Monday, December 1, 2008


Just random crap I need to get done before Christmas:

*Make another sample cloth grocery bag; figure out the handles better (I made one tonight but don't love the handles)
*After I figure out the pattern, make 5 bags for Military Man and his wifey-poo
*Wrap for YSIL
*quilt for Mojo
*quilt for kiddo???
*re-bind hubby's mission quilt (someone made it for him and gave it to him on the mission; it is now falling to pieces just around the edges, so I need to make a new binding and add it)
*doll for kiddo??? (she wants this one, which I think is weird and way too much $, so I'd rather find a doll/dress pattern and try and make one and add a little "uterus" and boobs, and a tiny baby, lol)
*surprise for The Architect and fam on or about 12/15 (the day they were supposed to have their baby)
*figure out what to do for the folks and the in-laws for Christmas
*Seagull -- games for Military Man and fam
*rice cooker for hubby, maybe the gaming mouse and/or phone he says he wants

Not Christmas related
*Pick up the pace at work and hit my goals so we can get our baby emergency fund done and get started on our debt snowball
*Use the rest of the free formula coupons before they expire 12/31

there's other stuff but mojo is done letting me type.


oh just ehu. said...

How many cups/rice cooker does he want? (I wasn't even sure how to phrase that question...oye, Mondays!)

Anonymous said...

I dunno -- he likes rice a lot. I've always just cooked it on the stovetop and it's been fine, but he wants a cooker ... I'm fine with getting it but just am not sure how big of one to get. lol

stewbert said...

well that's just plain weird -- I know I was logged in when I posted that comment ...

oh just ehu. said...

Get the 10 cup, that's the perfect size. (It's not like you'd always have to use 10 cups). If you got the 3 cupper, it'd be too small! And always put an extra cup of water in--it comes out just right :)