Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa Claus and a Fave Five

It was errand day today. I took the kids to Walmart this morning (after the bread store, Macey's, and the gas station). Our Walmart has a Subway inside, and inside the Subway, Walmart was doing Santa pictures. I'll have to go pick them up Monday. Anyway. I was wearing Mojo in the wrap, and he saw Santa and started giggling. He giggled while I took him out of the wrap and put him in Santa's lap. He giggled right up until I started backing away to let them take the picture of him with Sissy (kiddo) and Santa. He started pouting, then smiled when I did and started giggling again. It was cute.

Then tonight, I took the kids to the ward Christmas party. Hubby had planned to attend (as he said, free food, let's go eat), but Mojo had come home from the store very grouchy and wouldn't take his nap and woke up hubby, so by the time we started thinking about getting ready to go to the party, hubby decided he had to sleep again. So, they also had a Santa at the party and took pics again. Mojo screamed. Every time the guy shook his bells, Mojo screamed louder. I don't know what the difference was except the loud bells, but my gosh, that was wretched.

At least kiddo had fun and behaved. And she sang well with the primary kids.

And the food was good, but the garlic mashies probably had at least some milk in them. I ate them anyway because I was starving. Brought home a plate of dinner and another of dessert for hubby. Woke him up, he took a few bites then realized he had a migraine, took some meds and went to work. He'll eat it in the morning I'm sure.

I've been spending time with DisGrace this week, which has been fun. We went to 3 fabric stores combined on Wednesday and Friday. She sent me an email from Jo-Ann for 50% off in stores, which I used to save half off the overlay for the skirt for kiddo's Christmas dress. Good thing since it was 9.99/yard and I needed 4-1/2 or 5 yards (I bought 5). I have to change the pattern a bit though because the dress fabric is dry clean only and the overlay fabric is do not dry clean. hahahahaha. It'll be an apron-ish sort of thing. Owell. ANYWAY. Totally missed DisGrace, so it's been good to hang out. Going over Monday to sew. Squeeee.

Work has gone pretty well this week, too. Goal next week is to be more focused and get the work done faster so I'm not up as late, although I'm still only working an average of 4 hours a night, just broken up around nursings and I'm up until around 3 a.m. most nights. At least Mojo sleeps a lot during the day still, so I'm able to nap with him.

So, for the fave five: CHRISTMAS MOVIES!

1. Elf. "These toilets are ginormous!" First movie I liked Will Ferrell in.
2. Christmas with the Kranks. "We want Frosty!" Love Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. Not a dynamic I thought would work, but it rocked.
3. The Santa Clause trilogy. "Not valid in the state of Utah." Again, love Tim Allen. The only thing I didn't like was in #3, as the actress playing Charlie's mom had had bad plastic surgery between #2 and #3 and reminded me of the plastic Santa in #2, only worse. *shudder* But I love these movies.
4. VeggieTales: The Toy Who Saved Christmas. "with a fully functional buzz saw on his right arm!" What kid wouldn't want that???
5. White Christmas. I've only seen it a few times (seriously), but wouldn't mind watching it again soon.

Note: I've watched "This Christmas" and "Fred Claus" in the last few weeks. I enjoyed both of them as well for different reasons. "This Christmas" didn't have everything tidied up in a pretty bow at the end of the movie, like most try to do. There were still problems and things the characters would have had to face and work through had they been real people, due to their actions during the film. I *liked* that. And I liked that even though some members of the family couldn't stand each other, they came together and stood together when things got rough. "Fred Claus" was ... different. It did show the story of the TRUE Santa (that he was a real person in Turkey a long time ago, although they didn't name the country, that he gave all he had to the poor and needy, and that he was sainted for doing so). The theory of Santa having a sibling was an interesting one because I'm sure if any of you have "perfect" or "holier than thou" siblings, you could probably identify more with Fred feeling somewhat resentful and rebellious. It did wrap everything up nicely at the end, and Vince Vaughn didn't bug me. For once. But neither of those movies are Christmas faves, which I would define as a Christmas movie I'd want to watch more than once, and maybe even not during the holidays, and would stop flipping through channels to watch if I came across it on cable.


treen said...

My top Christmas movies are White Christmas, the 1990s version of Miracle on 34th Street (I didn't like the original nearly as much), and Muppet Christmas Carol. We watch those over and over and over. I also at least turn on It's a Wonderful Life and have it playing the background while I'm baking or something, even if I don't sit down to watch.

evitafjord said...


(Holiday Inn, Nightmare before Christmas, Charlie Brown Christmas, White Christmas) I also rather liked The Family Stone, which I just had to search for 10 minutes to figure out the name. I also laughed out loud yesterday at the Drake and Josh Christmas movie that just came out on Nick.

Worst - A Christmas Story. Barf in my shoes.

stewbert said...

I liked teh 90s version of miracle, too.

I concur about A Christmas Story. I'll have to try and catch the D&J christmas on nick.