Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's on YOUR Menu?

DisGrace went to visit the folks with her fam for Turkey Day. I miss them and I miss my folks (I'll be honest, mom mostly), and had decided I didn't want to go to my in-laws after all the drama with my SIL and YSIL and MIL ... *sigh* Hubby convinced me otherwise.

We are making the dinner and taking it over there.

Except the turkey -- he's going to take it over tomorrow (I think) and have them cook it in our new roaster (which I bought today so I could have the oven for everything else. Like pie.)

EF inspired me to list the dishes we'll have, so, aside from the turkey, unless something is going to be purchased pre-made (like the rolls), it's being made by me.

*turkey. want to brine it, but i'm not in charge.
*mashed red potatoes w/gravy
*stuffing (I'm attempting this for the first time; dressing is easier; i'm doing both)
*sweet potatoes (either changing up my normal casserole to be dairy free or sweet potato balls, not sure which. might make some balls tomorrow to see how I like them before I decide ...)
*pumpkin pies (I found a dairy free recipe; I'll make two dairy free and four regular)
*Green beans and veggies of some sort (again, dairy free, so no green bean casserole either)

I'm half hoping MIL decides not to cook/buy traditional Turkey fare and instead makes something Tongan. But she's been weird about food lately, so we'll see what happens.

ETA: Oh, yeah ... forgot the cranberry relish. I'm taking it anyway, even though hubby looked at it weird the first time I tried to take it over there. Yum.


rockelle dixon said...

what is stuffing or dressing?
I am not sure. I think I know but wanted to check.

stewbert said...

stuffing is typically more moist and goes inside the bird, or can be served on the side. It usually has giblets/sausage, celery, onions, etc. My mom's dressing was basically bread, spices, onions, and butter. It's a bit more dry, but I LOVE it.

MamaBear said...

mmm... butter.

when i refer to the 'rents i usually just say mom, to the degree that people ask if dad's dead or divorced? lmbo my reply is in the "yeah, i wish!" line.

and when i talk about him with the kids, i have to say it must be horrible to talk about your parent as such an awful parent you don't want to have them in your life. there's a high goal for us to NOT achieve!