Friday, December 5, 2008

Update on the stuff

*Make another sample cloth grocery bag; figure out the handles better --- I decided not to make them for military man and his wife anyway. i'll be making them for myself because, while the bags at the store are nifty and cheap, I don't want to be "branded" by using various stores' bags. Instead ... I'm going to make matching/coordinating aprons for them all and still do a game.
*Wrap for YSIL --- still going to do this, but haven't found fabric i like yet
*quilt for Mojo --- Am about to go start cutting strips. It's flannel on top, 4 inch squares, two fabrics. It will then be tied and bound. The back is a blue cotton which reminds me of water. I'll just cut a bunch of strips and sew them together, then cut those into strips the other direction and piece them together.
*quilt for kiddo --- bought her some fleece instead and hemmed the edges for a blanket. Rock on, one present down.
*re-bind hubby's mission quilt --- need to iron the fabric and make the binding this weekend
*doll for kiddo --- I found a doll pattern/kit which is cute, but I'm not sure I have time to order it (next week after payday again) and then make it. we'll see
*surprise for The Architect and fam on or about 12/15 --- still planning on making them dinner and taking flowers over, maybe a live plant instead of flowers
*figure out what to do for the folks and the in-laws for Christmas --- Still don't know what I'm doing
*Seagull -- games for Military Man and fam; Willow Tree figurine for us --- I'll get over there closer to Christmas
*rice cooker for hubby, maybe the gaming mouse and/or phone he says he wants --- definitely getting the rice cooker, closer to Christmas. the figurine above, too. Not sure what to do with the phone/mouse sitch though.
*dress for kiddo. Yep. Really. I now have all the fabric and notions, bought the pattern quite a while ago. I'll be working on this this weekend as well.
*EZ Bake Oven for kiddo. Just have to buy it when we have more fundage.

Not Christmas related
*Pick up the pace at work and hit my goals so we can get our baby emergency fund done and get started on our debt snowball --- I've been forcing myself to stay awake later and have actually hit my target 3 of 4 days this week. Hallelujah.
*Use the rest of the free formula coupons before they expire 12/31 --- Next week.


evitafjord said...

I'm making an apron today! Maybe 2. It's Christmas show time at the theatre and that means auctions at intermission, so coordinating grandma (or mommy) and kiddo aprons will be one of our contributions. I cheated and got the Christmas yardage one at WM for the front of the grownup one, but I'm doing the back and the kid one out of a blue canvas so that they'll be reversible for other seasons.

Sewing skirts for at least the younger girls too - ran across a tutorial for twirl skirts and picked out some blue and brown coordinating material this week. Picked up a remnant of a more grownup fabric for Hannah too.

Feeling crafty here too. (no quilts though, you get my complete awe on that one - I've made quilts, but they all had solid tops and backs) Have to clean first before I can get crafty though :-( Oh, and work ;-) need to steal your next to last goal too.

stewbert said...

Woohoo!!! :) Craftiness is way fun. And I don't make hard quilts. *shudder* lol

evitafjord said...

Maybe someday. I did the first half when I made the mattresses for Once Upon a Mattress (18 six inch strips). Wouldn't that be an interesting and HUGE quilt? It stretched up 3 levels of scaffolding, from the stage floor to almost the bottom of the proscenium valance. That's what got me started again wanting to be crafty. Sewing something for the theatre always makes me want to sew something for the fam.

evitafjord said...

Sorry, just had to say - eighteen 6 inch x 150 inch strips.

stewbert said...

Holy hannah, that would be huge.

evitafjord said...

9 x 12.5.

I told him what he should really use it for is to make the coat of dreams and do Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

His mom has made him 2 lap quilts with his old theatre T-shirts. They are AWESOME.

stewbert said...

hahahaha ... the dreamcoat thing would be cool.

that is awesome. :)