Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Okay, my job sucks sometimes, but at least it will *never* be this bad. Note: My boss denied emergency PTO this week for custody-related issues. I have been burnt out ever since. My job is still *not* this bad.


Are you having a "jellyfish bad day"?

If you don't laugh out loud after you read this, you may be in a coma!
This is even funnier when you realize it's real! Next time you have a
bad day at work ... think of this guy:

Rob is a commercial saturation diver for Global Divers in Louisiana.
He performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs. Below is an
E-mail he sent to his sister. She then sent it to radio station 103.2
On FM dial in Ft. Wayne , Indiana , which was sponsoring a Worst Job Experience Contest. Needless to say, she won.

Hi Sis,

Just another note from your bottom-dwelling brother. Last week I had a
bad day at the office. I know you've been feeling down lately at
work, so I thought I would share my dilemma with you to make you realize
it's not so bad after all. Before I can tell you what happened to me, I
first must bore you with a few technicalities of my job.

As you know, my office lies at the bottom of the sea. I wear a suit
to the office. It's a wetsuit. This time of year the water is quite cool.
So what we do to keep warm is this: We have a diesel powered
industrial water heater. This $20,000 piece of equipment sucks the water out of
the sea. It heats it to a delightful temperature. It then pumps it down to the
diver through a garden hose, which is taped to the air hose. Now this
sounds like a darn good plan, and I've used it several times with no
complaints. What I do, when I get to the bottom and start working, is
take the hose and stuff it down the back of my wetsuit. This floods
my whole suit with warm water. It's like working in a Jacuzzi.

Everything was going well until all of a sudden, my butt started to
itch. So, of course, I scratched it. This only made things worse.
Within a few seconds my butt started to burn. I pulled the hose out
from my back, but the damage was done. In agony I realized what had

The hot water machine had sucked up a jellyfish and pumped it into my
suit. Now, since I don't have any hair on my back, the jellyfish
couldn't stick to it. However, the crack of my butt was not as fortunate.
When I scratched what I thought was an itch, I was actually grinding
the jellyfish into the crack of my butt.

I informed the dive supervisor of my dilemma over the communicator.
His instructions were unclear due to the fact that he, along with five
other divers, were all laughing hysterically.

Needless to say I aborted the dive. I was instructed to make three
agonizing in-water decompression stops totaling thirty-five minutes
before I could reach the surface to begin my chamber dry decompression.
When I arrived at the surface, I was wearing nothing but my brass helmet.
As I climbed out of the water, the medic, with tears of laughter running
down his face, handed me a tube of cream and told me to rub it on my
butt as soon as I got in the chamber. The cream put the fire out, but
I couldn't poop for two days because my butt was swollen shut.

So, next time you're having a bad day at work, think about how much
worse it would be if you had a jellyfish shoved up your butt. Now repeat to yourself, "I love my job, I love my job, I love my job." Now whenever you have a bad day, ask yourself, is this a jellyfish bad day?

May you NEVER have a jelly fish bad day!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Monday!

Oh ... hysterical. I completely forgot about the little elouai doll I made last week and the fact that I said I want my hair cut like that until this morning, when I came to my blog to post what I did this weekend ... and then I started giggling.

I dyed my hair black Saturday night. It sure got hubby's attention. He lurves it.

Okay, so I didn't cut it short. I probably won't for a LONG time cut it short, but it *is* black.

See, Friday I put my hair up to go run some errands and then looked at the back of my head in the mirror ... and saw ROOTS. Like ... the blonde and red highlights had grown out and there were ROOTS. And decided they had to go away. And thought about cutting it, but remembered hubby likes long hair (because, well, he's a man), and remembering the talk we had about WHY Polynesian men want their women to keep long hair. It's a status symbol for both man and woman if her hair is kept long. Well, my hair is past my shoulders, but I thought that he wanted me to have super duper long hair, like down to my butt long hair. So while we were at the grocery store, I brought it up and mentioned that my stylist had suggested I get extensions. He was like, "No! Your hair is the perfect length!" hehehe ... he insists he's said that before, but somehow I missed it.

