Friday, April 30, 2010

Cute Toddler Moment

This trumps the Friday Fave Five. Hands down.

Little Mister and I just had the cutest conversation. He nursed but wasn't going to sleep, tried to leave but I'd locked the door, so he came back and crawled over me. My shirt hiked up over my belly and he stared at it for a minute, then started rubbing it. I asked if there was a baby in there and he said yeah, and kept rubbing it. I asked if he was going to be a good big brother and he said no. lol. He was still rubbing my tummy. I asked if he wanted to say hi, and he stuck his face down by my belly and yelled, "HI!" hehehe ... I said, "That's baby [Thumper] in there. She's your baby sister." He said, "Baby!" and kept rubbing, and then when I repeated her name, he said the first part of it. I told him she was going to come out soon and say hi to him and he'd need to keep taking good care of her. He had the biggest grin on his face! I asked him for a kiss, which he gave me, and then I asked if he wanted to kiss the baby. He kissed my belly, came back up to his normal cuddle position, and went to sleep. It was SO sweet. *love*

Friday Fave Five!

1. The husband played with Little Mister for an hour or so yesterday, just so I could sew a coming home outfit for Thumper.

2. Little Mister cooperated today so I could finish sewing some pants for him. But he didn't want to cooperate with the photo. Sadly, I positioned the pocket too high, but he likes the basketball tag on the pocket and keeps trying to pull it off.

3. Kiddo has been a big help, too. Even when she doesn't want to be.

4. Woke up this morning not feeling well thanks to the stomach virus Little Mister shared, but the husband got me some ginger ale. (sorry, no pic.) He's also promised to go to Costco for me so I don't have to, since too much walking makes me hurt in my "sciatic" area. The husband also massaged that yesterday and I was able to stretch, so it doesn't hurt so much, but we don't want it to flare up again!

5. I am starting to feel better now, and might actually get a shower sometime today.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Even Toddlers Have Those Days

A note from Little Mister

When I woke up this morning, Mommy wasn't snuggling me anymore. I started kicking the wall. And hurt my foot.

Mommy let me go wake up Ha. That was fun. But when Mommy couldn't stay awake and told Ha to give me some breakfast, she wouldn't. She ate in front of me instead. Mommy yelled and she finally gave me some toast. I gobbled it up because I was starving.

We took Ha to school and she didn't say goodbye to me. Mommy had to make her come back to the car for a hug.

We came home so Mommy could put some eyes on or something before our next ride. I found a chopstick on the floor and stuck it in my mouth, then ran away from Mommy. Mommy tried to take it but I wouldn't let her. I tripped and choked myself and cried, and Mommy cried too. I don't know why SHE was freaking out; she didn't get hurt.

[note from Mom: He is just fine, though I was worried he'd punctured something with it when I saw him go down. Scary.]

Then we had to go to a boring place where a strange man looked at mommy's tummy and drew on her tummy with blue gel and stuck a machine on it. I don't know what they were doing, but the blue gel looked like fun. So as soon as the strange man left the room, I climbed up on his chair and got the gel down. Mommy put it back. I tried again, and the chair rolled out from under me! Mommy couldn't catch me and I landed on my face. My forehead, nose, and upper lip hurt bad. I cried and cried and cried, and when the strange man came back to talk to Mommy, she could barely hear him.

When we got home, I begged Mommy for a nap, but she ate something instead. At least she gave me a popsicle.

[Note from Mommy: His nose didn't swell up or start bleeding until we got home. But it was fine after his nap.]

After naps, I pulled a chair down on myself. And then I fell over and bonked my head into a box.

Mommy says it's one of those days where you just want to go back to bed and try again tomorrow. I am starting to understand.

Uh-oh, Mommy caught me on her desk again, playing with the computer. I bEt I'm in trOUBlE nOw.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


yeah, my sugars were so bad last week (due to eating junk all week) that they increased my insulin. by almost 50%. hopefully I don't have any crashes -- my lowest ones over the week were on the border of being too low. I've actually done fairly well with the eating today, making sure I'm eating on my schedules even if I did have a cookie for a snack. lol. At least it was only ONE and I had a glass of milk with it, so there was some nutrition, right?

hoping we get back on track this week ... ultrasound next Tuesday along with starting twice-weekly nonstress tests to make sure Thumper is okay.

