Sunday, January 31, 2010


I finished off the January project goals today by making the rest of the prizes for the fitness challenge.

Chap stick or lip gloss holders. They attach to your keys so you quit losing your lip stuff! They are a bit wider and longer than the original ones I did, to accommodate a wider range of lip products. I also made them all the same instead of custom colors because I've found that they get grungy pretty quickly when actually in use on key chains. They'll be shipped tomorrow, except for Kaje's. Hers I'm holding for ransom until she and I actually make it together for lunch! They're also just about long enough to hold a pen or two instead, if you don't even use lip balm, but really ... almost everyone I know does!

I actually made six instead of four: Two are going to a couple of ladies I know who are both going through a rough patch lately.

(Spam: I do sell these for $5 each. If you're interested, let me know.)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

If you want a surprise, Mom, DON'T LOOK!!!!

My mom won the fitness challenge I did last year.

I promised a "knot bag" to the winner.

We went shopping for fabric together the next time she came down.

It's been sitting in my "to do" pile forever.

By the time I went to cut it out, my pattern had mysteriously disappeared. So I went to the blog where I got it.

She'd taken it down, since she was now selling them for profit.


I found another knot bag, much bigger, and padded. It'll be a good knitting or project bag for my mom.

Here it is!

One handle is supposed to be longer than the other.

The lining -- it has lots of pockets.

All knotted up.

YAY! Another thing off my "to-do" list!

Saturday is a special day

It's the day we clean up puuuuuke.

And that's my day!

Little Mister has really been quite pleasant in between episodes. It's actually been a fairly stressful week, which is why I haven't been around so much. Financial problems, sick toddler who won't let me do anything without him being held by me, sciatic nerve all pinched off ... I'm feeling a tad better today and started working on some things that really need to get done. So far today, in addition to cleaning up messes and starting various loads of laundry, I've been able to:

1. Hem a fleece blanket for Little Mister. Remember that car fabric remnant Steph? Yeah, it's been sitting in a closet for quite a while. I pulled it out this week and he immediately started hugging it and playing with it. Since I finished it, he's been running around with it tied around his shoulders. So cute.
2. Finished 6 prefold diapers to go to an orphanage in Haiti, through a gal I know on a sewing website (actually, the same sewing website I used to be on but left for a long time. I went back). For more info on the diaper project, go here. These are upcycled from a sheet set.
3. I fixed a nighttime diaper cover for the boy.
4. I started on a bag for my mom.

Hoping to get the bag done and a couple of daytime diapers done, and maybe lip gloss holders for the other participants in the fitness challenge.

We've been in disposable diapers since October when he outgrew what I had done for him and I got pregnant, but we really can't afford sposies for one kid, let alone two, and I have all these diaper making supplies already here and paid for, so I'm getting back into making them. Found a couple of easy, fast, and free patterns that will help them go faster, too, so that's awesome.

I've gotten some other projects done this month, though don't have pictures of all of them. I did get the skirt done for kiddo and my remaining two pay it forwards, a "practice" bag which I decided to keep because it's sort of messed up (and now I need to go buy more fabric to do it again), plus a pair of footed PJ bottoms for Little Mister. The only pic I have of any of that is this one of a set of juggling balls and a matching bag.

I'm on target for my goals, so that's a plus.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dental Work

So, when I'm pregnant I have a MUCH harder time brushing twice a day (though usually manage at least mornings) and flossing ... ever ... serious gag factor. I've been trying to get in for a cleaning for a month because I know just how bad off my teeth are, but we've been sick a lot so I've had to reschedule.

Each time I've rescheduled, the husband has done a little celebratory dance.

The husband didn't grow up in a home where dental hygiene was important, so the first few times I dragged him (kicking and screaming) to the dentist were torture. He had to have a root canal in the first 6 months of our marriage; you would think that would make him understand how important regular cleanings are! My husband will not go to the dentist without me anymore and will only go WITH me these days because he has to watch our son, even though his cleanings are only 30 minutes!

