Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Fave Five!!!

1. Fabulous friends. Kaje has been scouting out deals for just about every gift I may have mentioned needing to buy. She rocks the casbah. Steph came to see me and saved my sanity, as I already posted. My sisters and sister-in-law, mom, and auntie voodoo (really need to think of a new nickname for her) also qualify as friends. And they're all awesome. Wahoo. I was at the school Wednesday night for kiddo's concert, and one of the other moms was asking about my wrap (which was a gift from an online friend and which I wear the baby in) and his little hat (which Steph made him). She said I have awesome friends. I have to agree.

2. Hubbers. I KNOW he's on here nearly every week. I KNOW he's the hottest thing since disco. I KNOW I'm a tad biased. I'm just so darned proud of him right now ... he has come to two of my family get togethers lately. He's come back to church. He has a temple recommend. He will be able to bless Mojo in Jan/Feb when my parents get here again. He also overcame his social anxiety and claustrophobia and braved the MALL Thursday night (a week before Christmas) to hear our daughter's elementary school choir sing. He knew he wasn't doing well last night afterward and decided on his own to take his medication, and he's doing just fine again. (aside: the same mom from the night before talked to him a bit then saw me and asked him if I was his cute little wife. hehehehe. it made me giggle). PLUS, for one of his Christmas gifts, he changed his mind on something that was just for him and said he wanted to go to our favorite sushi place on a date, which is expensive, so I bought him a gift certificate for it. He's working a zillion hours, doing the stuff I want, AND asking to spend time with me? No wonder I'm a silly, happy, giddy, very-much-in-love girl right now. I've always loved him, but he's showing me that he really is the man I fell in love with who did all this sort of stuff before the wedding! It's almost like being engaged again. lol. But better. hahahaha.

3. I'm so thankful in this economy with how things are in many places right now that hubbers and I are both employed, and that I have work during my shifts (which I should be doing right now), that our bills are paid on time every month, and that we have some funds this weekend to finish the Christmas shopping *and* buy groceries, and a little money put aside just in case.

4. "Acne Free" zit cream. I've been majorly breaking out this week, and this clears them up quickly without leaving my skin totally dry. Lurve it! You can get it at Wal-Mart.

5. Inspiration, mother's intuition, whatever you want to call it. It's saved my sanity more than once since bambino was born. This week? He was acting hungry but refusing to nurse or take a bottle. Then he started diving for my plate one night, so I realized he wanted FOOD. I gave him some mashed up roasted potato. Happy baby. He's now eating cereal and veggies twice a day, sleeping better most of the time, and we will move on to other foods next month. My MIL will be so happy I'm finally "feeding" him. hahaha.

Happy 5-month birthday Mojo!!!


steph k said...

HAHAHA... He's so cute! And I KNOW THAT SHIRT!!!!! Hee hee. I forgot it was in that bag. I LOVED it. Hee hee.

stewbert said...

Out of all the shirts in that bag, I think that is kiddo's favorite. lol