In the midst of all my grumbling about having to go to doctors and the hospickle so often, I realize we really do live in a wonderful time where I can get good medical care. Even if I resent it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy busy week

I'm supposed to be taking it sort of easy (per the perinatologist's recommendations 3 weeks ago). Tell that to the 5th grader who has several choir and school things this week, the two doctor/medial appointments for me, and all the stuff I haven't done yet that needs to be done before the baby comes. *sigh* Hopefully things will slow down some since choir will be over for the year after Wednesday, and the husband has agreed to do the grocery shopping -- just need to make him lists! I wore myself out today so he went to the store to get breaded fish fillets for dinner (what I was craving), which we had with rice and green beans. Nothing fancy at all, but totally hit the cravings.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Nothing terribly exciting, just a very restful day. The husband came home from work in the morning and then left to get me a Pepsi for my migraine. He also brought me some beautiful flowers -- surprise! I love it when he brings me flowers. Kiddo watched Little Mister in the a.m. so I could nap, and while I was sleeping, she made cupcakes. Yes, I had a couple. My sugars have been so bad the whole last week. Oy. I tried to get back on target today, but LM wouldn't sleep last night and I didn't get my food packed for being out of the house all day! So ... I'll try again tomorrow.

Then LM took a very long nap, and I slept too. haha. The kids and I did go to the store and bought a new phone because the cracked one got very wet somehow, and then we all went to dinner. We didn't get out early enough to go to Olive Garden, which I've been craving off and on for most of this pregnancy, so we just picked up In-N-Out Burger burgers and fries and came home and had dinner together. (Liked the burgers, not the fries; they were very hot when we got them but got stale as soon as they were cool enough to eat. Will be trying 5 guys next.)

My back was spasming from my earlier trip to Walmart, so I didn't end up working. Bummer. haha. The only position I didn't have pain in was on my side with the top leg bent. It's better now. So the husband went to Walmart and picked up Avatar, which we watched together after the kids went to bed.

LM slept in his own bed all night that night, so that was a wonderful gift. Wish he'd done it again last night, but no. Hoping he does it tonight so I can focus and hopefully get a bunch of work done. Wheeeeeee.

And with that, I'm headed back to work.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. After spending last night in bed with 5-minute-apart contractions for an hour or so that gradually stopped, today, at least, I'm glad I'm still pregnant.

2. Lunch with DisGrace yesterday. I wasn't in the best of moods, but by the end I was feeling better.

3. My birthday is tomorrow! I'll be 34.

4. Kiddo and Little Mister are getting along great. If only she'd quit giving him chocolate milk, we'd be set.

5. Fong's Asian Dining. It's a new restaurant near our house and they do sushi and Chinese food. They're pretty reasonable, too. We had dinner from there last night (because I was contracting so much), and everyone got to eat something they liked. Awesome.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A rant.

Dear Daughter,

While I appreciate your willingness to watch your brother today while I slept, I would like to remind you (again) of a problem that erupted everywhere shortly upon my waking.

Your brother can tolerate small amounts of cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, but he has NEVER been able to drink milk. Remember that whole 1-1/2 years where I didn't drink milk because it made him sick when he got it through MY milk? Or the formula we had to give him to supplement because it was making him hurl everywhere? Giving him a Carnation Instant Breakfast made with cow's milk to drink is a HUGE problem. He pukes all over me every time you've given him one, and has done so twice in three days after you have given him that when I was not aware.

Perhaps the key for you remembering this would be to have him puke on you, but I can't change his aim. *sigh*

This time, though, you do get to clean up the mess on the carpet. Good luck.


Your disgusted mommy who now needs a shower desperately

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ooooooo, glamour shots!

Thanks to Steph's mad skillz...


Monday, April 19, 2010

New Words

Little Mister has been expanding his vocabulary daily. Fortunately, he hasn't picked up on my saying "dammit" when I drop something or open a door into my ever-expanding belly, which are all three happening with more frequency.

He first learned to make racecar noises while watching Cars, the Disney movie. That was how he asked us to watch that movie. It was so cute! I found some socks with Lightning McQueen (the main character of the movie) on them, and he made the same noise every time we put them on him. I got depressed when he learned how to say "Cars" about a week later. The "vroom" ish noises were just so darn cute! *sniff*

We went outside during a wind storm a week or so ago, and he said, "awesome!" Quite clearly. Not quite sure where he picked it up, but he does say it occasionally and uses it quite appropriately. Including at church yesterday, and the moms in the hall with me just started laughing and asked if that's really what he said. Yep. At least it wasn't "dammit."