At any rate, the hygienist told me he has very strong teeth and didn't have any cavities, though his gums are a wreck and he needs to take better care of the gums so he can keep his teeth. He figures he'll be like his dad: Late 60s, half his teeth rotting out of his head, abscesses ... I told him no, he was MY husband and I expected some cooperation out of him so he can stay in good health longer. He finally agreed -- we'll see if he follows through or was just agreeing to get me off his back.

I, on the other hand, have three cavities and have to get them filled on Monday. Not looking forward to it, but I guess I'll put my big girl panties on and show the husband how it's done.

Something Sad

Kiddo told me last night that a kid she knows indicated that their step-father is abusive to them when mom isn't around and that they are afraid to go home when he's there and mom isn't.

We talked about it for a bit and she said she'd told the person to tell their mom, but the child is afraid to because they think they'll get beaten more. The sad thing is, the kid could be right.

I'm not close to this person and, in fact, have always thought they are sort of a twit. One example: The kid once told my daughter there was something wrong with ME because I don't let kiddo walk alone to and from the bus stop 1/2 mile from our house. You bet I'm paranoid about kidnappers and other creeps. There are registered sex offenders everywhere, and many more who just haven't been caught yet. So, I'm protective. That's part of my job as a mother. Another example: The kid told my daughter that no one likes her and everyone just feels sorry for her. Honestly, I think that's a bit of projection.

Even though I may have thought this kid is a twit, NO ONE deserves to be abused. And perhaps that abuse is why they behave the way they do.

I've done the right thing; I know I have. It just really depresses me. More and more stories of step-parents and/or parents abusing their children are coming to light, and it makes me cry.

The last time I had to do the right thing, I'd witnessed the abuse and reported it. Investigators questioned the young teen and they denied it had ever happened. I know they didn't want their parent in trouble, but abuse is NEVER okay.

After a lot of thought, I realized something else: I'm so thankful my daughter knew enough to tell the kid what the first step should be, and that when they refused, that kiddo trusted me enough to come forward and tell me what's going on. She knows abuse is wrong and is very worried about this child, and is thankful we did the right thing. We also discussed not telling the kid that it was us so we could protect them AND my daughter as best possible. And I hope and pray that my daughter keeps her head on straight and avoids abusers in every way, shape, and form as she gets older and develops deeper relationships.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. Shopped some good grocery sales today and we are set for a little bit. Didn't do quite as well at staying in budget, but we were out of a lot of stuff. Like toilet paper. And the husband begged me to go back to Costco and get the kind he likes instead of the stuff I found on sale, which wasn't bad or thin or anything, just not what he wanted. Done. He loves me again. (not like he ever didn't, just saying.)

2. Had a horrible day Wednesday and found out our refi isn't going through after all. But we think we can pay off the car with our tax return and save some money there, waiting to trade it in for a van until the extended warranty is about out. So that's a good thing.

3. I got most of the laundry put away today and it is almost all caught up being washed/dried. That is a win any day of the week.

4. The husband told me the reason he hasn't been eating the fruit I buy that he requests: I put it in the fridge so it doesn't go bad as fast, but that makes his teeth cold. Grabbed a glass bowl out of the counter, put the fruit in it, and it's disappearing. Way to not waste money.

5. Little Mister is getting more vocal and easier to understand. Except for the 15-minute "mad at mommy" baby cursing episode tonight when I put him to bed. And I'm glad I didn't understand any of that. But he says things like cookie, cracker, go-go, please, juice, "switch" (his code for nursing), "my-my" for night-night and bye-bye, and bite (a new word for him meaning he wants some of whatever food or drink you are consuming). He's also learned that saying "No!" and waving his hand or shaking his head are sufficient ways to let us know he doesn't want whatever we're eating or doing instead of screaming his head off. Much more pleasant.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had a sudden nostalgia for my crappy little apartment from which Kiddo and I moved just about 5 years ago.

It was a two-bedroom one-bath place, small kitchen, no dishwasher, and really wasn't big enough for us. The whole apartment could fit in our current great room.

We lived there for over a year and had shared an apartment the exact same size with Kaje and her son for about 9 months, so two years total in that size space.

