Saturday, May 30, 2009


I'd never seen this ... just bits and pieces of it on TV here and there.

DisGrace loaned me her DVD and I watched it this week, in bits and pieces, but did manage to see the whole thing.

I actually really liked it, except there was more gore than I like.

I didn't know William Wallace was a real person, and that is awesome, even if some of the historical facts were incorrect. Like fathering the princess' baby. That didn't happen.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fave Five!!!

1. Not giving up on exercising when the shin splints hit hard. I came up with a plan which volunteered hubby to be on daddy duty while I work out in the mornings, and it's worked for both of us. He knows how important this is to me, and he is proud of me for sticking it out. I'm very glad he is helping, and so willingly.

2. I'm working during baby's afternoon nap these days. Guess what? With working out, I don't need two naps every day. lol.

3. Figuring out baby needs pajamas (even though he prefers to sleep in just a diaper) to keep him warm enough to sleep better at night. Thus, I can sleep in my own bed. Hallelujah.

4. Being told I look like I've lost weight. It's minimal, but I'm glad someone noticed.

5. Figuring out some of my triggers for overeating and avoiding them. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

and... break!

It's been a weekend.

A long one.

OSIL was here visiting from out of state, and MIL and YSIL kept the drama going.

OBIL (man, I need code names for all of them) came and picked up a broken chair this morning to take to DI. Wondering if we'll find it at their house next time we go over. Not my problem, but it happens nearly every time I get rid of something.

Hubbers and I have been trying to avoid the drama because it does negatively affect our little family ... I'm not taking either of the drama queens' calls at this point.

Hm. Code names ... Drama Queen Senior and Junior will work for MIL and YSIL, except if I ever accidentally give any of them the blog addy. Bah. Any suggestions? It was so easy coming up with MY family's ... haha.

Okay, there doesn't seem to be a point to this entry. I guess I'll quit rambling now.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Fave Five!!!!

1. Mosiah 2:41 and 2 Nephi 5:27 (I may have to double check these references, but my quad isn't handy). BE HAPPY! Our RS challenged us all to read the Book of Mormon again over the next 6 months and gave us each a calendar. Loving the result of feeling happier, calmer, and more at peace, even amidst drama and stupidity.

2. Kiddo's "fun run" today. The elementary school put on a run. She didn't ask me if she could participate, just came home at the beginning of the week with a map and a note and said, "I turned in my slip, so I need to be at the school early on Friday." Yeah, early, like 7:45. She had fun and did great, and didn't seem too disappointed that she didn't win.

3. I've lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Thank you "Mama Mafia" and no soda!

4. The guys at PC Provo found a key logger on hubby's computer this week plus cleaned it, and they fixed my laptop when it had the Trojan a while back. Thanks Paul. (if you use them, give them my name so I get 15% off next time we do something stupid ...) And when he says "affordable," he means it. Both times it ran around $50.

5. Being where I am in life. No, things aren't perfect. No, all of our problems aren't fixed. No, we're not magically financially sound. We are, however, happy and so are our kids, and hubby has been reading his scriptures and Ensign, too. We're all going to try and get to church again on Sunday. Plus, I do like my job (even if they didn't acknowledge national MT week for weirdness), and I love my little family.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Rockelle asked for help with motivation ... Rockelle, you and I used to work out almost every night when we were neighbors. Do you have a workout partner now? Someone even just to go walking with?

I think motivation, and continuing that motivation, are the hardest parts for most of us. I know it is for me. The contest with my sewing forum is enough to motivate me personally -- I tell ya, I've been trying to cut soda and not eat fast food since January (I did successfully quit drinking Pepsi then, though, and don't drink caffeine anymore). But I haven't found the motivation until now to do this, and I knew I'd get extra points yesterday if I just drove on by Sonic. Plus, I have a group of about 6 sisters who go walking every morning. Not everyone goes every day, but we can always count on at least 2 other sisters to join us so we're never alone and bored.

So here's what my plan is: I challenge all of my readers who want more help/motivation in getting fit/fitter to join me in a contest. We'll start Tuesday May 26 (go have fun on your 3-day weekend) and go through June 30. Following the same rules as the contest I'm already in, everyone who wants to participate needs to choose 3 goals for yourself. I've started a separate blog for this challenge, so post your goals over on that blog in a response to the first entry. I will invite all responders here and there to participate in that blog so you can post at will. I'll explain the rules here, then post them there too.

Choose 3 goals you want to work on for the duration of this program. You get a point for each goal every day. Any day you achieve all three goals, you get an extra 10 points. So you have the potential of getting 13 points every day. I'll be choosing 3 separate goals from the contest I'm currently in.

