Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mixed signals

What happens when you ask your husband what he wants for Christmas (because I FAIL at presents for him) and he tells you, and then later on whimpers, "you haven't baked anything at all this year," and you ask what he wants you to cook and he says "toffee," and you don't clarify that it's NOT your gramma's "super-secret" toffee/caramel recipe she got off the back of an Eagle sweetened condensed milk can 50 years ago, but the saltine toffee cookies he requested last year too when you were pregnant and chocolate made you puke, and you are sleep deprived and assume it's the FORMER?

"That's nice dear."

So now we have a batch of caramel sitting there.

And a batch of toffee cookies.

And shortbread. Because he wanted that too.

And it's all full of dairy. *sigh*

owell. I have to make white chocolate peppermint bark, too, for DisGrace, and some ginormous PB cups for his stocking. lol. I am an idiot and put everything off to the last minute.

Kiddo at her Christmas concert at the mall -- she's the one in the blue-green hat and scarf. They did great and she had fun! Woo.


Rockelle said...

ummm post that carmel recipe!

Katz said...

You could send some of that my direction. *I* don't have a problem with diary. :)

steph k said...

I agree with Katz. Hee hee.

We could always have a post Christmas party, I suppose. lol