Saturday, September 15, 2007

College girlfriends

Had food at Chili's with these awesome women. They are cousins to each other, and sat as my second and third chair oboe players for two years (until I dropped out -- then Em got to be first chair. Go Em!). I can't believe I didn't take pictures!. I have not seen these two ladies, my best college friends, since I was pregnant with Munchkin (and she's 8 years old!). Em came to my baby shower. Lindsay sold Mary Kay as one of my recruits for a while, but I quit selling it 5 years ago, and she'd quit long before that. They came to the wedding reception a year ago, but there wasn't really time to catch up.

Well. We only had an hour today, but we decided we had to get together again before another 8 or 10 years go by.

Lindsay got married when I was still in college and had her first baby then. When I was having Munchkin, she and her husband had moved to Wyoming (I think -- can't remember, but it was out of state) and her second baby was born the same day as Munchkin. She's had four kids total.

Em got married, too, and I met her husband a couple of times. She's had three kids! Her youngest is 16 months. They are both still amazingly gorgeous with fabulous figures, and don't look like they've had kids.

The subject of us having kids came up, but Lindsay remembered how hard it was for me to get pregnant the first time. I had two early miscarriages then, and then we quit trying and went on the pill for a long time. I got pregnant with Munchkin 6 weeks after I quit taking it. She said, "well, you needed [Munchkin]." Yeah. Munchkin saved me. Sometimes I forget what a blessing she is, and if I never do get and stay pregnant again, I still need to enjoy the gift she is.

The funny thing is, I wouldn't have been able to get in contact with either of these ladies if I hadn't ditched work one day to run an errand and I ran into Lindsay after I moved back to Utah 4-1/2 years ago. This is the first time we've done anything since then. I've missed them. They're still such great friends. They both knew my ex -- knew me before and during my engagement and were around when I left him. They were with me through a lot of garbage and a lot of heartache, and then we lost touch when I started cleaning up my life. Boy howdy, was Lindsay surprised when I told her I expected to be married in the temple last year. She didn't know I'd been through the temple or anything. She called last weekend to see if I wanted to be in a symphony with her -- but I haven't played since I dropped out of college, and I don't have an oboe, so I said no. She swears that Butch (the head of UVSC's music department, the guy who gave me the full ride scholarship) would give me an oboe to use, and I'm sure he would (he was amazingly sweet to me the whole time I was there, buying me things oboe players need that I couldn't afford, etc.), but I guess I'm a bit scared to see if I still have "it". I've gotten comfortable with not playing. Hubby didn't even know how big music was in my life when I was younger until we went to our family reunion last year and everyone was talking about it.

Ugh. Maybe I'll email her and see if she wants to find out if Butch would let me borrow one to see if I can even play anymore.

Seeing them and being with them made me realize I need to get back in better shape. Not that I was comparing myself to them -- they've always been thin and beautiful, and I'm beautiful, too, just different -- but that I need to take care of me for me. Lindsay's therapist told her that she needs to do stuff for her, and our therapist told both of us the same thing. So yeah. Dusting off the videos.

Done with work. Going to go do something besides sit at this computer and type or edit other people's work, wishing I could tell them "you are too stupid to do this job" but instead compose politely worded suggestions. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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