Anyway. Saturday, while he was "napping" before our date, I went over to Walmart and got a box of black dye, picked up some videos, made dinner, watched Zoom with munchkin (cute show), put kiddo to bed, then dyed my hair, had a bubble bath, shaved my legs, and blowed my hair out straight ... he woke up and he was like ... "Wow, you look good." Yeah ... totally worth it.

And so many people commented on it at church -- mostly women, but my home teacher (!) said something too. He's sort of ... metrosexual ... yeah. That's a good word for him.

So, there's my weekend. Dyed my hair, wowed hubby, spent time with kiddo, went to church, and now it's Monday and I'm back to work. Again.

Zoom was good -- I really enjoy Tim Allen. And Courtney Cox was funny -- even if she did remind me of Monica, which character was my *least* favorite on Friends when I did watch it.

p.s. I think I'm going to look for a new job. Except Saturday marked my 4th anniversary and that means I now accrue nearly 7-1/2 hours of PTO every 2-week pay period. so, it's still a toss up, but i really hated last week at work.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Yep! Friday Fave Five!!!!

No theme this week, just random thoughts.

1. Airborne, pink grapefruit flavor. Any time hubby or kiddo get the sniffles, I'm guzzling this stuff, and I haven't gotten sick nearly as much as them ... even with copious amounts of making out with hubby. Skip the other flavors though, esp. the hot apple whatever ick.

2. Paying off debt and building savings. Still working on this miss frugal thing, but talking with frugal people and reading books have helped a ton lately.

3. Baskin Robbins sugar free candies. Aspartame free hard candy goodness. Helping my sweet tooth a LOT.

4. Lysol spray in Crisp Linen scent, and Lysol foaming cleanser. Keeps the bathroom squeaky clean when I'm only up to spraying rinsing, and not scrubbing. Picked up the cleanser at Costco -- love the stuf.

5. COOKIES! My lurve sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies and PB choc bars ... see item #3 for combating this problem.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is truly frightening in its accuracy.

Your Love Life Secrets Are

Looking back on your life, you will only have one true love.

You're a little scarred from your past relationships, but who isn't?

You expect a lot from your lover - you want the full package. You tend to be very picky.

In fights, you are able to walk away and calm down. You are able to weather the storm.

Break-ups can be painful for you, but you never show it. You hold your head high.

After I posted yesterday, I did shower and got dressed (with a BRA!!!) and did my face and hair. After picking up munchkin from the bus stop, a friend came over and we went for another walk. Hubby came home before we got back, and, well, after dinner I told him how I'd been feeling and WHY, and that I need to hear him still tell me I'm beautiful and sexy and stuff ...... y'know what? He's a great guy and told me all that ... repeatedly ... We had a good talk. :) Anyway. I do feel much more sexy today. So ...

The irony is this, my yahoo! horoscope today: You are feeling good, and your intense positive energy is boosting your sex appeal.

That's for dang sure. Woooo! lol

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy 50th post!

So, I had a really bad morning this morning. Until I figured out why. Bad body image.

I saw my first boyfriend at Wal-Mart yesterday. He didn't see me and I definitely didn't say anything to him -- it felt weird to see the first guy who ever saw me naked, esp. since I now weigh 100 pounds more than I did way back then (13 years ago). Yeah. That was weird. After I drove out of the parking lot, I didn't think another thought about it until this morning.

But I probably should have told hubby, especially considering some girls at work are hitting on him again. He feels guilty every time and tells me about it, which is okay (I'd rather know than not, and it's an indication he's not gonna cheat 'cuz he's letting me know it happened and made him uncomfortable). But then this morning, I got feeling all ... fat.

So, I clocked out of work and swiped kiddo's MP3 player (*note* must get hubby to take off some of those rated R songs!) and went for a walk twice around the neighborhood, then instead of OD'ing on leftover garlic mashed potatoes for lunch, I made a turkey sammy on whole wheat bread with butter lettuce, a thinly sliced gala apple, and mustard ... so good ... whoa.

