Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Food diary, 09/18/2007

Breakfast: two eggs and 2/3 c cheesy hashbrowns, water
Snack: 100 grand bar, jolly ranchers
Lunch: LC burgundy beef (which was gross), milk, and choc chip cookies
Snack: pretezels; LC lasagne (leftover from sunday night at the in-laws, which was good); COKE (sooooooo sleepy, need caffeine!)
Dinner: Meatloaf, potatoes, lima beans (full!)
Snack: Cookies. GRRRRR.

Indiscretions lately have included most of a peach pie I made with fresh peaches last week, half of a watermelon this week, the cookies (oh boy I love cookies), and way too much of the meatloaf tonight.

Apparently I have to track my food intake again or I will not be responsible and will eat junk all dang day. grr. It was one of the things I did last year that made me successful in my goals. Thus I am recording everything that goes in my mouth with the hopes that I will embarrass myself or decide I need to be more responsible or something. *sigh*

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