're the type of person who can turn a whole room around.
The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it.
Always remember, you have a lot more power over people than you might think!

This is also fairly eerie. It didn't ask for my birthday or my sign ... but ... I am a Taurus.

You are 80% Taurus

Sunday junk

So ... since I decided to go off of wheat, I haven't been nearly as nauseated -- in fact, I only had two little waves of it yesterday -- one while eating breakfast (eggs the first time -- going to avoid them for a while too). I am, however, extremely emotional in the face of this ... whatever it is. Is it fribromyalgia? Is it gluten intolerance? Is it just me being extremely unlucky? I have so many other food intolerances, why not wheat, too, right?

So I didn't take the sacrament yesterday because I didn't want to get sick at church. So last night, I thought, "Hm, cookies, I'll try this little experiment." Ate a piece of one (it had oats and stuff so it wasn't pure sugar) about the size of the sacrament bread.


Second wave. I was okay after a while.

I thought hubby and I had made up (see the below post), but when I went to bed, he brought junk up again from assumptions made and I was just ... flabbergasted. It made me tired and he kept me up until 10:30 because HE was upset, which is why I just rolled out of bed around 6. Body. Hurts. Must. Sleep.

I love him, but sheesh ... yesterday sucked.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I love my husband.

The CD he made for our wedding reception is probably the best reminder I have that he loves me too. The songs have a lot of meaning to us, and it always puts me in a better mood while listening to it.

Now if only I'd remember to do that when I feel like yelling at him ...

Saturday, June 16, 2007


type the first reaction you have to each word

1. Cigarettes: Blech

2. Sex: Hubby ... rowr.

3. Relationships: Work

4. Your Last Ex: Wife beater

5. Football: Meh

6. Crack: Plumber

7. Food: Hungry

8. President: Of what?

9. War: Troops

10. Cars: Love the one that's paid for ... even if it is an SUV

11. Gas Prices? *sniff* see above

12. Bon Jovi: who?

13. Religion: LDS

14. MySpace: What?

15. Fear: Spiders. Kids dying.

16. Beyonce: damn! can I borrow her body for just a day?

17. Blonde: Was one

18. Brunettes: Am one

19. Politics: Middle of the road

20. One Night Stands: Stoopid

21. Cell phone: Required

22. Vanilla Ice Cream: Melted PB and chocolate sauce

23. Porta potties: Stinketh

24. High School: Drama

25. Pajamas: Nekkid

26. Wet Socks: ewwwwwwwwwww

27. Alcohol: Also stoopid

28. The word HATE: Not the opposite of love. Indifference is.

29. My best friend(s): Would have a really hard time without them. They've saved my marriage a time or two.

30. Heartache: Not being able to protect my children from tragedy or pain.

31. Love: Hubby, kiddos, family

32. Divorce: Saved my life 8 years ago ... not an option now.

33. Parents: Love mom, have a hard time with dad ... even though if pressed i'd probably admit I love him.

34. Trees: Woods

35. Coffee: One of the few things I miss ...

36. Music: Blaring to help me clean house

37. Soccer: Cleats

38. Pot: Kettle!

39. Strippers: Planning on being one at some point for an audience of one.

40. Work: Frustrating

41. Kids: Babies, want more

42. Fun: Chillin

When is a sty in your eye not just a sty?

When it's involving the entire upper eyelid, making it so swollen it does not want to open.

Guess who has blepharitis? (i.e., a staph infection in the eyelid)

That'd be me. wooo.

When I saw the Lasik folks on Wednesday, my eye itched a bit, thought it was just allergies flaring up. Got up Thursday to a sty. Friday, woke up, the entire lid was red and swollen. I called the doc ASAP, 'cuz I knew it needed something.

So, instead of working 10 hours like I'd planned to yesterday, I spent a couple hours at the on-call doc's (whom I kinda like better than my normal doc ... but they're in affiliated offices, so I'm not sure how I feel about changing). He faxed two prescriptions to the pharmacy, which weren't done yet when I got there an hour later, so I waited and waited and waited ... (eyedrops -- I keep forgetting to shake the darn things -- and a Z-Pak). Then CC came over and we rearranged the house -- which I LOVE. Hubby needed some space of his own, so we created a "man zone". I'd post "after" pictures, but I'm embarrassed -- there is laundry everywhere again. oops. (maybe i'll post pictures anyway -- although I should've taken befores, too! crap).

