Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, I usually get mushy and talk about how awesome my husband is (even though we have issues and he has more of them, he's still awesome) and how thankful I am for him, how great my kids are, how wonderful my family is, church stuff, etc., and while that's all true, I'm going to say just one un-mushy thing instead:

I'm so thankful we don't live with my in-laws. Truly, truly thankful. I love them, but yeah ... Gratitude abounds.

EDIT: Hahahaha. wow, that was backhanded at my dearest. Hm. Guess I'll be mushy.

Issues: He is bipolar. I have depression. We have debt. That is just about all our issues, everything else is just part of those things or triggers the bipolar.

Awesomeness: He lets me sleep in, in the bed, with the baby, even when he's tired when he gets home from work in the morning. He'll go sleep in another room since he can't sleep with bambino in the bed. He works mad hours so I can work part time and be with the kids. He cleaned the toilets without telling me a couple of weeks ago. I noticed immediately and he acted all innocent. "what are you talking about?" lol. He let me use his "blow" money on PEPSI for ME last week. He holds me when I cry, even though he can't stand the tears. He loves my kids and treats my daughter like his own, to the point people have asked how the two of us got such a fair child. lol. He doesn't get after me when I don't cook, just says it's okay and goes on his way. He eats the food I cook now. We have learned to compromise on some stuff. He's trying to be more active in church and do family scriptures and stuff. Things aren't perfect, but I'm happy. :)


evitafjord said...


Except Jen - and not just because she might see this. Also not just because her husband is a chef.

I could say the same about my parents though. Love them, wouldn't want to live with them again either. I could probably live with my sisters too.

kaje said...

The most important thing is that you're happy! And I'm happy for you.

Happy Thanksgiving, girlie!