Monday, December 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

So ... I attempted lemon chicken last night. I was the only one who loved it. Per hubby, lemon belongs on fish, orange on chicken. He liked it okay, but ... yeah. I have these issues when he won't tell me what he *likes* or *wants* to eat, just acts all weird until I drag it out of him. Sort of like with the toffee/caramel debacle when he didn't want to tell me I misunderstood. lol. It has been better since last Christmas, but maybe that's because he realized how tired i was from the baby (both pregnant and postpartum). lol

Spaghetti, broccoli

crock pot something. roast or chicken noodle soup ...

Maybe hot wings? Depends on hubby's work schedule. If he only has to work the 8- or 10-hour shift, yes. If he ends up working the 16-hour shift, no. We'll be at DisGrace's for however long he's there anyway, so we might just do something else. The T-Bone for Chinese. Yum. Hafta take some dairy-free snackage foods ... can't forget that. maybe i'll make pumpkin pie for NYE and have some on NYD too ...

Traditional New Year's Day dinner of ribs, black eyed peas, and other stuff. will do hot wings if we don't get them NYE

orange chicken, rice, stir-fry veggies

whatever i didn't make on tuesday.

the best part? i have all this at home and won't have to go to the store until Friday.


Katz said...

Todd didn't like the lemon chicken either. What a bunch of weirdos. I think I might try the same recipe but with orange juice.

stewbert said...

I actually didn't do it in the crock pot because I wanted it more glazed instead of crock potted. I sliced the chicken sort of on an angle so it was thin, but wide strips. Coated it in flour, fried the chicken in olive oil, then made a sauce with the lemonade and some cornstarch in the pan with the drippings, then put the chicken back in and coated it with the sauce. It was SO good. I'm going to do the same thing with the orange chicken, although I might dredge it twice in the flour with some almond milk in between to get a thicker, crispier coating.