Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Along the same line of answers to prayers ...

So, when the baby acts hungrier after a feeding, hubby just says, "oh, just give him a bottle." He's trying to be supportive but can't stand his son being hungry. So he got up to two bottles a day, between 3 and 6 ounces, and then he would keep spitting up ... and then this morning acted starving again even though I was feeding him and milk was dripping out.

I'd tried rice cereal last week at the suggestion of a friend and he just didn't want it. But we tried again this morning, with hubby saying, "I thought you were putting it in his bottle!" NO, I'm not going to compound the problem by giving him yet another bottle and make it more appealing to him.

Mojo ate about 1/2 Tbs, making funny faces and chewing it, lol, then he asked to nurse but didn't eat much and fell asleep again. So far, he hasn't spit up either. Woohoo!!! Hopefully it works again later.

And I got a check yesterday from a class action law suit I didn't know I was a part of, and it will almost pay off the neurologist's bill from hubby's sleep study (the part the insurance didn't cover). We've almost hit our out of pocket max for the year, so we're going to see an ENT about getting his "huge" tonsils removed.

Sleeping baby, happy mommy, kiddo getting ready for school, hubby happy because baby is happy ... I guess I'd better work.


Kimbooly said...

Hi, my name is Kimberly, I linked to you from Kaje, and saw you have a new baby.

Just when you think you're done with getting suggestions from complete strangers....

Take mine with a grain of salt, cuz every baby is different, but I have a friend who's baby really did have the reflux thing. Baby would act like she was starving all the time and want a bottle/nurse all the time (from mom or formula, and btw formula is a GREAT supplement, it's made it so my babies would even drink from a bottle, I make the nurses & then hubby give it as the 2 am feeding from the start). Mom would feed her, and she'd spit it up. She was constantly upset and hungry, but the food given would cause her pain.

Said friend finally got someone to believe her, and they started her baby on some reflux medicine that saved said friend's life and made for a much happier baby.

Again, who knows. My sister's baby spit up ALL the time, very hard baby, and this wasn't his issue. But at least you could rule that out, because happy baby means less-stresed mom.

ps. sorry for the blog hopping. Very bad habit of mine, a nosy mommy who wants to know how other mommies cope. You're welcome to blog-hop to mine and leave me unsolicited advice.

stewbert said...

No worries on the nosiness. He's already on reflux medication. It's made him less fussy (i.e., not in pain) most of the time, but he's still spitting up, just not as much. :) Thanks for the advice.

Kimbooly said...

Ah, good to hear that reflux medicine has been helpful.

I love the "Losing it" site; who's allowed to be a part of it? I have a friend in Houston who would probably love to blog on it (notice I'm not mentioning me, that would mean I use willpower and not eat all the sweets I'm eating). She posted a cute blog about eating healthy recently:

ps. notice I'm still just as nosy as ever

stewbert said...

*snort* um, the powers that be have to invite. :)

Kimbooly said...

no problem, just checking. : ) figured it couldn't hurt to ask.