Friday, October 31, 2008

Baby's first Halloween

Nope, no super cute costume or anything. I'm a lazy mama these days. He is wearing a onesie that says "this IS my costume" with a jack-o-lantern bib on top. We went trunk-or-treating at the church and then it started raining. Hubby came for about 15 minutes then had to go to work. Got this pic snapped while hubby was still there.

I was surprised at how many people DID know who/what kiddo was. More than a few grownups said, "HEY! It's Perry the Platypus!" and then asked about the costume. There was one little girl who was so excited. "MOM! That girl looks like Perry the Platypus!" So I turned to her and I said, "Guess what? She IS Perry the Platypus." She giggled and her mom was way impressed with the costume. So thankful for a talented mommy. Kiddo said it was getting tight, but I don't think it was, it looked fine to me. It's fleece, so it might have been warmer at school or something, but she was fine when we went to the church. So here's the pic of her rotated, didn't manage to get the two kids together ... (lazy mama). We're going to the in-laws on Sunday for dinner, dressing them up again so Mil and Fil can see how cute they are ... I'll make sure to put new batteries in the camera and take some shots.



1. Air conditioning. Our house gets so hot in the afternoons ... even though it's October. When we went to the ToT, hubby was grouchy until that A/C hit his face in the car. "oh, I bet that's why I'm grumpy ..." Derf.

2. Happy baby. He slept last night, slept in this morning, had a VERY good nap today (and let me sleep too), and went to bed tonight. He must be in a growth spurt or something because when he's awake, he just wants to eat.

3. Friendship. Kaje and I went to lunch the other day and it really lifted my spirits. Then she emailed today to say hi, and my friend Heather from NY emailed me today too. We used to work together and haven't talked as much now that we don't. She's going to Denver for Christmas to see her sister ... I told her we're only 8 hours from there and hinted she should come here, too. And Steph brought by a bunch of clothes the other day (thank you). And Dawn let me vent to her recently and gave some good suggestions ... and there are really more of you than I thought. When I start thinking I have no friends and life is poopy, y'all lift my spirits and crack me up and help me feel better and I get through it. Thanks.

4. Kiddo. Kiddo is so random at times, it's hilarious. So we get silly and sing silly songs and make up silly things together and get each other laughing and then the baby joins in the smiles ... They really do make everything worth it. And kiddo has been so helpful with her brother a lot of the time, I really should cut her some slack when she's not feeling helpful. She's a good kid and I need to remember that.

5. Dairy free chocolate, raspberry sorbet, and ice water. I no longer can digest milk products apparently since I get sick every time I do, so this is a bummer. But I can eat the chocolate I've found and the sorbet which is a good substitute for ice cream, and because our house IS so hot right now, I'm guzzling ice water. Yay.

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