I seem to remember having less clutter, less mess, and generally less to do. Keeping it clean wasn't as hard as this place is -- and our condo isn't that big! We just have too much junk and all of us get overwhelmed with the amount of STUFF there is.

Not that I want to move back there (it really wouldn't work for our family now), but I'm really seeing the value in getting rid of stuff we don't use or need. Simplifying what we have. Using the oodles of fabric I have in various places throughout the house. Getting rid of fabric and yarn I'm not going to use and projects I'm not going to finish. Toys and books the kids don't use/read. Clothes that are too small. Stuff the husband has collected over the years, including spare computer parts, though I'll have a harder time convincing him of that.

Aside from tossing everything we have, we also need to be better at organizing everything we do keep. I need some way to store toys better (empty diaper boxes aren't cutting it) and a bigger bookcase and nicer desk for kiddo's room.

I also need serious help getting the garage under control. I had it cleaned out really well, but again, clutter has taken over!

Maybe someday I'll get everything done.

And then it will be time to move.

Monday, January 18, 2010

"I hope you're having a girl..."

"because baby boys pee everywhere too much." -- Kiddo

Yeah ... not so much. A lot of baby boys do pee every time (or nearly every time) you change their bottoms. Little Mister, aside from a few good aims when he was tiny, doesn't really pee everywhere, though one of those good aims did hit her. Kiddo flooded much more often as a baby. The good news is she is back to helping me by changing wet diapers here and there. Yay.

I've been sick (again) and woke up yesterday really dizzy. I almost tipped over three times between my bed and the potty, about 7 feet apart. Yeah, we didn't go to church and I spent most of the day in bed. I'm finally feeling a lot better from that and the virus that has been kicking my butt lately, to the point I got dressed and put on mascara and eyebrow pencil this morning! Kiddo then asked where we were going. I guess I've been living in my PJs too much.

I have been craving salt like crazy lately. I made Simple Sesame Noodles for lunch yesterday and between that and "soy pork" (I just chopped up pork into bite sized pieces, coated them in a lot of soy sauce, and cooked until they were done and the soy was slightly sticky), I am no longer craving salt. Awesome.

Except now I want cinnamon rolls. I hear these are the best, but when I'm finally feeling like making them, I will make the icing a bit differently, i.e., no coffee and vanilla instead of maple flavoring.

I have been working on my crafting goals and will update at the end of the month.

Off to change a poopy butt. Kiddo won't change those.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. Unexpected blessings... Not going to get into too many details, but we've had some huge blessings lately that have reminded me just how much the Lord is aware of us and our needs and will provide a way for us when we ask, and not in a way we think will happen. I know things in the world are really horrible these days (like in Haiti), but I also do know God loves his children more than we can even imagine.

2. Kiddo and Little Mister actually LIKING each other. He looks for her when he wakes up in the mornings (though often lately he's gotten up after she's gone to school), and she takes good care of him when I need her to after school and on weekends. They just adore each other, which was also semi-unexpected. I thought she'd be a lot more jealous, and she was for a while, but she's adjusted quite well. They do have their moments, but mostly they're great together.

3. Little Mister's little pats on my face or back. He's such a sweet boy most of the time.

4. Kiddo pitching in at dinnertime lately. With the other three of us sick, she's learned how to make boxed mac and cheese for herself, something that always freaked her out before because it involved draining the pasta, which she wouldn't even do when she made spaghetti. But she had to drain the pasta the other night because Little Mister and Daddy and I were all asleep because we're sick, and she was so proud of herself. May not be gourmet cooking, but it's food!

5. A healthy pregnancy so far. A family in our ward had a stillborn baby girl on Monday and it's brought back a lot of sad memories from when my nephew was stillborn. And it's made me very, very thankful for my blessings. Very sad for them, very thankful for this baby even though I've been a grump about it, and I'm trying to have a better attitude again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Interesting Conversations with The Husband

So, because I'm pregnant and hormonal and in a weird place, my thoughts are often a bit strange.

