Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dare I say it?

I *think* I'm done Christmas shopping. I still have sewing to do, but the buying part is (finally) done. I did go over budget a little, but unlike the cashier at Costco, I DID pay my bills first. lol.

Hubby said something today about how I haven't baked a single Christmas goody this year, which is completely unlike me, so I think tomorrow and Monday will be baking/cooking days. Probably Christmas Eve as well, come to think of it. I'd intended to anyway, but since my sweetie is missing my baking, I'll get it done.

The plans are to make shortbread (with butter for gifts and with Earth Balance, which is dairy free, for me), then melt baker's semi-sweet chocolate (also dairy free) and white chocolate and dip the shortbread into the dark chocolate, then drizzle with white (except not mine), and sprinkle crushed almonds on it. I'll try and take pictures and show y'all how it turns out. Also planning to do the same sort of treatment to some giant pretzels we bought today, maybe add some crushed peppermints, AND make some giant PB cups for hubby. Would like to get some brownies made but need to make sure I have all of the ingredients correct from my SIL because hers are yummy and mine are not.

P.S. I shouldn't have let kiddo go shopping for the rice cooker with me today. She insisted on wrapping it tonight, then on putting it was from the family (instead of just me, which is what I wanted, since she picked something else to be from her and I was going to have a bunch of the rice be from the baby). THEN, on one of the packages of rice, she put the gift tag as "to Daddy from Mommy." Never mind that I would've put our names on there ... lol. Now I know.

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