Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Funny lines. Random movies.

"Your eggs are from, like, the '40s!"

"You're a ... you're a ... teacher?!!?" "Part time."

"And it's your turn to do the dishes!"


I went to a La Leche League meeting this morning. Steph called it "boobie class." lol. Apparently, having one slow boob and one fast boob as far as milk let down is completely normal, and the fact that Mojo refuses the slow one sometimes is also normal. He's doing better now though, and neither of us is nearly so frustrated. YAY!

Still going to get some brewer's yeast and more "boobie" tea and stuff to help me make more milk. Hopefully we can get off the formula entirely ... except ... it was really convenient to have a bottle the other day in the car when he was screaming ... Kiddo fed him part of the bottle until we got home, then I nursed him. Hmmmmm ... Wonder if I am making more milk if I'd actually be able to get any out with the dang pump.

Thunder, lightning, better jet.

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steph k said...

well you didn't TELL me it was La Leche League! That's one of my favorite group names EVER! :-P