Monday, December 22, 2008


What a good guy.

In case you don't have 8 minutes to spend watching this, a senior computer pro at a college learned there would be lay-offs at the school. He knew of his partner's financial difficulties with 4 young kids, the youngest with autism, and told the college if they had to let one of them go, to take him instead of the other guy. GMA took him to their studio, saying his wife had entered a contest, but the other guy's mom had sent them an email telling of his generosity in these tough economic times, and everyone cried.

I have been feeling pretty selfish this holiday season ... must find something nice to do for someone soon. Not quit my job (they like me and aren't laying people off), but something small.


steph k said...

aww... I wish I had the means to do something... specifically for a certain family without a turkey. :-P

stewbert said...

we gave $5 to the salvation army. i'd like to do more, too... even for that dude w/o a christmas tree