This is the view as you come up the stairs -- not much changed right here except the orientation of the table and a cabinet we moved.

This is the view as you round the corner at the top of the stairs. The cabinet we moved is now on the right and has plants on top of it.

Speaking of plants, CC put them all up where I'll see them more often and, hopefully, quit forgetting to water the poor things. We killed one. (Fortunately, it was not the one little brother and his wife brought back from Hawaii ...) Sadly, I'm not smart enough to know how to re-orient this picture (or the Man Zone) to make them right side up. Apologies.

This is the view from the couch facing the TV and dining area.

AND this is the MAN ZONE. He claimed my recliner and needed somewhere he could game and not feel like he was in the middle of the room.

Before we moved all this, the couch was on the same wall, just running along it (remember the laundry picture???) instead of perpendicular to it. The TV and hubby's computer were flipped, and the dining table stuck out into the room more. There are reasons he is now so happy -- before we did it, he just kept thinking that our house was too small and he was crowded and cramped and squished where he was, and I kept saying, "Honey, just let me do this so you can have space." He was like ... there IS no space in our house! hehehehe. CC took my fledgling idea of moving the living area around and made it really work. She rocks. Hubby is SO happy to have some space he can call his own now, like, ecstatically happy. Our house doesn't feel cramped to him anymore. Messy, yes. Small? Not so much. Made a HUGE difference in his energy ... I'd say aura, but that's not quite right. anyway. The house flows better, his energy feels better, and things are just taking shape now for the arrival of Small Fry next week, family visiting for a while in July, and hopefully a beautiful Polynesian baby in the next 18 months or so. Yay!

Then I took Kidlet to DisGrace's house so she could go camping with Uncle Demented and their two big kids. Toddler Dizzy is too little to go camping, so she and DisGrace stayed home. She made me dinner, too, and sent some home for hubby. awwwww ...

Came home, spent a couple hours with hubby, and then tried to work, but my eye was tired. So I went to bed, hoping to get up early today. Not so much. It's going to be another busy day.

*work 10 hours (ha)
*pick up presents for Father's Day (Bleach, epis 1 through 4 or 1 through 8, depending on Wie viel Kostet es, plus some "toys")
*get Kidlet at some point
*date night
*laser procedure (still working on the Brazilian ... which, btw, I love)

So ... yeah. busy busy busy.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Friday!

This time next week I should be boarding an airplane with Small Fry to come back to Utah. Assuming the ex signs the papers and no one gets arrested.

So, I've been trying figure out what is making me nauseated since I'm not pregnant now but still get nausea off and on.

BREAD. At first, it was white bread. I quit eating it. Then, Tuesday, a whole wheat wrap made me nauseated. Just now, it was whole wheat bread which hadn't previously bothered me. Low fat wheat thins, however, did not bother me at all yesterday (had them for lunch with a can of tuna and an apple). Cookies haven't bothered me so much, but I'm not eating them right now anyway since I'm working really hard at removing excess weight. BUT, BOOGER.

The good news is I know how to combat this since I have a nephew and a mom who are celiacs. Quit eating the wheat and you feel better. And I know wheat can be in just about anything (yellow food dye, for example, called annato is made from wheat. so is caramel food coloring). So I'm going to give a gluten-free diet a shot for a while, even if I don't have celiac sprue, but hopefully it makes a difference.

FRIDAY FAVE FIVE: This week's theme is actors/actresses. These are some of the folks whose movies/shows I'll usually watch if they're not rated R (unless major editing has occurred), regardless of what it's about. Doesn't mean I've seen all their work or anything, just enjoy them.


1. Will Smith.

2. Johnny Depp. Jack Sparrow. 'nuff said.

3. Orlando Bloom. Come on.

4. Tim Allen. Seriously funny, usually fairly clean and family friendly.

5. Shia LaBeouf. He's a great actor. Enjoyed him in Even Stevens for years, loved the Greatest Game. Knowing he's in it makes me want to see Transformers (I had previously had no desire to watch it and had told hubby to go out with the guys and watch it).