I'll also post a challenge on the challenge blog on Tuesday night every week. Like, drink an extra glass of water every day this week. Or, eat one more serving of fruit every day this week. If you achieve the bonus, you'll get an extra 15 points.

If you post at least 3 times during that week, or post responses to the challenge blog 3 times during that week, you'll get an additional 5 points. You'll need to respond frequently with updated points; on Tuesdays, I'll post the point tallies for the week so make sure you've updated by then.

Here's an added incentive (in addition to feeling awesome and looking better!): I'll make a cute little Japanese knot bag for the person with the most points at the end of the contest (unless it's me, then the second place person will get it), in color/fabric of their choice. I'll show you pics of the fabric I have and you can choose from it. I'll post a picture of one when I can, but our other computer is in the shop and my photos are on it. As if that prize is not enough, *everyone* who participates will get a chapstick holder for their keychain. I've sold them for $5 each, so it's a pretty cool prize if I do say so myself. Participation means you actually have to DO the challenge start to finish, can't just sign up to get the gift. haha. If anyone else wants to contribute a prize, you are more than welcome to do so; just let me know.

How's that for motivation Rockelle? Any help at all?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I started walking last week, have kept going this week ... With that and the water and trying to eat better (and less overall), I'm down 3 pounds. Woohoo!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I went walking with the sisters again. About 70 minutes total ... I'm tired but feel really good. YAY!

Also, the sewing forum I participate in is doing a fitness challenge from tomorrow through June 30. The three daily goals I chose for myself are to walk at least 15 minutes 5-6 days a week, drink 64+ ounces of water every day, and avoid soda completely. Hopefully by the end of June, I see some changes in how I'm feeling ... and how I look.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fave Five!

Sooooooooooooo ...

1. Babies who take medicine without giving it back. In fact, when he saw the bottle of amoxicillin (y'know, the bubble gum flavored drug), he started asking for it and greedily drank down his dose and laughed. Kiddo never would've done that, and even if she had, it would've bounced (ew). lol.

2. Being able to go walking with some of the sisters in the ward 4 days this week. I've lived here what, 4 years? Since my one close friend moved last year, I don't feel like I have friends in the ward anymore. Today sort of changed that. Not that we're tight, but friends instead of just friendLY, if that makes sense.

3. *crossing fingers* something working out in YSIL's favor.

4. My mommy.

5. Reading the Book of Mormon again. Our relief society presidency challenged us to read it together and handed out a calendar. I'm back in the habit of reading, which is making a difference in my attitude and stuff. It's awesome.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Man, I'm beat

Came down with a cold again yesterday.

Thanks for sharing your germs, kids.

We've had lots of extended family drama this week, so I'm worn out from all of that and the bug. At least the kids are starting to feel better.

It's Thursday. I was supposed to go to the post office and ship some stuff to my folks on Monday, but haven't. I'm too sick to do it today. Bother. Guess I'll do it tomorrow.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, wheeeeeeee

So, I dragged hubby to the doctor today to talk about his meds.

First I bribed him with bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast though. lol.

At any rate, he's on the lowest dosage available per pill. Doc told us to cut them in half, and if that's still too strong, cut them in half again.

Now, normally that wouldn't be a problem, but these pills are smaller in diameter than your average pencil eraser.


At least they are scored to be cut in half, so that's awesome. But we cut it in quarters today because hubby wanted to start out with less (because he has a hard time following doctors' orders specifically).

Guess what? He didn't sleep all dang day, he actually talked to me earlier in the day, AND he helped with the baby. I sure hope this works.

Oh, I feel soooooooo much better.

We've had a rough couple of weeks as I indicated before. Yesterday, my Mother's Day wish was really just to get some sleep. lol.

After an extremely rough night with the kids and me flipping my lid, I finally fell asleep at 3 a.m.

Hubby came home from work at 6 with roses and made French toast and sausage for breakfast. It was delish. He then passed out the rest of the day (we're going to the doctor today to discuss the medication because it's not working so well).

I finally got the baby down for his nap at 9 and fell asleep, too. He slept until 11, and then kiddo let me sleep another 15 minutes while she played with him. Got up, had lunch, got ready for church, and went to church with the kids. Mojo slept during most of Relief Society, which means I got to stay in there and listen (weird). He was still sleepy, so when we got home, I nursed him and we fell asleep again.

We were supposed to be at the in-laws' between 5 and 6, and we didn't wake up until 5:20. Had to wake up hubby so we could go over. Baby was actually nice to them and crawled around the house and clapped and smiled and laughed and let Grampa hold him. We had a nice dinner and came home (with lots of food -- they won't let us leave empty handed). I was about done, but the baby wasn't ready for bed yet. So ... I chilled with him for a bit until he WAS ready, put him to bed, then knitted for a while and hid in my room while daddy was on "daddy duty," talked to my mom, and was asleep by 11. Got up around 6 this morning and I feel soooooo good.

