Monday, November 10, 2008


Who on earth leaves a pregnant woman in charge of two preschoolers all day long with no food in the house aside from sugar-coated cereals and cookies?

My mother-in-law, that's who.

Don't get me wrong. She and I have a great relationship and she made sure I had enough to eat the entire pregnancy with Mojo. She would give us money to go out to eat or send home food with us, and made sure she cooked every time we went over there.

Apparently, with her daughter being pregnant, it is a different story, because I got an email from SIL saying that OBIL had taken her car, FIL had the truck, and MIL had the van, so she was home with the kids (OSIL and her DH left their 2 kids with them all for the week while they play in Vegas) and hadn't been able to eat anything all day, and the KIDS had OD'd on SUGAR because that was all that was in the house. She was near tears.

Without hesitating, I packed up the dinner I'd made that was just finishing (chili mac), bread and lunch meat, some juice and cheese, plus the kids, and got down there in 15-20 minutes. MIL had arrived with more junk food, fried chicken, jello, pudding, potato salad, and actually seemed sort of offended that I'd come to SIL's rescue. SIL had eaten some of what MIL brought, but she was hungry and what she had eaten made her sick. So she ate some chili mac and so did the kids, kiddo and I ate with them, and MIL loaded us up with some of the stuff she'd brought home to take to hubby because she wanted OBIL, YBIL, and FIL to be able to eat what I'd made (but was upset that I brought it?????).

*scratching head*

Yeah, she makey no sensey at times. At any rate. I had made extras and no idea why. But for about $3.50, I fed 5 adults and 3 kids, at least part of their dinner. MIL spent way more than that on the not healthy stuff she'd bought. *sigh*

Hubby and I decided SIL needs to learn to be a mommy ... and how to feed a family on the cheap since she's gonna be single for the foreseeable future. And MIL can't teach her that or how to cook really, so he told me I could go part time so I could help her more. lol.

As I said, I do have a good relationship with MIL ... hubby says she'll take care of me and our kids before she takes care of him or her other children, which also makes no sense, but hey, whatever. That just leaves me room to teach SIL some stuff... ;)

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