Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Wackies

As much as we don't like hubby's job, there are things I love about them. Like their insurance. And free formula. We just got 32 coupons in the mail for $13 off their brand of formula. No, I can't give them away, trade them, or give the formula away (hubby could lose his job over it), but hey. 32 cans (i.e. a year's worth) of free formula? Sign me up. He's taking 2 ounces of it most days, 4 the other night, and will be taking bigger bottles as he gets older, so ... it helps. And we stocked up on some frozen food the other day so kiddo has stuff to eat when I'm too busy or too tired or too spacey to cook lunches when she's home and dinners sometimes (yes, I'm a horrible mother at times).

So things have been tight lately, for obvious reasons. Mojo is now in cloth dipes about 3-5 hours a day, depending on how quickly he wets/soils them after I put them on him. Any more than that and I won't keep up with the laundry (like I am now, ha. at least it's all clean, whether it's put away is another matter entirely). Saving on dipes is grand.

AND, I found the best nursing bra. I bought it right after we got home from the hospital the second time, tried it on, and promptly misplaced it. found it this morning while gathering up dirty laundry on hubby's side of the bed. It is SO comfy, SO supportive, feels like I'm not wearing a bra ... who cares if it is white cotton and boring? My back doesn't hurt and it's staying in place! Rock on!!! Now I need to get some new jeans ... when we can afford them.

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