Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I am a geek apparently

Kaje told me so, so it must be true. And Brother Gregory agrees.

I'm such a geek, I've been trying to get a screen shot of my toon (see left) on here for 15 minutes, but yeah, had to crop the image. *sigh* That is my toon. Ain't I sexy?

My home teachers came over Sunday. Hubby was sleeping -- his shift kicks his butt a lot. So it was just Munchkin and me and the HTs. I've never met one of them, so we chatted for a bit about hobbies. Turns out, he plays WoW. So we started talking about characters and the game itself, and then Brother Gregory got all weird and called us geeks. Then he started asking us questions about WoW and stuff. It was funny.

So I'm doing some minor stuff to my character tonight, and hubby's buddy who lives in Texas pings me, asks how the game is going, etc. His wife HATES the game and hates that he plays games at all and generally makes life miserable for all of them. Much like I did before hubby got me to play. *sigh* This same friend told hubby not to marry me, actually, because I'm not a gamer. Well, when he found out I was playing, he was so flipping excited, wanting me to like the game and not quit and make hubby's life hell again, he started sending me all kinds of stuff on the game to help my character and stuff just for fun (like a little Santa's helper elf from Christmas who follows me around -- so cute!). He asked where I was with certain things and said he'd be sending me more stuff, and then told me they've sold their house and are moving up here in three weeks. Awesome! I can't wait to tell hubby!

Funnily enough, my friend J in Texas is also moving up here (well, to Logan). Next week. We had dinner last Friday (me and munchkin, and J, her hubby, and their munchkin -- my hubby was sleeping again) and had a lot of fun. Wingers ... mmm ... so getting the sticky fingers next time I go there. Can't wait to see her again. (man, I got a lot chubbier since the wedding! maybe i'm not having sticky fingers ...)

Munchkin being funny. She got ranch dressing on her hand and was royally grossed out by it. hahahaha! Man she's cute. :) Love that kid.

I am doing well, happy, content, working up a storm. That is all.


Kipluck said...

You ARE a geek.

I understand, though, even though I am like the dorky free version of you with my GAIA instead of WOW

stewbert said...

hehehehe. i wish WoW was free. *snort*

I'm going to have to put up pictures of me with my "pets" too. Hilarious. Hubby's friends have all been sending me various things to make me stick around. hahahahaha.