Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Fave Five

1. My sister just applied for the company I work for. A friend just started working there. I love my job anyway, but can you say "referral bonus"?

2. My new computer. It has a webcam (and microphone) built in. So, I took a late-night pic of Mr. Mojo and me. lol

3. Being a part-time employee and a full time wife and mom again. My house might actually get clean again, too.

4. Naps with my baby.

5. The new WoW expansion. I bought the collector's edition for hubby, but he gave me the code for the new pet because I love having little creatures follow me around. At least in-game. lol. And with the built in computer mic, I can get on and actually participate with hubby's brother and friends and their wives (those who have them) instead of feeling like an outcast. Wooo.


steph k said...

look at your big baby!!!

stewbert said...

i know -- he's huge!

MamaBear said...

btw ... did that mean you GOT a referral bonus? b/c if so - merry christmas! and if not - thanks anyway!