Now I'm getting back to work and feeling better. The surgery sort of took the sexy out of me -- couldn't wear normal bras for a long time, and they still hurt sometimes, and I was wearing bras that made me FLAT up top (which is soooooooo not normal). And, well, try feeling sexy when you have a migraine or are in so much pain or so tired you cry all the time. Yeah ... But here I am, married to this amazing guy who loved me through it all ... And I fully intend to continue bringing SEXY me back into the bedroom for my husband instead of feeling frumpy and never bothering with my hair and/or makeup.

and this cracked me up. i sure hope i get to keep him! hehehehehehe.

You Are 49% Scary

You're a pretty normal, nice girl... but you definitely have your scary moments.
As long as you acknowledge them and apologize, you'll probably keep your guy around.

this also cracked me up. between this and the above, one might think I'm schizophrenic. and so am I.

You are White Chocolate

You have a strong feminine side with a good bit of innocence thrown in.
Whether your girlish ways are an act or not, men like to take care of you.
You are an understated beauty, and your power is often underestimated!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today is my day "off". I told hubby only a few of the things on the following list that need to get done (they are the double starred items). He kind of freaked out and instructed me not to wear myself out. I told him I was going to sleep as soon as I got home.

**Drop by Macey's grocery store and pick up any on-sale meat we can use (they mark it down the morning before the day it must sell -- we freeze it and are saving money this way)
**Wally's -- must pick up RX so I can go to the dentist (my heart condition requires I take antibiotics before any dental work); also need cake mix to make cake for hubby's home teaching family (mom has a birthday today)
**Social Security office -- must change name so I can file my taxes
*Sister's house -- pick up step-daughter's flower girl dress from the wedding
*Xpedx -- need envelopes so i might actually mail the thank yous from the wedding
**Dentist -- need to get a permanent crown today
**Post Office -- ship box to step-daughter, which box will include her Valentine's presents from us; also ship squishes to alana and mail the bills
*Bank -- Kiddo lost two teeth last week, needs to put half of her tooth fairy money in savings; also need to deposit money from hubby to cover a check he had me write over the weekend
*Library -- drop off books
*Home: Make the cake and go to bed

erm, yeah. that sounds like a day off to me. ha. when i'm conscious again, i'll let you know how it went.

Monday, February 19, 2007

how did my kid get to be such a smart aleck? i asked her to bring me a box of kleenex (office ran out), so she found another *empty* box to bring me. lol

in other news, i was asked to sing a solo at a relief society enrichment thing in march. went over it with my pianist last night and while it's actually pitched for an alto, it is lower than i've sung in a long time -- which is fine. this ward is convinced i'm really a soprano, but i always had to sing second alto in school. my range used to be a lot bigger on both ends of the spectrum, but stupid smoking shrunk it by about two thirds of an octave on top and didn't give me any more at the bottom. however, as i've gotten older and been in wards without good sopranos, i feel a lot more comfy singing soprano. so i'm looking forward to singing this piece.

my accompanist is a single mom -- and i've known her for about two years. i'm the only person in our ward aside from her home teachers and visiting teachers whom she's let in her house. ever. why? 'cuz she's a single working mom and it's a disaster. i'm quite familiar with that. heck, i'm now a married working mom and have a disaster. granted, my husband helps out (and thankfully so), but my office is still a wreck. it's been worse though, but needs about an hour which i don't want to give. lol anyway. we ended up chatting for a while instead of practicing, but i think we both needed to talk. our ward is a lot of size 2 barbies with perfect clothes, perfect houses, perfect husbands, etc. etc. etc. They're mostly newlyweds, too. my accompanist worked VERY hard last year and lost 40 pounds (and she looks amazing!), but neither one of us will ever be a size 2. It feels like we're aliens in this ward to some extent. So, it was good to talk with her and bond with her a bit. Her home teachers were there when I got there and as they were leaving, they told me another Polynesian brother just moved into the ward. He used to play football for BYU. So, maybe somebody else in the ward for hubby to get along with and maybe not feel so out of place. Palangi wards are very different from Polys, and he's felt lost since he moved in.

in other news ... i'm pregnant.

