Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas was fantabulous

I'll post some pictures of our festivities later on. There was family drama, but when is there not at the holidays? This particular drama prevented us from seeing hubby's folks, but we'll hopefully be able to have them over soon and see them then.

I didn't do a Friday Fave Five, so here ya go:
1. My new wedding ring. It's my *other* Christmas present. hehe.
2. We got to go to my sister's house on Boxing Day for a couple hours. Mojo was mostly nice until the ride home, kiddo played with her cousins, and hubby even said we'd go back again. (mom where did you get that blanket in your room?? it's like mojo's favorite one of his only huge).
3. Mojo "helping" me type or hubby gaming. He's so cute and busy. lol
4. Spending time with kiddo this last week. Sure i get cranky at times but she is such a good kid, and we've had a lot of fun together making cake (we looked up recipes for the ebo online) and she's had an indiana jones marathon. wooo!
5. food item: costco's brand of spiral sliced glazed ham. delish.

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