Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nothing wakes a parent up like the sound of ...

Puke splatting.

Okay, so that's a bit vivid. But that's how I spent last night: Taking care of a sick kid. Then after hubby got home, he went to the store and bought ginger ale and white bread (for toast) and saltines, and sent me to bed for a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep. He took good care of her, folded laundry, and gave her a blessing, and I didn't even have to suggest it. When I got up, he went to bed and I took care of her and cleaned up the mess she'd made in the middle of the night (we'd taken care of part of it, but I was really nauseated myself, so I couldn't handle doing a good job then). She's feeling much better now and is resting comfortably, but hubby is queasy. He went to work anyway.

I know exactly where she got it: Dizzy, the nearly 2-yo, had it Sunday when we went over for dinner and then Munchkin slept over. Ra, Dizzy's nearly 12-yo sister, had it last night, too. I'm hoping they're all better.

I just wonder where Dizzy got it.


evitafjord said...

First week of school virus? Most of mine were down over the weekend with a sniffle/cold, including poor Sam who still has an occasional barky cough. Poor little guy.

stewbert said...

aw, man! sick babies is no fun.

Dizzy is only two and she's the one who got it first, so I'm not sure it could be a first week of school thing (plus, the kids have been in school for three weeks?). I dunno.

I'm sick now, but fortunately (for my sternum anyway), it's going the other way instead.

Kipluck said...

EWW. NO fun. Poor Munchkin.