Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a yittle progress

(kiddo used to say "yittle" instead of little)

The bodice of the dress is coming together. I have it all set up at my sister's/rents' because there is a sewing room there and kiddo can't see the WIP (work in progress), but I'm bringing it home tomorrow (I think) so I can work on it here on Sunday after she goes to bed. Tomorrow I'm going to set the sleeves and hopefully get the interfacings done so I can get going on the skirt on Sunday and hopefully finish it. Then I can finish all the other Christmas projects. Just need Mr. Mojo (i.e. crankypants) to cooperate with my plans.

This is sort of taking up all my energy and brain power. Bother.

At least gas is cheap right now -- driving to Springville every day to sew for an hour or two wouldn't be working out well for me otherwise.


oh just ehu. said...

Oh hell yeah I'm grateful the gas price is down!! Who would have ever thunk it to be this LOW?!?! $1.59??? That in it's self is a Christmas gift!!!!

The Boob Nazi said...

Please forgive my nerdiness.
It's called gliding haha. And I'm done.
Or not. Gliding should start declining at 4 years 4-6 months. Yep.

stewbert said...

um, I'm confused. What's called gliding???