Sleep. Cures all ills apparently.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wait, what? Mother's Day is TOMORROW?

Sorry Mom. I didn't realize until say, oh, yesterday that Mother's Day was NOW.


I'll be shipping your gift Monday.

This week has been rather rough with the kids and hubby's meds. He's sleeping 10-14 hours a day, then he goes to work, comes home and sleeps some more. I feel like a single parent again at times, and have had a few really rotten days this week with screaming baby and no respite. I wouldn't trade it for the alternative; I love being a mommy. But some days and weeks are just really, really hard.

BUT. I just have to say, I have the best kid. She watched the baby half the day today so I could sleep more (I'm stressed, must get more sleep). I'd put him down for a nap and fall asleep with him, and she'd take him when he woke up, letting me sleep longer.

And she asked what time he gets up in the morning, saying she'd set her alarm tonight so she could get up with him so I could sleep in on Mother's Day. Awww, what a sweetie. She's getting a little gift tomorrow, too, because she is the mini mommy.

Hubby has planned to make me breakfast, assuming he gets off work on time to do so.

I'd better get work done so I can get some rest tonight and gear up for visiting the in-laws and whatnot after church.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Fave Five!

Having a hard time with this list today. Hm.

1. Going for a couple of walks this week. Not my goal by any means, but it is progress. Sadly.

2. The cardio's news the other day about my heart. awesome.

3. A little bag/purse I made to hold my stuff in the diaper bag. It holds my camera, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and phone, and ties itself closed (sort of). It's just woven fabrics, so it collapses easily and can hide in the diaper bag with the dipes, wipes, toys, drinks, food, etc. And all my stuff is in *one* place. (I'll update with a picture later). I made two and messed the first one up (due to poor instructions from the person who created the pattern). It still needs fixing, but I love this one.

4. Kiddo has been such a big help lately. I'm tired a lot (working until 2 a.m. and getting up at 6 with the baby will do that), so she's been wonderful on the weekends to watch the baby when daddy is in bed (daddy's Remeron knocks him out or he'd be watching the baby).

5. Wearing the baby, even though I don't have a Peekaru. All the little old ladies at the store today commented on how cute he is and how happy he looks in there. Yup. He is.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yay for walks!

Baby boy fell asleep while we were out.

Now the question is, do I tackle the massive amounts of housework that I've been neglecting, or do I go snuggle baby boy and have a nap with him?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just ... stuff.

Went to kiddo's Hope of America performance last night. She was in the chorus, did great and had fun, and hubby (!) braved the crowds and traffic (!!) at the Marriott Center to go with me and the kids. Awesome. They had some really cool dancing and some weird songs, but it worked I guess. And the kids had a blast doing it.

I took last night off work so I could go to my cardiologist this morning. I had surgery 3 years ago to fix something in my heart and the surgeon told me to go back every year. Well, today's echocardiogram looked so good, the cardiologist told me I don't need to go back for a new one every year. Wahoo!

I wore the baby in the wrap for two hours last night and apparently that was too long -- I'm tired and hurt now. Hopefully, I can get dinner made, the kitchen cleaned, the living room vacuumed (and laundry put away), then maybe a little lie-down before I work tonight.

But I missed Biggest Loser. I'm sad, but still glad we went to kiddo's performance as a family.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Why can one day be awesome and the next make you want to run away screaming into the night?

Heck, why can that change from one hour to the next?

Or even one minute to the next?

Man, I'm tired.

Love my kids. Love my husband. Need some time away from ALL of them, but I don't think I'll get that any time soon.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Fave Five!!!

1. Being able to say to hubby, "Hey, I need a break ..." and him getting it and saying, "No problem." Then, when kiddo started asking permission to do stuff (nothing bad, I was just beyond being able to be calm and reasonable about *anything*), I was able to say, "I don't know, daddy's in charge." And then took a lovely bubble bath. By myself. With no audience hovering outside the door asking questions or crying.

Today went much better after that last night.

2. Hubby's FMLA being renewed very quickly so we don't have to wonder about it. So nice. (he's bipolar and needs literal mental health days now and again). Hubby's raise making life easier so I can feel less guilt about not working as much anymore.

3. Saving money using cloth diapers. I don't have to fudge the budget anymore for getting diapers every week or month (or two at Costco). I don't have to wonder if we have enough to last until X paycheck. And I feel less guilt about destroying the environment. lol.

4. Baby boy crawling to me with a cheesy grin on his face and his silly laugh, making me feel like the most important person in the world. His world, at any rate.

5. Being able to be silly with kiddo on occasion and less of a cranky pants, although she still says I'm crabby. hahaha.