(Keanu should've made the list too, if only because I had a running joke about him ... when I was single, guys would usually ask me what I was looking for, and I'd say Keanu, because "He's mildly cute, has money, and isn't the brightest bulb in the box." obviously, that wasn't the truth, but I found it amusing. alas, only room for 5 ... moving on ...)


1. Jennifer Garner. Really dig ALIAS, have watched her movies, and hubby bought the ALIAS DVDs and even rented "Catch & Release" for me a while back just because he knows I like her.

2. Queen Latifah. One of hubby's faves, he's purchased a couple movies with her in that I've rather come to enjoy. (no wonder he likes my bootylicious body, eh?)

3. Nicole Kidman. I didn't use to like her, but she's more versatile and a better actress than I'd imagined.

4. Jaime Lee Curtis.

5. Sandra Bullock.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


hahahahah ... *snort* I don't game.

What type of person do you attract?
Your Result: You attract geeks!

Your stunning intellect and love of sci-fi and video games allures the geeks like nothing else. Maybe it is the sparkle in your eye that makes them want to text you, who knows. Geeks make good partners, but tend to be arguementative. If you are a TRUE geek magnet, you will know if that was spelled correctly, and actually care. If it is a bad-boy/bad-girl you are seeking, you are barking up the wrong tree, unless they are just 'bad' behind a PS2 console.

You attract artsy people!
You attract unstable people!
You attract rednecks!
You attract Yuppies!
You attract models!
What type of person do you attract?
Quizzes for MySpace

btw, it's argumentative.

and this is probably true. even if my husband says horrible wrong.

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The West
The Inland North
North Central
The Northeast
The South
What American accent do you have?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Feeling random lately. That is all.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


hahahaha ... check it out CC!!!

You Are a Brownie Cheesecake

A little chunky and a little gooey, you pretty much run on sugar!
You take hedonism to the extreme.. And people love you for it.

cheesecake ... hehehehehe ...

AND, this is interesting. I intend to make this reality.

Your Waist to Hip Ratio is 0.8

You are quite curvy. Most clothes look great on you.


Saw the LASIK folks today. Getting the surgery 7/19. He said even 5 or 6 years ago, when I was first thinking about doing this, they wouldn't have been able to because my astigmatism is so bad. Of course, it's gotten worse since then, so really they might have been able to, but whatever.

They also said to wait 6 months after the surgery before attempting a pregnancy, which was my timeline anyway. Hopefully that'll give me a chance to remove another 40 pounds or so before then (7 months from now). I've already removed 13. We shall see.

The only downside to today's appointment was that they didn't tell me that it would be 2 to 3 hours. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Thank heaven for DVD players and movies kiddo hasn't seen in a while ...
Just an update: I checked my scales since they seemed a bit funky this morning. Hubby had slid them around a lot yesterday while he was shaving his head, and one of the protective "feet" was missing. Found it, put it back on, it balanced correctly.

ROCK ON. 240. That makes 13 pounds REMOVED in 2 weeks. YAY ME!!!


So, I went to the OB/GYN yesterday for my Pap. Lemme just say, I hope Heather never dies, quits, or moves. That was the most pleasant Pap/pelvic I've ever had. No pinching, no gouging, no pain at ALL. If anyone wants her number (hint hint) I'll give it to you. She's a nurse midwife, CNM. And she rocks.

We talked about the early miscarriage (she agreed it was one), and about my weight (she agreed I need to do something -- recommended South Beach, and said that regardless, if I was working on it now while my hormones go back to "normal" then it'll come off), and about my emotional health (yesterday was a REALLY BAD DAY), and about pregnancy (she said we could try again next month and if we need help getting pregnant to come back and see her).

We're waiting longer than that to try again, but it's fine. Except. Then I had psycho dreams.

I dreamt that I'm pregnant RIGHT NOW with triplets, but didn't know I was pregnant, and I was delivering them at my sister's house in Springville since I went into labor and didn't know it. EMS got there after they were born. One of them (the boy) looked like my ex and the other two (girls) looked like my Lebanese family ... and I kept thinking, where the heck is my brown baby??? where is MY HUSBAND????

