Saturday, December 6, 2008

Small Blessings

Forgot to mention this ... after I'd put aside the tithing and bill money and spent all the grocery money (on food for us this time, not fabric or roaster ovens or just food for thanksgiving), hubby told me we were out of Ramen.

Ramen is a food group in our house.

1. Meat.
2. Ramen.
3. Chocolate.
4. Fruit/Veggies.

I wish I was kidding.

It's so bad that I capitalize Ramen and we have Ramen with dinner at least once a week -- dinner being composed of all 4 food groups listed above typically (sometimes missing the chocolate and/or fruit though).

So obviously, I had to go back to the store before the Christmas party. RAMEN being the first thign on my list, there were a couple of other items we needed. We were out of reverse osmosis water (I drink it; hubby and kiddo put it in their humidifiers; his is attached to his cpap machine, so we really needed it), and hubby was craving fish (and since he'd given me his blow money for groceries this week, I had to get him some fish, too, or he'd just be cleaning out the fridge eating everything but his craving since he couldn't just go buy it). I took a deep breath and spent another $20 at Macey's from the bill money and didn't touch the tithing.

We picked up the mail on our way home. In the mail was a check from the hospickle for over payment on one of my accounts.

For $20.

Thank you Heavenly Father.


oh just ehu. said...

Wow, what a blessing!!!

Rice is a food group in our family. Each and EVERY meal. Sometimes I feel sorry for my Palangi SIL...she's now accustomed to making a potato instead.

Did you get a rice pot yet?

stewbert said...

lol. i like rice. :)

Not yet -- it's a Christmas present, and I'm not feeling rushed on that one. I never did see a 3 cup one though -- walmart has an 8 cup and a 16 cup.

stewbert said...

Oh, and hubby eats Ramen just about every day. I don't, the kids don't, but he does.

rockelle dixon said...

Hey I just love you!
Dont you wish the $$ struggle would just GO AWAY already....but me thinks it NEVER will.
You need to post those Christmas Pictures!

evitafjord said...


I just bought the Everybody Loves Ramen book for my brother for Christmas. Going to pair it with a bunch o' ramen. Apparently, he's quite the connoisseur (I decided I wasn't going to check the spelling on that and then I had to use all my willpower not to do it.)

hehehehe, the captcha is squebo.

stewbert said...

I love you too Rockelle. :) I wish it would end, too. We're mostly doing better, but then if both of us have a few bad
paychecks in a row, life sucks again. lol.

Dawn, that sounds like a book hubby would love. I think I'm going to give him 4 or 5 different types of rice with the cooker actually ...