Monday, December 15, 2008

Go here to enter a contest to win stuff. Like an iPod. Or a Cricut.

OH, and to back up *one* blog. For free. You can pay to back up more.

Here's the email from a friend of mine who works for them. Good luck!

Hey everyone,

My latest project,, finally went into public beta today after 3 months of being in development. It's pretty cool software and you can use it for free, but you should really consider heading over there today because for today only the owners of the site (my clients) are doing giveaways every two hours. Prizes include ipods and a "Cricut" machine (I'm told it's some cool scrapbooking thing).

All you have to do to enter the contest is sign up for an account or follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Contest ends at 8pm tonight. Go here to see the full contest details:

So if you're a Blogger user who never backs up your blog (ie. pretty much every Blogger user), or if you just want to try and win an ipod, go check it out.

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