Hush, yes, it's different than normal.

Anyway. The husband often says stuff about how he wouldn't have married me if I couldn't cook or had starved him while we were dating. So I asked him yesterday, quite seriously, "So, if I quit cooking for you and didn't make sure there was food for you to eat, I know it would make you miserable, but would you still love me and stay married to me?"

"Yes, but I know of ways to make you miserable, too."

Good to know.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Worst Cooks in America

Yes, it's late at night and I'm watching Food Network again.

Just watching this show gave me heartburn. Srsly.

In this show, people compete for a chance to win $25,000. Oh, and they get to learn how to cook from two master chefs. The twist is that whoever wins the competition has to pass as one of the two master chefs and prepare a meal for actual judges to try, passing off the food as the master chefs themselves.

Most of them were nominated by family, though some nominated themselves. The show started last week and started with 24 people, who each had to prepare their *best* dish for the chefs who would be their teachers. The chefs each got to choose a team ... for the other chef. Naturally, they chose the worst of the worst. Twelve were eliminated because they weren't as bad as the rest. Wow. Then, after one lesson with the chefs, two more were eliminated.

I'll admit I didn't pay much attention to tonight's show; Little Mister had another nightmare and I was busy soothing, rocking, cuddling, nursing (still!), etc.

But one part restored my faith in humanity: Even one of the worst cooks in America knew she couldn't serve food to anyone else after she'd nicked her finger and bled on her food, and told her teaching chef what happened and not to eat any of it. (The chef took a bite anyway so she could critique the student.)

Chef Barbara must have missed that lesson in junior high home ec or something.

Friday, January 8, 2010

When's it going to stop?

Seriously. While cleaning kiddo's bedroom, a TOOTHPICK impaled my thumb.

RE: The cleaning. I warned her if she didn't do it, I would, and she wouldn't like the results. Three big garbage bags later ... it's still not clean. There's a mountain of laundry and the floor is covered in pencil sharpener shavings. I'm surprised no one has been hurt before. ARgh.

Friday Fave Five!

Before I get to that, there is seriously something wrong with me. Stress makes me clumsier, more forgetful, and just generally a PITA.

I posted about cutting my foot two nights ago, then Little Mister's trauma ... I burned myself pulling a pan of muffins out of the oven that same night before the choking episode. Last night, I put a steak into a skillet that had been on too high and the very hot olive oil splashed all over my face and chest. I have some pretty bad burns near my left eye and one on my chest. I also cut my finger open earlier in the day (not sure how) and got ONION juice in it while making dinner. Yeah ... I think I should wrap myself in bubble wrap and not go anywhere or cook anything for a while.

On to more positive notes:
1. SO thankful that Little Mister is okay, still smiling and playful and cheerful and loving. He's such a wonderful little boy and I'm so thankful to have him safe and sound. He didn't eat much solid food yesterday besides scrambled eggs for breakfast and I did give him some pudding later (not looking forward to that diaper), but he drank a lot of juice and ate some coconut milk ice cream and went to bed just fine. I sort of know how he feels because I had a procedure about 4 years ago that scratched the dickens out of my throat and I didn't want to eat or talk for a week or two after. Hopefully he heals more quickly. I've been saying lots of "thank you!" prayers since.

2. Spending some time with DisGrace and her kids yesterday. We had lunch at McD's and then watched a movie in the clubhouse theater between her kids' appointments, all in this end of the valley, so it would have been a waste for her to go home 30 minutes away and then come back. The kids had fun, Little Mister took a "yittle" nap after chasing the cousins around and jumping on a slide, and I got to have a bit of down time and rest a bit. It helped my emotional state a lot.

3. The love and support from my family and friends (including my bloggy friends). As I said in a comment below, this was the single most frightening experience of my life, even including the night I left my ex when a gun was involved. Or when Kiddo had tubes put in her ears under general anesthesia and the procedure took a bit longer than it should have. Or any of the car accidents I've been in. This was a LOT worse. Being able to talk about it and have loved ones offer encouragement and virtual hugs (and a few real hugs from the husband) has really helped me out. So thank you.