HA! gotcha. i'm not really. but hubby's home teaching companions wife IS, and they just had a miscarriage in December -- she kept waiting for a period afterward and never had one ... oy.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Fave Five!!!

Another theme.

1. Roses. See Valentine's Day.

2. Chocolates. Even from different countries, like the chocolate-covered ground sesame candy bar hubby brought home from the Asian market.

3. Dinner. Even if it's something from Stouffer's. If hubby takes care of dinner, I like it. Which, Tuesday this week, he came home with a huge lasagne and said, "I had a feeling I needed to take care of dinner tonight." And he did.

4. Lunch. Even if it's something from Stouffer's. He brought me a whole bunch of Lean Cuisines (which he gets cheap at work -- anything from Nestle/Stouffer's). I like the french bread pizzas and a few varieties of the meals -- just not the Mexican dishes, which is weird, since I lurve Mexican food. But the beef portabello, turkey dinner, and swedish meatballs are good. and it helps to have something in the freezer I can pop in the microwave and not really interrupt work with making.

5. Chinese pork. I realize I made this, but I made it *with* hubby. Cantonese pork is now going to be something I make fairly frequently. We liked it that much.

Yes, I do get agitated with my sweet husband at times, but he is my favorite person. *mush* And when I remember all those wonderful things he does for me, with me, and to me ... rowr. The agitation melts away and I rather enjoy life again.

So ... there you go. My 5 favorite things this week revolve around my husband. Who will be waiting up for me tonight, so I'd better get work done. rowr.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My second Monday for the week.

So, the new weekend rotation goes into play this week. So, I had yesterday off, will work the next 5 days in a row, have Tuesday off, then work 3 more days before my next weekend.

Valentine's Day was awesome for the first time ... Ever. My hubby is great. We're budgeting pretty tightly right now, trying to pay off about 8K more debt this year (we've already paid off close to 2K since we got married 6 months ago) so all we'll have left is the house and the car and he can go back to school. (We want to sell the car and get something cheap for him to commute in, but we're still stuck in the loan -- might try to refi it AND the house this spring). Anyway. We decided to be pretty low-key and just hang out together. Well. Lark and I had taken various colors of paper and cut various sized hearts out of the paper and after he left for the dentist first thing in the a.m., we plastered the wall above our bed and our bedroom door with them. (if I had a power cord for my camera, I'd add photos but I don't. :P). And I'd picked up a few little things, like a cheesy martial arts film which he wanted to watch but it was really really bad so I think we only watched about 10 or 15 minutes of. He ran to the Asian market for me after he went to the dentist, so it was alllllll done by the time he got home, and he was very surprised. And felt lame that all he'd gotten for me was a candy bar (but later bought me a beautiful single red rose, which totally made both of us feel better). So, we spent the day together. It was amazing. I started marinating some pork roast for a Cantonese bbq pork he likes, and then I tried to have a nap in the afternoon to get me ready so I could finish making dinner. As soon as I started falling asleep, my sister called. And then after her call, hubby was zonked out and I didn't have time to sleep before it was time to get kidlet from school. So, no nappy.

Since the surgery (and before it, actually), I've needed a nap pretty much every single day. Every time I've tried to have a nap lately, I get woken up. Whether it's the phone or the kid or the husband or the door ... something wakes me up. So, after dinner (which was awesome, if I do say so myself), being extremely fatigued last night to the point I almost fell asleep at our friends' house after dropping off cookies to them, I thought I'd fall right to sleep. No such luck. Tossing and turning and crying from exhaustion, hubby thought I was mad at him and I just wanted to drive away or fall asleep and never wake up. lol. Not really, but I did WANT to sleep.

He finally came to bed after finishing something on his internet videogame, and we talked and he passed out. I finally fell asleep around 10:45. When he left for work at 2:15 this morning, though, he brought the garbage can from the street into the garage and it sounded like he'd fallen down the stairs, so I was awake again. But I was able to get back to sleep by 3 ... and then didn't wake up until almost 7. I'm already 3 hours behind on work, and very very frustrated, and I'm still going to have to have a nap later.

