Friday, December 12, 2008

sometimes, the Lord knows what he's doing ...

Okay, I've been in this ward for nearly 4 years (holy hannah), and know I've never said two words to this gal at church who has been here this whole time. She's never said two words to me, either. So I knock on her door (late for my VT appointment and my partner had already stopped and said hi but left, but I felt like I needed to go over), and I'm like, "oh my gosh, I know who you are." I never knew her name. She never knew mine. She's lived in the ward for nearly 6 years.

We got to chatting and somehow the conversation turns to her being bipolar and having severe postpartum depression after her first child (neither of which I knew about), having a schizophrenic brother (hello), her husband having depression and ADD (oh my stars ...). I told her my husband is bipolar and has a schizophrenic brother, I have depression, my sister has depression and had horrible postpartum depression with her first, etc. We could have kept talking for HOURS. She feels so relieved to have someone in the ward who understands what goes on with her because she doesn't tell people about that usually, and I'm glad she said something and has someone to talk to, and that I have someone I can talk to, too. It's so great!

I left and just thought, "Well, obviously there are reasons our house didn't sell ... and now I have another friend in the ward and she does too. Awesome! Thank you, Heavenly Father!"

Also found out today that hubby's check made up the rest of the mortgage payment (I had some of it set aside), and I bought groceries (which is why I was late to the appt) and there is tithing money. He really does love us.

P.S. I got the other sleeve stitched in, but that's it. Baby hasn't cooperated with anything today. And he's napping now, which means he's not going to bed on time tonight. ARGH. Owell. I know I'll be blessed to somehow still get my work done. hehehe.

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