Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I changed my mind

If the phone rings, I want it to be one of the other room moms, deciding she wants to be HEAD room mom, abdicating me of any and all responsibility. HA!


My mom told me my dad isn't eating when she's out of town and not there to remind him. The fridge full of food she bought him before she left was rotten when she got home, and the day she came back from her business trip, he'd eaten exactly two granola bars. The man has hypoglycemic issues and has had them as long as I can remember, so he knows he needs to eat. He's never been great shakes at taking care of himself, but he would usually eat more than that. He decided on his own he's getting fat and needs to diet, but starvation isn't how to do it. He has dementia but since he's only 63 (his brain age is 20 years more than that though), he and all his buddies figure he should be able to care for himself.

Seriously, when I get reports on patients who aren't eating and they have food in the house, the next step is to admit them to a nursing home. He can't be alone. She travels all the time. I don't know how on earth she's supposed to do her job, which requires a lot of travel, and he gets disoriented when they travel a lot and he obviously can't stay home alone anymore.

Hope their plan for her to live here in their new house and still work in Oregon via telecommuting and traveling up there one week a month works out. Then my sister can make him eat. hahaha!


Kipluck said...

That is hard stuff. My grandma did that and even though we giggled at her announcement "I don't eat, as a rule." it got pretty true. Hope things work out.

stewbert said...

Thanks. His mom is doing that -- not eating much of anything. He's just not really able to care for himself. He eats if mom makes him. Poor mom.