Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday fave five ... a day late.

1. Hubby. He ... gets overwhelmed with my family. But he went to The Architect's house last night for dinner with the kids and me. It was a great visit. Mojo did really well while we were there. He did not do so well at the in-laws' on Thursday, so hubby was very worried about how he'd be, not to mention his own bipolar trigger of my family. (hey, his family can trigger a crash, too). Anyway. He went, voluntarily, and we had fun. He suggested we try to get to my folks' for Chirstmas, but it's just impossible with the nursling and the timing... and I'm so grateful he suggested it. He is starting to realize how much I miss them and that he needs to be supportive and go with me to visit them. Life is better. lol

2. Thanksgiving food. Not just the yumm-o turkey and stuff I made (my own comfort foods from my childhood), but the Tongan stuff was delish. And MIL cooked some Tongan comfort food, which hubby rather enjoyed, and they sent us home with a bunch, so he's in heaven.

3. Spending time with family, mine and his. I know I said I'm glad I don't live with my in-laws, but I am glad for the time I do get to see them, especially my YSIL. She and kiddo get along great and kiddo adores her. Loved spending time with The Architect, his wifey-poo, and their kidlets, too. Looking forward to seeing DisGrace and Dizzy (and whoever else is around) when they get home from my folks house or next week or whenever soon. And when my folks come back to visit in a couple of months.

4. Rain. Not snow. Rain.

5. Naps. Naps are good. Warm soft blankets, cuddly pillows, warm baby ... Better go snuggle him and sneak one in while I can.

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