Monday, September 3, 2007

My "Saturday"

Monday is my official day off. I played WoW for a few hours today (and one of hubby's friends came to my rescue to help me finish a quest -- he's such a dork most of the time, but he actually *helped* today, I can't think he's a total loser anymore) while hubby was sleeping and kiddo was at her cousin's (my sister watched her last night so hubby and I could have some alone time -- we haven't had any since our second honeymoon in May). I didn't read any blogs until just now -- so proud of CC and the Boy, laughing because of the coincidence of Bobbie's fruit woes, glad kip was able to stay at church, etc. anyway. Around noon, I picked up kiddo, went to the grocery store, came home and put stuff away, and she played neopets while I played WoW some more. Then I cleaned the kitchen (like, I washed ALL the pots and pans and did the dishwasher twice and stuff!) and made dinner. We ate, I had a nap, and then I cuddled Munchkin until bedtime. I usually end up working some on Monday nights after kiddo goes to bed and hubby goes to work, but not tonight. WHY? Because for some reason, I decided picking peaches at my mom's/sister's house yesterday would be fun. And picked four grocery sacks full of them. And then forgot about them after I brought them in the house this morning so I could go get Munchkin from sister's. So after we put kiddo to bed, I made chocolate chip cookie dough and made it into little balls to freeze (that way I only bake a few at a time and we don't eat an entire batch in two days). I took it to the freezer in the garage and smelled the peaches and thought, "oh crap." I was about to start working but realized I needed to do *something* with the peaches instead.

I made 14 cups of peach freezer jam. I sliced about more 5 pounds of peaches and froze them. And I ate two or three peaches while doing so. We have one full bag left, which I'll be taking to my in-laws' tomorrow. And we have about 14-15 peaches left, which are just too green to do anything with yet. And somehow in the process, I got jam in my hair. Yeah, I'm a wreck.

Anyway. Three hours later, I'm ready for bed. Not working tonight, which means I have to grind the rest of the week out. Owell.

Speaking of mom's/sister's house, hubby saw it for the first time yesterday. Originally, we'd put our house up for sale and mom asked us to move in hers (they still live in Oregon and just bought their retirement home here). It didn't sell, the summer got crazy, and we decided not to sell. So my sister and her husband decided they could move in while they remodel parts of their house, which is a GOOD idea (they have some rotting floor boards to deal with in the kitchen and bath). So they're doing that. I'm not sure we'll ever live in mom's house, but we are putting the house back on the market in the spring. We'll then look for a duplex closer to his work and UVSC so he can get back to school. Hopefully it sells fast. Gah.

OOooooooooo, and my friend/co-worker Jen is coming from Texas this week. We're doing lunch Friday. YAY!!!

In other (sad) news, my dad told us today that my gramma (dad's mom) has stopped eating and drinking. Her 84th birthday was Saturday and I guess she nearly died that night. I don't agree with all the healthcare choices my aunts and uncles make for her; rehydrate her, bring her back, so she can get dehydrated again when she won't eat/drink, and go through the process over and over. *sigh* I don't think it'll be much longer before she passes, but Gramps died almost 4 years ago, and she's been very lonely since then. When she does go, I'll only have one grandparent left, and he lives on the other side of the country and is battling cancer and other things, so I don't know how much longer he'll be here either. *sniff* It makes me sadder to lose him than gramma though ... anyway.

Now I'm really going to bed. Hopefully I'll get up on time and get cranking on work. Wooo.


evitafjord said...

So not fair - she gets to have lunch with you and I get stuck with her stinky dogs ;-).

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steph said...

w00tness and sadness and craziness!!

thanks, btw. :D We're pretty pleased with ourselves too.