Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Spent the last two days at DisGrace's trying to get Kiddo's dress going. it's finally all cut out, after I felt like I was going to puke just looking at the pattern pieces. Then I had to cut into the expensive fabric and nearly hyperventilated. Then I pulled out the instructions and freaked out -- it's complicated. Probably the most complicated thing I've ever done. Including quilts.

I've been tagged:
I was tagged by: Steph
I am: supposed to be working
I think: I should work so I can go to bed so I can get up in the morning and do it all again tomorrow
I know: I'm an okay person, even when I make mistakes
I want: a maid
I have: laundry piling up
I dislike: messes
I miss: my mom
I fear: something happening to my kids and/or husband
I feel: cold
I hear: keys typing, baby making spit bubbles and spitting in his sleep, and the clock ticking
I smell: the spaghetti pie i made for dinner
I crave: chocolate. NOW please.
I cry: when I'm tired and overwhelmed
I search: for peace
I wonder: if I really can make that dad gummed dress
I regret: harsh words and gossip
I wish: I had the drive to get healthier again
I love: my family, friends, and the Gospel
I care: about people I don't know -- the patients I type reports on
I always: am distracted easily
I worry: about what people think of me (me too)
I am not: a size 10
I remember: nearly nothing of my childhood
I believe: the truthfulness of the Gospel
I sing: not as much as I wish I could
I don't: have solutions for everything
I argue: with myself
I write: blog entries, duh
I win: ...
I lose: my mind
I listen: to the kids crying/laughing/whining
I don't understand: why mental illness is a necessary lesson for some people in this life
I can usually be found: at home with my family and in my room typing during my shift
I need: body wash that doesn't make my skin break out
I forget: visiting teaching
I am happy: at the moment
Now I tag... dawn, jen bryner, mamabear, katie, and anyone else who reads this who steph didn't already tag.


rockelle dixon said...

I left you a comment but somehow it isn't showing up

stewbert said...

well that's weird. that one showed up.