It was just bizarre -- In my dream, they figured I'd gotten pregnant in December (I was really sick in December and thought I was pregnant then, too) and I kept going, "I knew I was pregnant". *snort* they came out HUGE, like 8 pounds each, and before EMS got there, they'd grown to toddlers, and they were able to talk and the boy definitely did NOT want to nurse, and I kept telling him he needed to eat *something* but he wouldn't nurse and just kept saying, "I don't want that." Sis had some spare binkies on hand so he sucked on that. So weird. And I was walking normally after pushing them out. And kept saying, "I kept having dreams I'd have twins or triplets ..."


Insomnia sucks, btw. Have a hard time falling asleep and then once I do, I have crazy dreams that wake me up.
Guess using the smaller plates and eating better is working. Removed another 3 pounds, checked twice since I didn't believe it.

Talked with the midwife yesterday -- she recommended I go back on the South Beach Diet. I can to an extent -- they recommend a lot of artificial sweeteners, which I can't use as they give me migraines. But cutting out most sugar would probably be a good start. The worst part was probably getting rid of the Pepsi -- two weeks and holding strong.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Small Fry and the EX

The ex txtd me this morning. No acknowledgement that, once again, we tried to call over the weekend and, once again, no response. Gah. Owell. She thought I was flying out there Friday, but Small Fry is still in school until next Thursday, so that's the day I'm going out there. At least it was mostly positive conversation -- I asked if Small Fry had a suitcase, she said no and would buy one, and I said I'd just bring one with me so she didn't have to worry about it and we'd buy her one before the end of the visit. She was glad about that. After the conversation, I ended up reserving a rental car and a hotel room (single room, two beds hopefully), which we're going to have to get up at dark-thirty to catch our flight back to Utah.

My stomach is in knots now. Nervous about a few things, I suppose. Like, is the ex going to change her mind before we get there? What if I get LOST in Cali??????????Is Small Fry going to hate me when I pick her up? What if her mom has told her I'm an evil person? What if the visit doesn't go well? What if Small Fry has picked up her old habits of stealing and lying which her mother and grandmother encourage her to do?

My whole family is looking forward to meeting her this summer -- I'm just hoping it really happens.

Pardon me while I go puke now. *nerves*
The Weekend:

Friday, I went to IKEA with CC. Counting that as my walk since we were there for-freaking-ever. Ate too much junk though, and my stomach apparently hates IKEA food. Blech. But we like the organization ideas and I think I'm going back this afternoon to pick up a couple of things so she can come help me tear up the house Friday ... er, move the furniture and try to make the space more liveable since we may be here a few more years.

Saturday, I took kidlet to Macey's grocery store, Wally's, and Costco -- we have food now! yay! Counted that as my walk since I really didn't have time to do more than that. I did *try* to eat better, but not sure what happened since I slept half of the afternoon away. I did eat a lean cuisine something for dinner though. Thank heaven for hubby's discount -- he brought home a bunch of individual pizzas and a few dinners and only spent $11. Love it.

Sunday, I was fasting for breakfast, then had a turkey sammy on ww for lunch (blood sugar issues -- I usually only fast for one meal). I also made cookies and sent some away with the home teachers. Made stir fry last night with some ramen -- had planned to make brown rice, but somehow when I said I was taking a short nap, it turned into 3 hours and then didn't have an hour to make the brown rice. Gah.

Anyway. I'm down to 245.5 this morning, which makes me happy ... well ... as happy as I can be at that weight. ;) No soda has helped, and I think using kid-sized plates from IKEA and only eating one serving has helped, too. Yay.

Date night, church, and why I'm so tired

Date night: Hubby rented The Fountain. Depressed him horribly, so I was glad he'd also rented some anime, which we watched after we turned off the other movie. I'm going to finish watching the first one though since it was weird and intrigued me. Oy. Anyway. He planned it and executed the plan, and I didn't really say anything to him about it beforehand. Yay.

Sunday: We all went to sacrament meeting and I bawled during the sacrament hymn. It was good -- felt peaceful and full of the Spirit. Then I saw this cute little baby in front of us ... so new ... lots of dark hair and perfect little fingers and all snuggly. And I cried after we got home 'cuz I want one. Hubby still thinks we should wait until after my eyes get zapped, and he's probably right. I'm just very emotional right now.

