Saturday, December 13, 2008

By a show of hands ...

If KerliFan reads this, the following is Top Secret and you MAY NOT tell Kiddo about this.

Kiddo asked for something for Christmas which I thought about getting her, tried to buy it on Friday and they were out. It's an Easy Bake Oven. When I couldn't find it, I first called DisGrace for reassurance that kiddo wouldn't hate me forever. And we came up with a plan of sorts to get her a cookbook so she could learn to bake with the oven (it sort of scares her), and I found a box of cookie cutters and bought it, had figured out that I could make her pot holders that cover her arms, and had decided to do that and make coupons for "baking with mom lessons." I think she would get a kick out of it all, but she really thinks that Easy Bake Oven is cool stuff. (at least she didn't ask for the newer cupcake maker thing because the reviews say it sucks and it's more $ than the EBO).

Hubby was kind of disappointed that I couldn't find it yesterday, and I talked to several people about it. I decided to try again because *even though she can cook on the real stove*, most of my friends my age, younger, or older, in real life or online, the cutting counter ladies in the Walmart fabric department, always wanted one but their parents said NO or couldn't afford it or whatever, and they've always *still* wanted one. And I thought, y'know, I wanted one too. Plus, hubby really wanted her to have what she wanted for Christmas as well (and had vetoed the pregnant/nursing doll), so I went back to the store today. They had a few on the shelves, so I grabbed one. In talking with the cashier today, I mentioned that I'd wanted one and she said she had too, and that her grandson wants one but his dad said no. They aren't even pink anymore, plus Duff is a successful baker and I think he's straight, so I don't see the problem. (ahem, tongue in cheek). I said, "Maybe Gramma should get it for him." She replied, "Maybe she will." lol.

I must add that as a kid I did get other things I did want for Christmas: Cabbage Patch dolls, Barbies, other random toys, the annual Christmas sweater (NO, not Christmas themed, but I got a sweater nearly every year ...). My parents did the best they could with what they had, and for that I am grateful. In fact, I don't remember ever really asking my folks for an EBO, but I *wanted* one so much so that I nearly bought one a few years ago, long before kiddo was old enough to use one. Yep. That bad.

I know, it's a plastic box that "cooks" with a lightbulb (which I also picked up at the store and will stick in her stocking), and yes, before long she'll be baking on her own I'm sure, but there have only been a few times she has her heart set on a particular gift for Christmas ... The last time was the year Princess Dora came out -- she was a little too old for it that year, so I told her no, but every time anyone asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she said "Princess Dora" and insisted she would be getting it. By the time she'd convinced me, there were none to be had in our entire state, so I called my parents out of desperation. Mom had just bought one and donated it to Toys for Tots (or a similar charity). I just about cried and begged her to see if she could find another one. She did and they packed it up in their luggage to bring with them for Christmas. Awesome, right? Nope. A family friend took them to the airport and *that bag* got left in her car. The family friend (who knows Kiddo from when she was tiny) *overnighted* the dang doll to my folks here ... and that Christmas was awesome simply because she got what she wanted -- too bad the shipping cost twice as much as the doll (thanks again, Mom!). She loved the doll for a while and played with it a lot, but the hair (which you could make longer or shorter at the press of a button) got all tangled and snarly repeatedly, so I braided it and told her not to take it out of the braid, but that was frustrating even though you could still make it longer and shorter. So eventually she quit playing with it. Hoping the EBO has a longer "shelf-life" of playing than the doll did ...

ANYWAY. I want to know if the EasyBake Oven was something *you* wanted as a child, if you got it and loved it or hated it, or if you didn't get it and wish you did. And if you have kids, if you will or will not get one for your kids.

shoot. I'd better get to work. Have a ton to do and the kidlets are sleeping, and I *have* to sew tomorrow so I can try and finish kiddo's Christmas project and get the back made for Mojo's quilt so Kiddo and I can tie it. Plus, I have some other stuff to sew. I don't have time to blog! *shutting up*



The Boob Nazi said...

I never wanted one. I didn't really get into cooking until I took a class at college. And now I love it. And baking. Loooooove it.

steph k said...

I never really wanted one... but cupcake did and she got it. And then my mom RARELY ever let us play with it. I think we only used it a couple of times... I'm pretty sure it's still packed up in the basement somewhere....

evitafjord said...

I don't remember ever really wanting one. I think I was baking already when I heard about them.

I did really, really want a Cabbage Patch the year they came out - and got one, but only because we were in a car accident on Christmas Day that year and one of the stores had donated some to the hospital, so I got one of those and a huge homemade Raggedy Ann (it was so beautiful), and some other stuff. It was pretty cool, even though my nose was completely flat and black and blue.

My girls were given a hand-me-down EBO last year. It was like you describe the Dora. This year they know what they are getting and haven't really asked for anything else except Sunday shoes.

I'm taking a vacation from blogging/reading blogs (well, i'm reading, but i whittled my list down by at least half)/Facebook.

Rockelle said...

I bought it for Sarah and Cassidy a few years ago...we used it lie twice...the cakes are nasty...evereything sticks etc.
I would take it back and just really teach her to bake she is old enough!
Lov ya