Sadly, my lovely daughter loves Jonas, the "band". She has exposed her baby brother to their "music," and one of his new words is "Joe." Which means he really wants to listen to Jonas "sing". Oy. We'll cure him someday, I'm sure.

He watches way too much Disney Channel with his dad and sister while I'm resting in the evenings. He now says Sonny, Charlie, and Ferb, all characters in various shows on said channel.

He's also learned to say chocolate. No idea where THAT came from. ha.

Another word he likes is "popcorn." We sing "Popcorn Popping" a lot because he likes the actions. He finally correlated "popcorn" with that yummy salty, buttery goodness when we saw a movie a couple of weeks ago. He found a box of microwave popcorn in the pantry a few days ago and brought it to me. We haven't had it for quite a while but it was still in date. I made him some, he ate quite a bit of it, and now he keeps saying "popcorn" while opening his hands like you do in the song. If we start singing and that isn't what he wants, he gets mad and keeps saying it over and over. We eventually get the message.

He also learned what the word "blessing" means when we're saying a blessing before dinner -- he mimics us and folds his arms and bows his head and says "MEN!" really loudly after we all do.

Today's new word? Sorry. He threw his plastic wheelbarrow at me and when I said, "Ouch! Dammit!" he said, "Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" and hugged my feet and legs where the wheelbarrow had made impact. He kept saying it after he hit his sister with a wooden spoon, and even said it to himself when the spoon rebounded and smacked himself in the forehead.

We haven't tried to teach him any of those words or behaviors; he just picked them up over time. Guess that means I need to learn to quit saying bad words again, because sooner or later he'll start saying the ones that are worse than "Crap!" which he did copy me and say one day, but hasn't since.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ooooo, a poem!

Small Fry sent me this poem. With this little note. "the poem is about never giving up and reaching your goals. i wrote it myself show it off for me heh heh heh >:D"

Man was strong and brave,
but the dangers ahead were grave.
The mountain was steep,
and death was just a leap.
But onward he went,
over every lump, slope, and dent.
He must use all his will and might,
to go forth, to fight.
Threw rain, sleet and snow,
up was the only way to go.
The cold he had to endure,
but near the top he was sure.
He was tired and his arms were weak,
but near the he could almost reach the peak.
Upon the top he rested done,
he smiled happily for he had won.
He gazed in awe at his veiw,
for what looked like the sky had split in two.
The beutiful moon and shining stars filling the empty night,
with the peachy sun and cotten clouds glowing light.
This feeling of inner peace he could not resist,
Cause just for a moment time had cease to exist.

I'll have to email it to her dad and have him go read it. I like the concept. She did well, even with a few typos.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. Long story short, Small Fry has been feeling ignored by her dad (the husband) and rightfully so. She refused to answer the phone when we called on Easter and has ignored my last couple of emails, so we hadn't heard from her in almost 2 months. Her mom emailed me and created some drama, but the husband handled it really, really well for the first time EVER, and wrote Small Fry a letter this week. Kiddo drew her a cute picture and wrote a little note, and I wrote one too. Mailed it off a few days ago with some insurance stuff her mom requested. Small Fry emailed me today, out of the blue, just random stuff about life and didn't mention any of the drama. Woooo.

2. With the insulin, I can have small amounts of dark chocolate if I eat it at certain times. I'm much happier. haha.

3. I scored 15 boxes of Quaker cereals at Smith's this week for 6 bucks. Life, Cap'n Crunch (for the husband and kiddo), and low sugar instant oatmeal. Mmmmmm, I think I might try some oatmeal for breakfast soon!

4. The husband's check today was actually almost normal. Next week's should be too. When his take home pay dropped by half, we had enough to cover bills and food, but have none put aside for when we have to move to a rental. We're hoping he's able to get some more hours between now and August so we can do so, and that I'll be able to kick it in gear at work and make a bit more money, too, since he should be starting school then.