Hubby left after sacrament meeting, but kiddo and I stayed for all the meetings. It was really good, felt the Spirit more than I've felt in a while.

Our home teachers came over in the afternoon and he actually stayed in the room with them and acknowledged his less-active state. He told me privately later that he's also been thinking maybe when he gets his act together with church we'll get pregnant. I'm not sure that's how things always work, but told him not to wait too long since I'm ooooooooold. He laughed.

I'm tired: I accidentally took a 3-hour nap after the home teachers left yesterday, woke up at 6:45 and made dinner. hello, I got up at 5 a.m. after having CRAZY dreams and stuff all night ... don't feel like I got any rest at alllllllll. But it's Monday, and I have to get work done before I get to go get a massage this afternoon and maybe will stop at IKEA to pick up some brackets for shelves for my "office in a closet" and a picture frame for my print of CC's work and stuff. I do need to go for a walk this morning though. ACK.

And with that, I'm getting to work.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

ology -- a meme


1. What is your salad dressing of choice? Usually Thousand Island, sometimes bleu cheese, and if neither of those is available, I'll take ranch or honey mustard something

2. What is your favourite fast food restaurant? Depends on what I'm having/craving. For burgers, I sometimes want a Whopper, but like Wendy's too. For salads? Wendy's or Sonic. For roast beef, only Arby's. Fries? ARBY's curly fries. Mexican? Beto's or Bajio's.

I'm picky I suppose.

3. What is your favourite sit-down restaurant? Again, depends on what I'm having/craving. Sushi: Happy Sumo. Italian: Macaroni Grill (unless I want portabello ravioli, then I'm off to Olive Garden). Chicken fingers: Wingers. I also rather enjoy Applebee's and that place we went on our honeymoon in downtown SLC, whose name escapes me at the moment.

4. On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant? 15%, unless hubby is in charge. He usually leaves 10% unless we got great service, then it's 20%.

5. What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? ... some form of pasta. MAYBE.

6. What is your favourite type of gum? Mint -- as long as it's not sugar free. Artificial sweeteners give me migraines.


1. What is your wallpaper on your computer? "Spheris"

2. How many televisions are in your house? 2

3. How do you listen to music? in the car, usually. if i'm feeling good, i'll play it in the living room while i clean and/or cook


1. What is your best feature? my eyes. or my boobs.

2. Have you ever had anything removed from your body? yes. My wisdom teeth and that damn subaortic membrane.

3. Which one of your five senses do you think is the keenest? My hearing.


4. When was the last time you had a cavity? Last exam -- February?

5. What is the heaviest item you lifted last? My child out of the grocery cart today. She weighs like 58 pounds (cc picked her up yesterday)

6. Have you ever been knocked unconscious? Almost. Knocked my head into a countertop really hard once about 12 years ago. Still have an indentation in my skull from it.


1. If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? NO.

2. Is love for real? Yes

3. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? I used to want to change it to Marie, but now I have a SIL named that, so I guess not.

4. What colour do you think looks best on you? The cool ones.

5. Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake? not to my recollection. Except ants. Long story.

6. Have you ever saved someones life? No.

7. Has someone ever saved yours? Yes. Dr. Jones, the dude who removed the membrane from my heart.


1. Would you walk naked for a half a mile down a public street for $100,000? Would depend on my mood ... and how "public" the street is.

2. Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100? No. Might have when I was single.

3. Would you allow one of your little fingers to be cut off for $200,000? No. Couldn't do my job then, and I need to be able to work. 200K would tide us over for a few years, but seriously ... no.

4. Would you never blog again for $50,000? yes. when can I expect my check?

5. Would you post naked in a magazine for $250,000? uh ...

6. Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1,000? no.

7. Would you give up watching television for a year for $25,000? If it was just me? Yes. not if it included the entire family.


