Wednesday, December 17, 2008

thank heaven

When hubby came home from work today, we talked for a bit about his work, and then I told him how our night went. I told him I had really needed a break before he went to work last night. He said, "Why didn't you say something???" Mildly annoyed, I said, "I did. I told you I needed a break and was hiding in the bedroom on purpose when I put the baby in his jumper, and you brought him right to me as soon as he fussed a bit anyway." He didn't hear me. He was sort of out of it last night anyway -- he missed the announcement that the baby decided last night was the night to start eating and dove for my plate, too, so I mashed up one of my potato chunks and fed him. lol.

At any rate, baby then chose that moment this morning to wake up. Hubby changed him and said, "Do you want me to take him out of here for a while?" "That would be wonderful." I had 15 minutes to myself and it felt like heaven. How sad. LOL.

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