5. I finished some diapers for sale and shipped those off, too. And the gal who bought them referred me to a friend of hers for a bunch for her son, who has cystic fibrosis and will need dipes until he's about 5 and can have a surgery to help out with bowel and bladder control. Between the two orders, the cost of most of my supplies I bought for Thumper's diapers will almost be taken care of. It was already paid for, but it'll be nice to have a little of that money back! And if they like them, hey, I might get more orders. ;) Here's some pictures.

The stack!
A bonus newborn diaper for the one she's about to have -- she has no idea I made this one to match one of the ones for her toddler!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

glamour shots blog carnival

I'm not really participating in Kristina P.'s blog carnival where everyone shows their glamour shots from way back.

See, I never did glamour shots per se, but my sunday school teacher was a photographer and had stylists in his studio, so he took us all over there when we were 13 or 14. I took one of the proofs to school to show a friend, and some guy saw it and said, "WHOA! who's the babe???" "Um ... me." He refused to believe me.

Wish I had a copy I could share. *sigh*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Horror-mones!

I was having a nap with Little Mister, and when he woke up, he got up and ran out of our room to find daddy. I hadn't moved yet, but was getting up. I heard Daddy ask him, "Is mommy trying to steal some more sleep?" Meaning he was ready to go to bed and wanted me out of the room.

My Inner Snark came out of hiding again and said, "Next time you're pregnant, I'll let you sleep as much as you want."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Joys of Horror-mones

So, I've been having a lot of bad pregnancy symptoms of late. Like, really bad lower back pain, headaches, sciatica, heartburn, etc. The husband, for whatever reason, gets them all with me. Which is sort of good because he knows what I'm going through, but it's really NOT good because he whines more than I do.


Today he said something about how sharing pain isn't nice.

My response?

"Well, at least I know if you ever break my heart, yours will be hurting worse afterward."

He didn't think that was funny.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!

1. The kids and I went to Thanksgiving Point yesterday with DisGrace and her kids and our niece ... who is home (temporarily) from her mission. (long story short: she has been sick since she got into the MTC and developed such bad ear infections, it's caused hearing loss.) We ran into a former neighbor from when I was growing up; her sister was my best friend. Fun to see her and her kids and some other relatives. Little Mister was so excited to see all the animals, and the cousins took turns taking him various places. I got a nice break, and a little too much sun!

2. I found a refurbished washer from an appliance repair shop. The husband and his brother are going to pick it up today. Here's hoping it works well, but it does come with a warranty.

3. The insulin has brought my blood sugars under control ... I even had a bite of dessert with dinner last night and everything was fine. Wooooo! Still hoping I'll be fine after the baby comes. We'll see.

4. I just love my family. Kids are so great. Thumper is really wiggly and was sticking her butt straight out last night. At least I'm pretty sure it was her butt. It prevented me from leaning over at all, but it was cute. Little Mister is just a happy kid. Adore him. Kiddo is learning that giving me attitude isn't good and she's been much more helpful and pleasant this week, and we've all gotten along better. Here's hoping it continues when she goes back to school next week. The husband has mellowed a lot while off work as well. And I haven't missed work once, though I am looking forward to all of us getting back to our routines next week.

5. Crock pots. Threw a roast in the crock pot before we went to Turkey Point yesterday and we got to have dinner on time. It's been a hectic week in some ways, so it was good to have a nice dinner last night. We're supposed to go to the aquarium today, so I have to figure out what we'll be doing. Have a turkey thawed and ready to go, but I can't leave it while I'm gone, and the husband will probably be sleeping at some point ... so ... yeah. Maybe it's for tomorrow.

I'd better get some breakfast. Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Medical and other stuff

Sooooooo ... we had planned to go see that dragon movie (I can't get the name straight) today. Before we left, our washer died. Kaput. We decided to see the movie anyway and deal with the washer tomorrow because we don't get to do stuff like this very often. We got there and the show time was sold out, but the 3D one an hour later still had tickets. Bought the tickets, went to target for baby wipes and diapers (if I have no washer, we can't use cloth!), and went back to the theater. We all liked it, but it gave Kiddo a migraine. great.

Got home, grabbed my paperwork, and went to the hospickle for my followup.