4. My internet was out a lot over the last week, but my boss was understanding when I talked to her Tuesday. I have been very weepy since it crashed the first time Saturday night, and I cried on the phone with her. She recommended I get some rest and cry in the shower when I need to so it doesn't make my husband crazy-er. Good advice, since he gets really upset when I cry.

5. Our refi looks like it's going to go through without a problem. The bank called today and said it's "conditionally approved" and then told me what the conditions were, which is just formalities of paperwork I need to get back ASAP. I don't think they'll be a problem. Means we won't lose our house and we can get caught up on some things and pay for the husband's green card/permanent resident renewal, which is a very good thing.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just a tad emotional

We had a really scary night last night. Little Mister went to bed on time but woke up with another nightmare. I got him calmed down and he asked for a peanut butter M&M from the bag I had out. I gave him one.

He started crying again and choked on it.

In what seemed like forever but was probably only 30 seconds at most, I administered back blows, abdominal thrusts, tried to sweep it out with my finger, more back blows, and finally when I tried a second sweep, it was warm and melted enough it smashed and his airway was open. I was crying and screamed, "Breathe baby!" Kiddo heard me though she'd been sound asleep, came running to see what was up, and I asked her to grab a cloth diaper because I knew he was going to puke. He did, and apparently I scratched him during the episode. I won't get too descriptive.

Had he not started breathing or had I not been able to clear his airway, I would have had her call 911 immediately.

I relived it over and over last night, though he settled about 30 minutes later and watched a basketball game for a while. Didn't sleep much and have been crying off and on all day, snuggling him whenever he'll let me, kissing him lots. He's been alternately very clingy and not wanting me out of his sight, and very independent and wanting to play.

So as a public service announcement, if you have children of any age in your care, please review this first aid for choking article. This particular article is for children 1 to 5, but on the right side of the page, there are links for infants and older children. I wished I'd read it before. While I did the correct things, I didn't do them entirely correctly and maybe could have avoided scratching his throat had I been more prepared.

I am hoping to find a CPR class locally and get certified. I sent the link to the husband to read, and will have Kiddo look over it as well.

And for the foreseeable future, M&Ms and other candies are entirely off limits. Sorry kid. Sorry Gramma; don't give him anything. He'll have to make do with dairy free ice cream made from coconut milk until he's 30.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love being clumsy

So, tonight I cut the bottom of my foot with a razor. I know, brilliant, right?

The razor was in the bathtub where Little Mister could get to it yesterday when Kiddo put him in there so she could blow bubbles for him without getting the floors sticky or gross. He tried to get the razor but she moved it and was very proud of herself over keeping him safe.

Until tonight, when I yelled.

I went in the bathroom to run Little Mister's bath. With that gargantuan belly, I couldn't see anything on the floor. I stepped on something, felt a sharp pain in my foot, looked down and found my razor.

She'd put it blade up on the floor right next to the shower.

She apologized profusely and ran around trying to find a bandage. I found one and bandaged it up, but it's been 4 hours and I just stepped wrong while cleaning the kitchen and it opened again. Owie.

I just realized that I get to go to lunch tomorrow with DisGrace, who may or may not have broken her foot yesterday with a similarly clumsy maneuver in her garage. She is seeing hte doc on Friday. But hey, we can gimp around together! Sweet!


So ... having toddlers with picky appetites means sometimes they get an unconventional lunch.

The husband and I had tuna melts on French bread (so, so good), but Little Mister doesn't like bread. He does usually like tuna with rice or pasta, so I mixed some into some leftover rice and he ate two bites. Then he took a nap.

When he got up, we got Kiddo from the bus and hit the clubhouse gym for a few minutes, then came home. He went straight to the giant tin of individually wrapped chocolate chips cookies that his grandmother gave him for Christmas. (Not my mom, mind you. She believes kids need more than just sugar to survive, and his other grandmother likes to make my kids hyper.) He was saying, "Cookie," in his adorable little toddler way, so yes, I am a sucker and let him have one.