1. What is in your left pocket? in my nightgown. no pockets.

2. Is Napolean Dynamite actually a good movie? It's hilarious.

3. Do you have hardwood or carpet in your house? Carpet. Planning on hardwooding if we stay here.

4. Do you sit or stand in the shower? Stand. If I sit that's called a BATH.

5. Could you live with a roommate? I have. If I got desperate enough again and my husband was no longer living, I might.

6. How many pairs of flip-flops do you own? 3 or 4

7. Last time you had a run-in with the cops? A couple years ago -- got pulled over.

8. What do you want to be when you grow up? A mom.

9. Last friend you talked to? Steph. Or if email counts, Jen in TX.

10. Last person you called? Hubby.


1. First place you went this morning? To my office to work. After kiddo woke up, we went to Macey's (grocery store), Wal-Mart, and Costco. We now have food in the house.

2. What can you not wait to do? the thing is, you have to wait for most things you say you can't wait for. so ... I can wait for most things. Not for my next breath of air, however.

3. What's the last movie you saw? Pirates 3.
We have food!

Seriously, I haven't gone shopping in two weeks or more. hubby was pretty upset there was no food yesterday. He could go shopping but nooooooooo ... it's okay though. at least this way i know how much is spent on groceries (too much) and i can not get something if it's just too much money. he'll buy everything on the list even if we don't have money for two more weeks. oy.

The thing i'm learning is that even though both of us work and we both make good money, we still have to budget. can't just go crazy, even when our YTD income looks really really good. We pay tithing on our gross, we are paying child support, we have a house and two cars and two kids and a whole bunch of things, but if we're not still careful with the money, we're still in trouble.

Went to IKEA yesterday with cc -- spent less than $25, but got a whole lot of ideas on how to make this house work for us for a few more years. We need to get rid of some stuff and better organize the stuff we keep. But either this summer or when we are pregnant again, we're going to turn the office into a nursery -- and put my office into one of our walk in closets. I think we've even figured out how to do that. So, yeah. Things are okay.

Friday, June 8, 2007

George Clooney is a vampire.

At least, he was one in my dreams.

Why on earth I can't have normal dreams, I don't know, but I thought that was pretty funny when I woke up this morning. First I drug up Senator Clinton and send her on a roller coaster (I dreamt that months ago) and now Clooney being a blood sucker. *snicker*


Yesterday we walked. Breakfast was GoLean crunch, smoothie for a snack, lunch was a sonic salad (yes, with onion ring ... and a slush. gah), dinner was a lovely ground chicken chili with black beans and corn bread made with whole wheat flour.

I'm going to Ikea with CC today, so I'm assuming we'll be walking a bit. Huge store. Huge parking lot. I'm going to use that as my walk today.

Starting to get a headache from caffeine withdrawals today. Eeep.

Banks and stoopid mess ups

Today's Community Chest card would read: Checkbook error in your favor! Collect $353!

My bank says I have $353 more than my checkbook says I have. I've been trying to figure it out for half the morning.


How did I not notice I'd subtracted the car insurance TWICE??? Well. Last month in the midst of our refinance a LOT of money went in and out of the checking account. I couldn't figure out how we'd blown through all the money so fast, but didn't have any idea I'd messed that up.

so, Yay! Bills get to be paid! gah.

Vampires, bats, crazy people

George Clooney is a vampire.

At least, he was one in my dream this morning.

That is all.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'm a romantic ... oddly enough.

I didn't quite know how to answer all those questions. Some of them I wanted to click BOTH answers.

You Are A Realistic Romantic

It's easy for you to get swept away by romance...
But you've done a pretty good job keeping perspective.
You're still taken in by love poems and sunsets
You just don't fall for every dreamy pick up line!

Guess I need to break it to hubby that I need a bit of romance ... when HE is putting forth the effort. When he thinks he's just being silly is when he's really being quite romantic and loving. He tries to stifle it 'cuz he doesn't want to get made fun of. But who is going to? Not me! None of my girlfriends. Maybe "the guys" would, but they can all go play more WoW and continue to have nonexistant love lives as far as I'm concerned. ;)


What Your Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich Means

Your eating style is reserved. You are a bit of a fussy eater, and you have very specific ways you like your food prepared.

You have an average sweet tooth. While you enjoy desserts, they aren't exactly your downfall.

Your taste in food tends to be quite eclectic and wide. You are an adventurous eater, and you like many types of cuisines.

You are probably a fairly normal, upper middle class person. You don't rock the boat too often.

You are a tough person who isn't afraid to live life fully. There isn't a lot that scares you.