So, my plan for the napping sitch is to do it while kiddo is at school and hubby is at work and unplug all the phones. And if I still get woken up, whoever does it is getting an earful.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Monday ...

Insomnia sucks. I know I said I'd quit complaining about my lack of sleep, but actually ... hubby has insomnia. I slept fine, but woke up every two hours because of his insomnia. Yeah. Way fun.

So after I finally got up this morning (two hours late) the internet was acting all weird. I got into the VPN for work and was able to work, but couldn't browse ANY websites (including for work for research). A few hours later, the internet crashed entirely, so I checked our closet that houses the equipment for our internet, and found that their equipment was falling off the wall and unplugged itself. So, I plugged it back in, taped it to the wall (and sent hubby for duct tape, which I later copiously applied), and voila! Internet works again.

So, now hubby is home, and completely passed out since he didn't sleep last night. Wooo. I'm just trying to make it through the next couple hours before I can join him in the passing out thing. Hope I can get up on time tomorrow, since I have to work 10 hours since my "random" off day this week is Wednesday. Wooo.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Does it really count as pulling an all nighter if you did sleep for two whole hours?

I dunno. My internet went out Friday morning and I was having horrible cramps all day, so I ended up having a one-hour nap in the afternoon, then back to work until Munchkin got home from a birthday party, then cuddles and bedtime, then back to work again until I started falling asleep at the computer. Hubby had passed out when he got home from work, but woke up as I was getting ready for bed. So, with a promise he'd come back to bed in a couple hours and a peck on the cheek, I fell asleep for two hours. Had a really weird dream where someone was trying to kill me psychically (yeah, apparently I had psychic powers in my dream) and I thought I was winning, when someone else started telling me, "it's a dream! she's winning! wake up!" so I did. Couldn't fall back asleep and hubby had decided not to come back to bed after all (he was cleaning!), so after we had a discussion on how hard messed up sleep is on me, I came back to work at around 2:30 this morning and just now finished at almost 6:30 a.m.

I'm going to try and go back to bed now. Hopefully Monster lets me sleep some. Wooo.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Friday Fave Five!

This week we have a theme.

1. Electric heating pads and microwaveable rice packs or hot water bottles. Helps with cramps.

2. Fun-flavor chocolate chips. Nestle came out with caramel, peanut butter, mint, etc., swirled chocolate chips. Because hubby works for Nestle at the Stouffer's plant, he gets them for a steal.

3. Plain old walmart pretzels. Salt. Sugar. Salt. Sugar. Hush.

4. Midol. Not extra-strength though. That stuff is crap -- it is *only* naproxen sodium (Aleve), and does not contain the caffeine and diuretic regular Midol has. GRRR.

5. Playtex tampons, regular size, no deodorant.

If I could make a "PMS survival kit," it would include the above (only, the chocolate could be M&Ms or Dove bars or something and the pretzels could be anything salty -- nuts, chips, etc.), a box of tissues, bubble bath, a bottle of spring water, and a hug from a hawt man. Oh, and there would be two versions: One with angry girl music and Kill Bill, and another with mellow music and Alex&Emma (or something similar).

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

So, my supervisor is pretty cool. I never did blame her for the changes going on, as I know it's not her fault, and she was pretty patient with me about taking my time on choosing what schedule I wanted. She explained the new shift could either mean EVERY saturday, or EVERY sunday, OR one Saturday and Sunday a month. I decided on the latter, so the third weekend of every month, I'm on. Then I have random days off in the week before and after the weekend. So, I've realized this is actually a good thing -- the things that don't get done during the week (errands especially) because I never have time can now be done on my day off instead of messing with my work schedule. So, yay.

Hubby and I were back at the dentist yesterday. I got a temporary crown. He got the first half of his periodontal disease treatment. He goes in on Valentine's Day for the other half, but he has the day off and so do I, so even though he'll be numb and in pain for part of the day, we'll still be together. Then I work that weekend as my first rotation.

The only real problem I can see is that sometimes hubby has a 5-day weekend -- which, sadly enough, sometimes falls during my weekend I'm required to work. we'll get through it. *sigh*

Monday, February 5, 2007

The latest from the Evil Empire.