It was followed by another request for another cookie. We tried a cracker instead, which was met with a sour face and throwing it on the ground.

"How about a banana?"

Now, he can't say "banana" yet, but he definitely knows what they are and made a beeline for them. He ate the whole thing.

Dinner is hot wings and celery with blue cheese dressing per the husband's request. He loved the Boeuf Bourguignon I made on New Year's Eve, but missed our traditional wing fest. Guess it's not a new tradition after all. At any rate, I'd better come up with something else for Little Mister and his sister to eat though, because neither of them will touch that.

Maybe I'll let them have ice cream.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Official: I'm showing

Got all ready for church Sunday, looked in the mirror, and thought, "Good thing there's a baby in there."

Got to church (we were a tad late), and a friend stopped me and said, "I didn't know you were pregnant again! You're going to have your hands full!" Yep. I know.

And about 10 people asked if I knew what I'm having yet. Besides a baby. "No, I'm only 15 weeks. I just show early and huge." They all lied and said, "oh, no you don't, just wondering ..." rrrrrrrrrrright.

I took a picture yesterday to put with this post, but since my internet keeps fritzing out (and yes, I'm srsly annoyed by this), I'm just posting anyway.

I do, however, look a bit like this.

Minus 7 babies.

Monday, January 4, 2010


A few weeks ago, the husband and I were discussing why he has such a bad attitude about women in general. He loves me very much and is usually a wonderful husband (I won't say always because hey, none of us is wonderful all the time), but sometimes he says things about women in general that are hateful, untrue, and unkind. They apply very much to the women he knew when he was younger, but I honestly didn't think they went for the bulk of our society.

When I approached him about it, I was pretty upset at something he'd said, which I now honestly cannot remember. I wasn't very patient or gracious about it and told him I didn't like the example of misogyny that he was setting for our son, who would grow up to be like him and hate women (let alone our daughter, who may think men hating women and treating them horribly is okay). I said a couple of other rude things, and he was not pleased. He said I often do the same about men.

I don't believe I do about men in general, maybe one or two in particular, but have been watching my actions, attitude, and language, so I don't teach inadvertently either of our children to hate either gender.

So this morning, we were at the doctor's office (the husband has a bad sinus infection), and they put Mary Poppins on for Little Mister to watch while we waited. I thought, "Oh, I like that movie a lot! I should get it out of the garage and watch it with Little Mister ... " And then the "Sister Suffragettes" song came on, sung by Mrs. Banks. One line in particular really bothers me, though I used to laugh and laugh at it. It's been going through my head all day.

"Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they're rather stupid."

What on earth? I mean, I understand the time period and all that, but this is a movie children love and watch a lot. Kiddo watched it almost every day for a month or two when she was younger.

At the end of the song, Mrs. Banks finds out the children are missing and she acts like she's afraid of her husband, who is an arrogant jerk, but she is subservient, silly, and weak. What is that teaching our kids?

I know these same stereotypes are portrayed in TV today. Or the opposite -- a brow-beaten husband controlled by a domineering wife. For a country so hung up on "equality," gender-ism is still perhaps one of the few acceptable prejudices to have.

I don't know. Maybe I'm overreacting. I'm not to the point of disconnecting the cable (I'd miss the Food Network a lot) or getting rid of all of our movies, but it is making me think more about what we put in our brains through all forms of media.

So readers, any thoughts on this?

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Having failed miserably at a lot of mine from last year (though I was quite successful in others), I only have one resolution/goal this year: Gain 50 pounds rapidly, by June, then get it all off by December.

Somehow, I don't think it will be all that difficult to gain it ... with what we've been eating lately!

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's GONE???

I put plenty of leftovers in the fridge last night, two separate containers, of the boeuf bourguignon with the potatoes. I was dreaming about it this morning, so I got up to eat some for breakfast.

It was GONE. The husband ate it ALL while I was sleeping. hahahahaha. *sob*

Good thing he didn't know about the small amount I put in the freezer. I'm hiding it until I'm ready to eat it. Some night when he's at work and I won't have to share.