Precise and controlled, you can be a bit anal retentive when it comes to how you like things. You're definitely a perfectionist.

The only thing I'm not 100% sure about is the dessert thing. I love dessert. lol


Small Fry called last night. I'm really behind at work and was feeling really sick but answered it anyway. now i'm more behind and still sick. hahahahaha.

she seems disappointed i'm the one picking her up. oy.

Then I realized: I'm going to be alone with a kid I haven't seen in a YEAR and never had a chance to really develop much of a relationship with. WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO???? No wonder she's disappointed.
Did somewhat okay yesterday. Not as well as I'd planned or hoped, but better than the days where I eat donuts and pie. *rolls eyes*

*golean crunch w/milk
*cheese stick
*random leftovers lunch stuff -- some rice thing and some potato thing (wasn't enough of either for me)
*bbq chinese pork and noodles (the last of what i'd made and frozen for hubby, needed to get rid of it before the competition)
*ginger ale (tummy HURT and i was really queasy all night)

We did walk in the a.m., but I didn't get any pilates done due to tummy troubles.

Today's plan is again to walk -- tummy still isn't happy, so pilates is on the shelf again. the cereal for breakfast, something simple for lunch, probably something frozen for dinner (get the stouffer's red box stuff out of there).

hubby weighed in for his competition last night, but he's going to go one more place and get another measurement just to see if last night's was accurate. wooo.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Today marks day 8 with no Pepsi. I did have a root beer float the other day (I know, not exactly diet fare), and forgot (duh) that root beer is SODA, so I did have carbonation, but I am avoiding it pretty much altogether.

And now that my period bloat has gone down some, I can tell a difference and I do feel better. Yay me.

I went for a walk yesterday and did some Pilates the night before.

Today's plan is to eat golean crunch for breakfast, protein and fruit smoothie for lunch, something light for dinner, and do a walk AND pilates at some point this morning.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Mine is entering another competition this week. That means he's been busily intentionally putting on weight (i.e., eating crappy) to improve his chances at winning. This means my own loss goals have somewhat been thwarted. In fact, to the point I gained back all 6 pounds that I'd lost last month.


The good news is that he is starting this week, so we are working our way back to healthier eating. Thank heaven.

The gal who wrote BFL for women says we need to change our vocabulary and not talk about "losing" weight because when you lose something, you want to find it. Rather, she says to "remove" the extra, unhealthy pounds. Dr. Zonnya (motivational speaker) says to "release" it. I like "remove" better because it indicates that you are actively engaged in doing something to get rid of something you don't want, much like I remove spots from clothes or remove myself from unhealthy situations. "Release" to me is a more passive word.

The other thing I've noticed in life is that if you remove something, you have to replace it with something else (except stains on clothes, but you do use tools to do that). But if you're removing a bad habit from your life, you have to replace it with something good, or you create a vacuum and your bad habit will sneak up on you again.