I've worked Monday through Friday for 2-1/2 years, and I almost always also put in time on Saturdays as well. Last week, I worked VERY hard in 5 days, got my goal, and took a full weekend for the first time probably since I got back to full time after my surgery.

So today, I went to the temple this morning, felt all at peace, got home, and found this email in my inbox. "We are going to have to move to weekend rotation for all of our M-F MTs. It used to be that we received much less work on the weekends but this is no longer the case and our weekend TAT is horrible, so we have to adjust for this."

Basically, I've been told for 6 months that I can't change my schedule to hours that will work better for my family because they didn't have anyone to cover my accounts, then they changed my accounts and I still couldn't change my schedule, and now ... I have to work weekends, which is bad for my family, especially since my sweet husband works almost every saturday.


Pardon me while I go cry.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Did that really happen?

I woke up the other day thinking, "I didn't really just have major surgery 6-1/2 months ago. I'm fine! No problems! It was all a dream, right? I mean, sure I have this scar, but nothing was ever really wrong with me. RIGHT?" I think that every once in a while. Then I move just wrong or do something outside my abilities and realize ... it really was real. This is a list of things I can't do still, which I'm hoping gets better, as well as a list of things I couldn't do right after the surgery or even a month or two ago, but I am now able to do just fine.


Things I can't do right now:

1. Pick up my daughter. It hurts.

2. Go to the grocery store. I am unable to push a cart even for 15 minutes without becoming extremely fatigued and ready for bed (especially when said daughter is wiggling all over the place, making the cart harder to steer -- had to tell her to get down. at least twice). Thus, I will be sending my husband for the rest of the groceries.

3. Sneezing still hurts. Wish hubby could do THAT for me.

4. Open and close buckets of flour, rice, sugar, etc. Hubby has been great to do this for me.

5. Change laundry. I can't pull the wet towels or jeans out of the washer and move them to the dryer.

6. Vacuum. Hubby to the rescue.

7. Put laundry away. The hanging-up kind is too heavy. I do help put some of it away, but once again, my sweet husband is rescuing me and our house.


Things I can do:

1. I can exercise for 20-30 minutes at a time without pain or fatigue. It is odd to me that I can do this, but grocery shopping is out of the question. But, I believe this is because I am not lifting weights or trying to push anything or fighting with a kid about whether or not they can ride in the cart.

2. "Be" with my husband. Rowr.

3. Play the piano. Good thing, since my church calling is Relief Society pianist.

4. Drive. Seeing as I couldn't for 6 weeks after the surgery, this is still amazing to me.

5. I made bread last night. Wooo! I can cook -- it's just hard to open and close certain things, and I sometimes have to get hubby to help.

6. Work 42-45 hours a week. yay! We might not be broke for much longer.

7. Clean bathrooms. I don't know that this is anything to celebrate, except I like having clean toilets.
Friday Fave Five!!!

1. Homemade chicken noodle soup -- with homemade noodles. Tried it for the first time this week. Lurve that stuff. Making it again tonight to take it to the neighbors who had a baby last week via C-section.

2. Homemade half whole-wheat bread. I used to make it all the time, but haven't for a while. Had energy last night, so I made some to accompany the soup. We're having some for dinner too, and I had enough to put some of the dough in the freezer for later. (need to pick up some apples and dessert or something to round out the meal)

3. Udderly Smooth Udder Cream. It is a great hand cream. We gave one to Munchkin's teacher for Christmas and she adores it, too. Bought it at Wally's in the "cosmetics" area where they keep the body lotions and sunscreens and stuff, not in the nail care or body care aisles.

4. I'm finally enjoying the accounts my boss changed me to back in November, essentially giving me a pay cut right before Christmas. But yesterday rocked, this whole last week has been really good, and even though I wore myself out making bread and muffins last night, the heating pad and Pepsi and the fact that I no longer hate my job are keeping me going.

