Friday, December 12, 2008


I left the dress in the baby's closet and he's in his room sleeeping in his car seat. I can't sew. I am a moron. lol.

Two more of hubby's co-workers were let go last night. Prayers for him keeping his job would be much appreciated.


On to the fave five!

1. Our bishop. He's a really neat guy and has helped hubby figure some stuff out of late. Thus, Mojo will be blessed in February (when my parents are here next). I realize he'll be 6+ months old, but hey, better then than never.

2. My sewing machine. It's about 5 years old and I got a killer deal on it. And I'm really enjoying sewing lately (except sewing satin sucks).

3. My snuggly blankie. A friend and former co-worker made me a nice and warm fleece blanket a couple of Christmases ago. I got it down from the closet this last week since it's starting to get cold, and it's nice to throw on my lap while I'm working.

4. My rocking chair/recliner. Seriously, that thing has helped out a ton with the fussy baby. Rock him to sleep, sometimes we nap together ... it's nice.

5. Visiting teaching. I'm sort of a slacker at times, but went yesterday to see one sister and will see our other one today. It's nice to visit with them and get to know some people in the ward a bit better. :)

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