Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good Times With the In-laws

So, my SIL who lives elsewhere told me she'd be in town this week and asked if we wanted to do something for hubby's birthday. No, but I planned on going over to see her, her hubby, and their kids anyway. And show off the baby.

We got down there and the kids wanted to jump on the trampoline. She sent her hubby out with the kids (both of theirs and my kiddo), and we sat inside chatting with little SIL (who is pregnant). I asked if they cared if I nursed the baby in there since I was tired of having to leave the room every time I needed to feed him over there, and my FIL, MIL, and BIL were all gone. They didn't care, so I just fed him there. Then the kids and hubby came back in and upstairs. That was a tad weird since her kids kept asking where the baby went and tried to uncover him more than once, and that particular BIL has said maybe 2 words to me since I married into the family. Then FIL came home. "Don't come up, [Stewie] is feeding the baby!" lol. He went downstairs and hid instead. Mojo fell asleep and all was well, even with the kids being rowdy. FIL came upstairs to see everyone.

So the sisters kept debating what they wanted to do, decided to order sushi, and SIL sent hubby away to get McDonald's for the kids. While he was out, they finally figured out what they wanted on the menu (I'd chosen pretty quickly), called it in, and then she called him to tell him to pick it up. Then somehow the discussion got to breast feeding again -- out of deference to my FIL and MIL and DH, I do go in my in-laws' bedroom and shut the door when I'm there feeding the baby and they are home. FIL left the building when I tried feeding the baby at the clubhouse at kiddo's birthday party, so that let me know right there that things would not be as open as they always have been in my family. I always cover up unless I'm at my own home, don't just whip it out and stay hanging out, y'know? But I digress.

SIL said her husband figured out pretty quickly to just let her feed the baby wherever or she freaked out on him, so it didn't even phase him that I was nursing the baby in the living room when he came in. I thought that was cool. Told hubby later that since FIL and MIL and BIL were gone, I just fed him in the living room, but out of respect for his feelings and wishes and FIL and MIL, I'd continue going in the other room when they were all there. He understood. I might've forgotten to mention SIL's DH was there ... hahahaha.

There is something wrong with the electrical in their bathroom -- gave FIL the baby for a minute and tried to go in there and the light wouldn't go on, changed the bulb, still wouldn't go on, so SIL took in a lamp and that worked. But the other bulb in the fixture in there is broken ... bah. Maybe it's related to when BIL nearly burned down the house with a kitchen fire ... ahem.

At any rate. SIL's DH got lost going to the sushi place to pick up dinner, and the road it's on is a PITA to turn around on, so he took for-freaking-ever. When he got back, bambino was making such a fuss but refusing to nurse, so I just asked them to please pack up mine and hubby's and I'd have to leave. He apologized profusely for taking so long. BIL showed up and I asked him to hop online and tell hubby I'd be home soon (they chat on Skype while they game together), the sisters packed up the food, and I packed up the baby, and we left. Bambino calmed down almost as soon as he got in the car seat -- I think he knows he gets to go home if he gets in that thing. lol. He woke up as soon as we got home though and said hi to daddy before daddy went to work. he sure loves his daddy -- all smiles and happies to see him.

Sakura is the name of the sushi place. We liked it just fine, but we were both still hungry after finishing our rolls (the late hour might have had something to do with that), but it was yummy. I think we liked Happy Sumo more ... but Sakura was less expensive although still not cheap. *sigh* I never liked sushi before I hooked up with hubby. And now I wish we could afford it more often. lol.

Anyway. This was a huge mess of rambling. It was fun but I'm tired and I'm supposed to be working but can't focus for more than 30 seconds. ack. byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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