Met with the perinatologist and diabetes educator. It was a different RN than last time and I really liked her. She listened to my concerns and explanations about my sugars, and asked for more input, and I asked her if I could only see her in the future, explaining I didn't love the other one and felt she didn't want to listen to me. She looked really surprised by that, but said she understood. The only problem is this one usually only works on Monday and Friday, and the perinatologist is only in on Tuesday, so the diabetes folks go to the maternal fetal medicine wing of the hospickle on Tuesdays and meet with patients there instead of the clinic -- so they will only schedule pregnant women on Tuesday. Rather than cart the toddler in to 2 different appointments every week, I guess I'll deal. She'll be there in 2 weeks, but next week I have to see the other one again.

The perinatologist wants me to have another echo for MY heart function to make sure everything is okay, and seemed really surprised that my OB didn't have me follow with them last time. She's really wanting to play it "safe" medically, which is fine, since she was okay with me not taking oral medications ... though I'm still hoping baby girl gets to pick her own birthday! Their estimate of her weight is 3 pounds 6 ounces, which we all know could be completely wrong. haha.

At any rate, we've all decided insulin is necessary at this point, and I'm really fine with that. It's just once a day, and I gave myself my first dose right at the end of my 2-1/2 hour appointment (GRAH!) today. It didn't hurt at all, compared to jabbing my finger 7 times a day. Which I still have to do at least for this coming week to make sure the insulin is helping when I'm more resistant, which doesn't seem to be when people typically are. Most people are in the morning until lunch, I tend to be more through the evening and first thing in the morning.

So that's that. Yay.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Little Mister opened his Easter basket the day I bought it (as I mentioned the other day). He's been playing with the balls constantly ever since. The husband ate the candy in it, so I stuck a couple of Reese's eggs in it with a few jelly beans and whopper eggs. He was freaking out this morning, so the husband bribed him with the peanut butter egg. He gobbled up both of them and went back to find more. lol. He doesn't love the other candy, which is fine with me.

Kiddo's basket had a rented Princess and the Frog in it (they're watching it now) with a couple of little toys and a hand sewing kit she requested, plus some of the same candy we put in LM's basket. She squealed. It was cute.

I had some contractions last night, so I didn't get our traditional Easter morning breakfast started ... made her do it when she got up this morning, and she was all too happy to do so. I can't even eat the sweet rolls, so it worked out. I wasn't tempted to eat the marshmallows. haha.

I did make some bacon and eggs, and made open-faced egg mcmuffins with garlic butter. *drool* they turned out well. While I was cooking, I asked Kiddo to tell us the real story of Easter, and she did a really good job with it.

I'd better go rest some more. A few more contractions. It's been a stressful weekend so far ... hoping the rest of spring break and hubby's vacation mellow out a bit.

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter Sunday!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!!

1. The husband got to see the baby move the other day. We were talking and I pointed at my belly, saying she was pushing there. He looked at it and saw her next few kicks. She hasn't let him (or anyone else for that matter) feel her move yet, so that was pretty exciting. :)

2. A boy in Kiddo's class asked her to "go out" last week. Her answer? "I'll have to check my schedule." Then she came home and told me I'm her schedule. haha.

3. Little Mister went to the store with me Wednesday and picked out his Easter basket. It had a full sized basketball and a full sized soccer ball, and almost no candy. He didn't even notice the candy. We did open the basket that day and got the balls out. He's been having a blast with them ever since. (yes, I know, Easter isn't until Sunday. He doesn't care. haha.)

4. JapanBoy and his family made it safely to my parents' house. I'm terribly upset we won't be seeing them for a while yet, but at least they're in the same country now!

5. Naps, food, and showers all help me be in a better mood. If I can't have chocolate, I'll take what I can get.

Medical update: After my wretched appointment Tuesday, I cut my carbs a lot Wednesday. Not such a great idea; even though my numbers were all normal, I was spilling ketones yesterday morning (bad for me AND baby). Yesterday, I decided to take my 7 meals/snacks and spread my carbs out to 8 equal meals and snacks (equal in number of carbs, not food), and only had 2 slightly high numbers. My ketones were just fine this morning. sweeeeeeeeet.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It occurred to me

That if this baby follows in her brother's footsteps, she'll be here in 8 weeks. *freaking out*

I was napping with Little Mister in the recliner today and had this dream that she was trying to get out of my belly through the side. We could see her face all smashed up and I could tell she was crying. Horrendous dream.

Woke up, and she was SHOVING in that same spot.

Little Mister wasn't squishing her though; he was on the other side.

She's been shoving there all day. Don't know what her deal is, but it's making me nervous.