Monday, November 3, 2008

So, things are okay ...

I haven't really discussed this much at all, and don't think I mentioned it on the blog period. My DH's younger sister is pregnant and single ... and we'd all (her, us, the in-laws) discussed hubby and I adopting her baby for a month or so. We were looking for an attorney, as LDS Family Services doesn't handle in-family adoptions, and were trying to figure out how to pay for it and get out of debt and all the other stuff going on ... Plus how to get a mini van since the babies would be 9 months apart (except they moved up her due date, so really 8 months).

I found out on Saturday that she had decided to keep the baby but didn't want to offend me or hubby so hadn't told us. Hubby found out from his dad. I sent her an email yesterday, just letting her know it was fine and we were fine and she'll be okay, and that we just want to support her however she needs us to and told her we'd drop the adoption subject.

I didn't tell her I cried for about 20 minutes. Or that I told hubby I'd probably want to try for a pregnancy again sooner rather than later (lol). Or that I felt immense relief mingled with my sadness and excitement for her when he told me what was up.

Today while I was holding my sweet baby boy, while he cooed and gurgled and spit and screamed and spit up some more and smiled at me ... I knew everything would be okay, and when we do decide to have another baby, it'll be better for HIM too, and I can just enjoy his baby-hood for now, which I wanted to do initially.

I'm feeling much less stress, and I think hubby is too (except for the thought of me getting pregnant again. Ever.). We had initially decided not to tell kiddo that adoption was even on the table, but hubby told her a couple weeks ago, so I got to tell her today that she was just getting a cousin, not another sibling. She was fine with that.

Speaking of kiddo, I took her to the "This is the Place" monument in Salt Lake on Saturday. She has a county report due tomorrow and had to have pictures of stuff and a bunch of little things done for it. So we went up there and spent a couple hours, just her, me, and the baby. She said she had a blast and wants to go again. Just hearing she had fun with me (weird) made it worth the time and $ to go. I'm thinking we'll have to try and find some "field trip" to do every month, even if hubby can't go. I need to make an effort to get out more with my kids.

Bambino is doing really well, even if he fussed at me all day and stayed up extremely late tonight. He's thrown his clock off. That's something we'll have to work on again tomorrow. After I get hubby back to the doctor for another med check. And after I get out and vote. I dunno. I kind of feel like my vote might mean something this year ...

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