5. Oxiclean. Okay, possibly another TMI moment, but my folks were here for a month this summer, and I don't know how the heck it happened, but my towels in the master bath got kind of ... stinky. We bought more with some of the cash from the wedding, because two people need more than 4 bath towels (we have "pink" towels for other reasons), but they were all just still ... smelling. So, we started dumping a scoop of Oxiclean in with them and Voila! NO MORE STINKETH. So, when I needed to wash Kidlet's winter coat, which had a hard time not being smelly all last winter, I put in a bunch of Oxiclean in with it, too, and it ceased to be stinky as well. I buy it at costco in a 14-pound box and use it in *every* load of laundry now.
Oops. Editing the ABC thing.

C: cake or pie? cake usually, sometimes I crave berry pies, and when I was pregnant with munchkin (and, oddly enough, when I got home from the hospital this summer), I craved those lemon hostess pies or lemon meringue or anything lemon and pie.

I: indulgence? sleeping in until 5 a.m. I know, I know. That's still pretty darn early. but not when your husband gets up at 2 or 3 to work out and go to work. hehehhehe.

W: worst habit? Teasing. Specifically, teasing my sweet husband ... who hates being teased. This may not even be my worst, but it is the one I'm currently trying to break.

More weird dreams (and this might just darn well be TMI toward the end): I dreamt my uncle and aunt divorced, that my uncle moved to utah and married some woman I've seen at church (who is also married, btw), and she was trying to make him a suave dude instead of a country hick boy. (I just realized the chick in my ward probably has similar hair to said aunt when she was younger and was subconsciously reminding me of her, so that explains that, right?). I also dreamt my "rich" cousin inherited his richness from his dad (HA! his dad is a firefighter/paramedic or something -- btw, two different families) and that I was at their house with some people from my ward, my parents, and my munchkin, and that I had to go to the bathroom really bad 'cuz I needed to get home to hubby but knew I couldn't make it from Mapleton to PG without wetting my pants, but the toilets were all being used. Eventually, I woke up enough to go, "D'oh! I really hafta to potty!" I hate those dreams where I dream I *hafta* use a bathroom *now* and then I get there and is skody, broken, or someone's using it -- and then I wake up and realize I've gotta really pee, it wasn't just a dream. I've even had dreams I've even grabbed a bucket and tried to pee in it (yup, in public!!!), but never could do so. I guess that's better than wetting the bed. Hubby would probably agree with that, too. ;)

Thursday, February 1, 2007

it's Feb. 1st and i got a new poll - dang sister tagged me back!!!

A - available or taken: Taken
B - best friend: ooo, toughie. Moe. then G, H, and SA probably
C - cake or pie:
D - drink of choice: One Pepsi first thing in the morning, then water throughout the day
E - essential item you use everyday: Chapstick
F - favorite color: Blue and green
G - gummy bears or worms: Chocolate covered gummy bears, hello!
H - hometown: American Fork, Utah.
I - indulgence:
J - January or February: February. It's not as cold and I'm not in as much pain. Plus Valentine's Day trumps MLKJ.
K - kid's names: Cassandra Michelle and Rayda Lark.
L - life incomplete without: the Gospel, family, and friends
M - marriage date: August 30, 2006
N - number of siblings: there are six of us; i'm fifth, two sisters, two brothers, and one young brother
O - oranges or apples: Probably apples, unless we're talking juice. then it's orange.
P - phobias or fears: Heights. Just looking at ferris wheels still scares me and reminds me of Alana. "We are on an outing ..." "let's rock the car!" "I have to PEEEEE!!"
Q - favorite quote: If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.
R - reason to smile: My husband.
S - season: spring! Means winter's over.
T - tag 3 people: cc, kip, cupcake! (except I can't comment on kip's blog, so when you read this, tag yer it!)
U - unknown fact about me: I have a tooth that is half fake in the front.
V - veggie I don't like: hm... anything that churns my stomach ... including celery.
W - worst habit: Teasing.
X - rays: Bilateral ankles, bilateral feet, chest (which is fun, 'cuz there's wires to count!)
Y - your favorite food: Italian and Mexican. I guess I'm a fan of tomato sauces and cheeses. Next week, though, it'll be anything salty and chocolaty. *pms*
Z - zodiac: Taurus. And I am a bit stubborn.