So, I start anew. I choose to remove 50 pounds of fat in the next 12 months and replace the old habits that got me here with living a healthier lifestyle, including walking and moving my body every day and eating healthy foods, and still giving myself permission to eat some chocolate once a month (ha, pms), in order to create my new body. I commit to myself to remove in total, over the next few years, 80 pounds of excess weight, bringing me to a healthier baseline weight of 170 pounds, and I commit to myself to continue healthy living for the rest of my life. I choose to take care of me in this manner, putting my health in the top 3 of my priorities: God first, family second (which includes me and my health, as well as hubby and kidlets), and my career third.
*Are you taller than your mom? Nope. The only person in my family I'm taller than besides the children is mamabear. and maybe dizzy.
*What color is your car? the Beast is gold/tan/rust and the Cruiser is silver.
*What is your ringtone? I have no idea
*Does anything hurt on your body right now? Seriously? my left scapular region has a pinched nerve -- it hurts. I'm also having cramps that are squeezing my low back and pelvis region and making me really grumpy. Bad day for Monkey to wake up with a migraine as I have no patience whatsoever and she is a whiny monkey today.
*What is your favorite video game? Well. I don't really play games. Hubby plays WoW and some other games -- and after watching him play one his brother loaned him which was really gory and has pr0n in it, i don't hate WoW so much ...
*Had a nap today? Not yet. It's only 7 a.m.
*Gold or Silver? Silver
*Is there an animal that creeps you out ? Poisonous snakes. And spiders.
*Who was the last person you rode an elevator with? Hubby in Park City.
*Did you go ice skating as a kid? Nope. Went in high school once. I've taken Monkey a few times though. Probably ought to do that again soon. CC!!!
*Ever had stitches? Finger (gashed it open), various mole excision sites, ankles from surgery, chest from surgery, and I have stainless steel wires still holding onto my sternum.
*Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Pepsi, but I gave it up last week.
*How long ago did you kiss someone? Um ... last night? Kissed hubby at some point but then we got in a tiff. *sigh*
*What's something you want to do before you die? Well, according to that quiz, I've already accomplished 72% of life experience, so I guess I'm done. Just kidding. I'd like to finish a couple of my novels and hopefully get published.
*Have you ever caught something on fire? Intentionally? yeah ...
*Have you ever seen a ghost? No.
*Have you ever seen the northern lights? No.
*Do you know how to use chop sticks? Yes.
*Name something good that happened today. I'm not pregnant??? Does that count? (remember, we decided to get my eyes done before working on the baby front)
*What room are you in? my office at home.
*Are you worried about something you can't control? Probably.
*Ever been in a fight? Yep.
*Ever used a Ouija board? I don't think so ...
*Sweet or Sour? Sweet AND sour.
*Sun or Moon? I like the sun. I like full moons.
*What shoes did you wear today? I didn't. I'm still just in my underwear.
*Favorite eye color of the opposite sex? Brown. *sigh* I love my husband's eyes.
*Most important quality in any relationship? Ability to talk out misunderstandings and help sooth hurt feelings.
*Favorite zombie movie? Don't watch them anymore. They creep me out, man.
*Time of day you were born? I think it was in the evening.
*Do you know your blood type? A-positive
*Do you know how to kill a zombie? Remove it's head/brain
*What would you spend 5,000 dollars on right now if you were handed it? Oy. Pay off the last credit card, put a bit aside for the eye surgery (we have a lot saved in our flex spend account, but we're not sure it'll cover it all), then go spend some at Ikea to help with the organization and decoration of our little house (plus another store for paint to finally do the interior like I've wanted it), buy hubby a new video card, AND go buy baby gear. Anyone wanna give me $5K?
*Did you grow up in the city or country? Well. when I lived in Cedar Hills, it was out in the middle of nowhere ...
*Kisses or sex? Well, I'd have to vote either if they're coming from my husband ... which they darn well better be.
*You have 10 dollars to spend in the dollar store..what do you get? Stuff for the kids.
*Slurpee flavor? I prefer the watermelon slush at sonic, thank you.

Monday, June 4, 2007

guess i'm glad i'm not dead yet

You've Experienced 72% of Life

You have all of the life experience that most adults will ever get.
And unless you're already in your 40s, you're probably wise beyond your years.

y'know, fitting 72% of life experience in a short 31 years ...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pirates 3

So, hubby and I had planned to go to that tonight.

But we didn't. It's early afternoon and we saw it this morning.

Our plans got changed by two things:
1. One of his friends is in a cage fight tonight and we wanted to go and support him.
2. Another one of his friends got free tickets to see Pirates this morning at a private showing through his company, so we crashed the company party and went.

This wouldn't be a problem except I am royally PMSing and have been feeling weird anyway. But his wife chose not to go, so that compounded my weirdness and I ended up feeling like a third wheel. Had I known she was going to bail, I would have reconsidered going myself.

I probably would still have gone.

Come on. It's Pirates.

Hubby has known this guy for like 14 or 15 years. He's 29-1/2 right now. Yeah. I felt "new" and in the way part of the time. Neither of them were doing anything mean or weird, just talking about people they both know/knew ... including the evil ex and the friend of hubby's who loved her.


Some days ...

ANYWAY. The movie ROCKED. Flying monkeys, secret plans, betrayals, trust being broken, angry goddesses (which I totally knew who that was), action, drama, dead people not really being dead, psycho LSD dream sequences, Depp/Bloom ... it was good.

We did *not* stay for the closing credits. Hubby indulged me for #2, but hubby's friend wouldn't for #3. so ... yeah. we left.